This is an RP blog for the 59th Annual Hunger Games. We will have two tributes from each of the 12 districts. In total we will have 24. 12 boys and 12 girls. There will be no Reapings or Chariot rides because I find it takes too much time. I will give you training scores which will be chosen randomly.


  • Each person can have 3 tributes but they cannot be from the same district. ( For example one person can't have a District 3 boy and a District 3 girl but you can have a District 3 boy and A district 7 girl and so on)
  • When you apply your tributes please include District, Age ( between 12- 18), Weapons/Skills, Strengths, Weaknesses, and appearance. A backstory, token etc. is optional
  • I will choose the training scores randomly and it won't affect too much but might decide what kind of Sponsor Gifts you get...... if any
  • When the Games start I will post what happened during the day and the tributes status. I will update everyday so when I write for Day 1 the next day I will write for Day 2 and so on.


  • If I have your tribute gravely hurt but not dead you can write in the comments and ask for a sponsor gift and I will decide based on your training score and the detaildness of your Tribute if you will receive the gift.
  • A tribute can ask for a sponsor gift for someone else but each tribute only gets two gift requests so use them wisely.


District 1- Boy: John Drew F. Adams - 17 (Dirty Blonde hair, Brown/ Amber eyes, 6' 5")

Girl: Kezaiah Bianca - 15 (Long black hair, Chocolate Brown eyes, Average height)

District 2- Boy: Seth Smith - 16 (Shaggy blonde hair, Green eyes, Almost six feet tall)

Girl: Lily Tribeca - 16 (Flowing Blonde hair, Bright Blue eyes, 5' 9", Slim)

District 3- Boy: Benjamin Woodrew - 17 (Short Brown hair, Blue eyes, 6' 3", handsome)

Girl: Audacia Undersea - 13 (Raven Black hair, black eyes, pretty)

District 4- Boy: Hunter Oceanus - 17 (Bronze colored hair, deep green/blue eyes, 6 feet, Good looking)

Girl: Wicca Attenborough - 16 (Long brown hair, ice blue eyes, 5' 7")

District 5- Boy: Aaron Mercury - 16 (Shaggy Red hair, Hazel eyes, 5' 10")

Girl: Inger Loom - 16 (Blonde hair, green eyes, 6' 1")

District 6- Boy: Mordecai Esther - 17 (Dirty Blonde hair, Coffee colored eyes, 5' 10")

Girl: Lilliana "Lila" Maganachi - 15 (Long Blonde hair, Amber eyes, 5' 7", Attractive)

District 7- Boy: Lukas Skye - 15 (Brown hair, Green eyes, 5' 10")

Girl: Emmiss Momoi - 18 (Sleek Black hair, Caramel colored eyes, 5' 9", skinny, attractive)

District 8- Boy: Mark Crow - 18 (Short Black hair, Blue eyes, 6 feet)

Girl: Daniella Morainne - 14 (Blonde,Hazel eyes, skinny)

District 9- Boy: Elias Caldeu - 14 ( Mousy Brown hair in a ponytail, Ice Blue eyes, 5' 7")

Girl: Miya Rye - 14 (Blonde Hair, Green eyes, 5' 2")

District 10- Boy: Jackson Jackson A.K.A Mad Jack - 17 (Red hair, Grey eyes, Tall)

Girl: Julia Carson - 16 (Long dark brown hair, green eyes, 5' 3")

District 11- Boy: Terrence Sierra - 15 (Brown hair,Blue eyes, tall)

Girl: Lottie Dane - 12 (Long Brown hair, Blue eyes, Freckles, 5' 4")

District 12- Boy: Felman Takman - 15 (Silver hair, Dark Green eyes, 6' 1")

Girl: Thalia Combe - 16 (Long Brown hair, 5' 8", thin, very beautiful)


John Drew F. Adams - 8

Kezaiah Bianca - 10

Seth Smith - 9

Lily Tribeca - 9

Benjamin Woodrew - 8

Audacia Undersea - 6

Hunter Oceanus - 10

Wicca Attenborough - 8

Aaron Mercury - 6

Inger Loom - 5

Mordecai Esther - 6

Lilliana "Lila" Maganachi - 7

Lukas Skye - 9

Emmiss Momoi - 7

Mark Crow - 7

Daniella Morainne - 5

Elias Caldeu - 4

Miya Rye - 8

Jackson Jackson A.K.A Mad Jack - 6

Julia Carson - 8

Terrence Sierra - 3

Lottie Dane - 5

Felman Takman - 7

Thalia Combe - 4

Day 1

The 24 Tributes stand on their pedastals in front of the Cornucopia. The arena is a circle. A meadow of flowers circles the cornucopia and spreads in all directions in a circle. Then the meadow grows into tall grass and the tall grass turns into forest of trees which are still all spread out in a circle going very far. The Tributes can all barely see the mountains in the the arena, which are also circling the arena at the outer edge. Hunter(4) looks around at meets the eyes of Lily(2). She winks at him and he winks back solidifying the career alliance. 30......29........28......27. Aaron(5) knows what weapon he is going for already. A big,sharp,gold sword. He also sees someone else eyeing it. John(1) 14....13....12.....11.....Emmiss(7) looks at her district partner Lukas(7) He looks more worried than her despite getting a 9 in training. She wonders what he did to beat her score of 7. 3.....2.......1....BONG!! Lottie Dane(11) is the first one off the pedastal and Kezaiah Bianca(1) is right behind her. She sees a dagger and quickly grabs it then swiftly jumps on the back of Lottie(11) and stabs her in the neck, killing her. John(1) and Aaron(5) make it to the sword at the same time and start fighting hand to hand. Finally, John(1) overpowers Aaron(5) and takes the sword and stabs Aaron(5) through the heart with it. He falls to the ground, dead. Benjamin(3) has gotten a hold of an axe and runs up behind Wicca(4) and with one quick swing beheads her. Hunter(4) witnesses this and his anger overtakes him as he throws the trident he found. It is a direct hit to Benjamin(3). Hunter(4) collects his trident and runs after another tribute. Emmiss(7) runs to Benjamin's(3) body and collects his axe, then disappears into the forest. Lily(2) has collected a plethora of throwing knives. She run and sees Julia Carson(10) running towards the meadow and forest. She quickly grabs a knife and throws it. It hits the back of Julia's(10) head. She runs to the body to collect the knife and sees Terrence Sierra(11) running toward the forest also. She throws another knife and it hits him square in the back. As she runs to collect the knife from him,she is suddenly tackled to the ground by Felman Takman(12) He grabs one of her knifes and is about to slit her throat when he is suddenly slashed by John's(1) sword. He then stabs Felman(12) once again on the floor for good measure. Seth Smith(2) is holding two spears and chasing after Daniella(8) and Thalia(12) who have obviously made an alliance. He throws one of his spears and it hits Daniella(8) and she falls to the ground. He is about to throw his other spear at Thalia(12) when he sees that she has collected a bow and arrow. She shoots an arrow toward him and he ducks just in time to avoid it. Unfortunately Inger Loom(5) is not so lucky as the arrow hits her and flies through her neck. Thalia runs into the forest and disappears. The Careers (minus Wicca) are all alive and still at the Cornucopia. The rest of the tributes are either dead, or have all disappeared into the forest. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 9 tributes down, 14 left. Seth(2) thinks to himself. This is going to be an interesting Hunger Games.

Day 1 Tribute Status:

The five careers have set up camp at the Cornucopia and have many supplies for themselves.

Miya(9) and Thalia(12) have met eachother in the forest and have decided to work together.

The rest of the tributes are alone in the forest and all have some sort of weapon but have not found any source of food or water yet except for...

Audacia(3) And Mad Jack(10) have both found a source of water but are unaware that they are mere yards away from eachother.

I hope you guys are enjoying these so far!!! And sorry for all those who died in the bloodbath but there would be no Hunger Games without one. I will be posting Day 2 tomorrow. Thanks for reading!!

Day 2

The sun has already been risen but Elias Caldeu(9) is just waking up. He is startled awake by a rustling noise and grabs his blowgun as he jumps up. He sees nothing. He hears the rustling noise again. He turns around and sees that he is a few feet away from a sleeping Mad Jack(3) and Audacia(3) who are themselves a few yards away from eachother. The thought crosses his mind to kill both of them with his blowgun but his caring nature forces him to erase that thought from his mind. He does know, though, that he should not stay around so he runs away going deeper into the woods. He is unaware however that his noise has woken up Mad Jack(3). He gets up holding his giant axe he looks around and sees nothing. He starts walking the opposite direction of where Audacia(3) is sleeping. Meanwhile in another spot in the forest, Lila(6) is walking around in the woods. She spots a rabbit and throws her axe at it but misses. She runs to grab it and is suddenly hit with a great force. A throwing axe has been lodged in her stomach and it has been thrown by Emmiss(7). Lila(6) falls to her knees and is suddenly hit in the back of the neck by a throwing knife. She collapses to the ground. BOOM!!! The cannon sounds and Lila(6) is dead. Lukas(7) goes to pick up the knife from her neck and also grabs both the axes and throws them to Emmiss(7) "Great job. We make a good team." She says. He nods in agreement. They walk off together, unaware that Thalia and Miya were watching them from a tree. Suddenly Mark Crow(8) comes running. He sees the body of Lila(6) but before he can look around Thalia(12) shoots an arrow and it hits him right between the eyes. BOOM!!! She has obviously been playing weak, Miya(9) thinks to herself. "Better get outta here." she suggests. "OK" Thalia replies and they leave. The Careers and Mordecai are both very interested in who has died. Mordecai(6) has enough sense to stay where he is and not try to find out, and it works out for him because if not he would be staring into the faces of the Careers. They walk right past his hiding spot, looking as menacing as ever. "We should go, it's not like we are going to find any tributes at this time. It's almost dark." Says John(1). "Agreed." says the other Careers. They leave to go back to the Cornucopia.

Day 2 Tribute Status:

The Careers have gone back to the Cornucopia and are all in great condition.

Mordecai(6) is still hiding under a tree and was lucky it was getting dark when he encountered the careers or he would have been dead.

Emmis(7) and Lukas(7) have made an alliance and are working very well together like another alliance....

Miya(9) and Thalia(12) are hiding in the trees but both have agreed that when the time comes they will have to split up. Thalia(12) also revealed that she was playing weak but will now show her true abilities.

Mad Jack(10) is still roaming the forest and will do anything to get his hands on one of the Careers.

Elias Caldeu(9) has found refuge in a cave and is very comfortable there

Audacia(3) has found some electrical wire and is trying to figure out a way to set it up

Day 3

Lukas(7) wakes up to the screams of his district partner and ally, Emmiss(7). He jumps up and sees that she is being held by her throat by Mad Jack(10). "Emmiss!" Lukas(7) screams. He quickly grabs a knife and throws it atMad Jack(10). It hits his arm and he drops Emmiss(3). She runs back to Lukas(7) and grabs her axe and throws it at Mad Jack(10). She misses. He runs toward them with his giant axe and swings it at Emmiss(7). She ducks just in time and kicks him in the stomach. It does not slow him. He swings again, but this time at Lukas(7). He is not so fast. He dodges the full blow of the axe but it knicks the side of his face and it starts bleeding profousely. Suddenly Miya(9) jumps out of a tree and with her sickle she acquired at the Cornucopia she slices the back of his neck. He falls to the ground. She runs over him and on top of Lukas, who is laying on the ground. She kicks Emmiss(7) out of the way and stabs Lukas(7) in the heart. BOOM!!! She shares a quick glance with Emmiss(7) and runs into the forest. Emmiss(7) is in shock and is trembling as she walks back to gather her axe. She then realizes that Mad Jack's(10) cannon never went off. Suddenly her leg is grabbed and she falls to the ground. She tries to get up but the grip is too tight. Lucily, she is holding her axe and uses it to cut Mad Jack's wrist. She quickly gets up and buries her axe into the back of his head. BOOM!!! She collects her axe but she does not move. She lays down next to Lukas's dead body, gripping her axe tightly. The Careers are enraged. They are mad because they have not made any kills since the bloodbath. They leave the Cornucopia and head the same way they went the day before. This time, they see Mordecai(6). He gets up and runs but Lily(2) throws a knife at his leg and he falls. John(1) then swings his sword at Mordecai's(6) other leg. He screams out in pain, but the Careers have no sympathy. The killing blow comes from Seth(2) who digs his spear into the back of Mordecai"s head. BOOM!!! Night is falling and Elias(9) has no intention to leave his cave, but he knows he will have to sooner or later. But that time has not come yet, and he falls asleep.

Day 3 Tribute Status:

The Careers are back at the Cornucopia happy about their fresh kill.

Emmiss(7) is crying , mourning Lukas's(7) death.

Elias(9) is still in his cave, asleep.

Audacia(3) is still trying to figure out how to set up the electrical wire.

Thalia(12) and Miya(9) are in the trees. They have proved to be a very deadly alliance.

Day 4 and 5

Nothing very interesting happened during Days 4 and 5. The Careers went out hunting both days but found nothing and no one. Elias(9) has been confined to his cave for the most part but has gone out once in a while to scope out the other tributes. He does not know that he has been located by Thalia(12) but she has not told Miya(9) about seeing him. Emmiss(7) has gotten herself together but has not gotten the courage to leave the spot where Lukas(7) died. Finally Audacia(3) figured out a way to set up the electric wire and is going to try it out on Day 6. She is unsure of where to set it but it then comes to her. The perfect place to put the wire.

Day 6

The Careers wake up and decide to go back on their regular routine of hunting. They all get up and Seth(2) leads the way. He is about to pass the set of two trees that act like gateway into the forest when he is suddenly shocked. ZAP!! A wire electrocutes him and then it wraps around his neck. He falls to the ground is is spasming as the wire continues to electrocute him. BOOM!!!" NOOO!!!" Lily(2) screams. That is when she sees Audacia(3) hiding. Audacia(3) realizes it and she starts running. The Careers start running after her except for Kezaiah(1) who decides to stay behind to protect the Cornucopia. A person has been watching and decides now is the time to strike. The person uses a blowgun and the dart flies right next to Kezaiah's(1) head. She turns around but the person tackles her to the ground. She drops her dagger in the confusion. The person grabs her head and bangs it againsta a rock. Kezaiah(1) feels the back of her head wet with blood. The person looks at the dagger and thinks of killing her with it but he just grabs his blowgun and runs back into the woods. Meanwhile, the other Careers have been chasing Audacia(3) who is quite fast. Lily(2) throws a knife and it hits a ree right next to Audacia's(3) head she throws another knife and it hits the back of Audacia"s(3) neck. She collapses to the ground. BOOM!!! Lily(2) collects her knife and the Careers head back to the Cornucopia. When they arrive they see Kezaiah(1) on the ground, a pool of blood behind her head. "Oh my God!" Hunter(4) yells. "Hurry, get the first aid!" John(1) rushes to get it and lifts the back of Kezaiah's(1) head. There is a gash in her head and he realizes that the rock she was hit on was pointed at the top. He dries her blood and manages to stop the bleeding but he can tell Kezaiah(1) is very hurt and will need medicine that they do not have. "Who did this to you" John(1) asks. "The boy - the boy from District 9.....Elias. He did this to me." Replies Kezaiah(1).

Hey guys sorry for the long post I just couldn't stop writing. Now Kezaiah's owner/maker whatever it's called can ask for a sponser gift of medicine. You need to give me a good reason why I should give you that sponsor gift. If you do not respond in 48 hours, I will take the matter into my own hands. Oh and Congratulations to the Final Eight!!!!

Day 7

Kezaiah(1) wakes up feeling much better. She feels the back of her head and finds that there is no gash on it. "A sponsor gift came while you were sleeping. It had medicine in it." says Hunter(4). "We went out hunting looking for that boy, Elias(9) but we couldn't find him." says John. "I'm going to kill him." says Kezaiah(1). Meanwhile in the cave, Elias(9) is contemplating what he did to Kezaiah(1). He wonders if he should have killed her. It would have made his life a whole lot easier. Emmiss(7) has finally moved on after Lukas's(7) death. She goes to see the Careers. She decides that she will have to kill one of them sometime. She decides that this time is not the time. Miya(9) and Thalia(12) are walking around the forest. They are both very aware of eachothers skills to kill. Miya(9) does trust Thalia(12) very much but Thalia(12) has different thoughts. She will dospose of Miya(9) when she least expects it.

Day 8

The Tributes wake up to the sound of rumbling. Suddenly the ground starts shaking. "What's happening!!" screams Lily(2). As if to answer her question an muttation pops out of the ground in front of the Careers. It is covered in white fur and looks like a gorilla except it is slightly smaller, has horns, is standing on its hind legs, and is holding a golden spear. The Careers all start run into the forest and two more mutts show up behind them. Elias(9) runs out of his cave only to see a mutt running toward him. He starts running and he runs past a tree. That tree was holding Thalia(12) and Miya(9). Miya(9) sees him running and jumps down. Now is the time for him to die, she thinks to herself. Thalia(12) is thinking other things. She raises her bow to Miya's(9) turned back and is about to shoot when a mutt jumps and tackles her. The mutt drives its spear into Thalia(12). BOOM!!! Thalia(12) is dead. Meanwhie, Emmiss(7) has also encountered a mutt. It swings its spear at her but it misses. She uses an axe to slit the mutts throat and it dies.Suddenly another one appears behind her. She throws the axe and it digs into the mutts heart. She collects the axe and runs away going deeper into the woods. The Careers are still being chased by the the three mutts. Lily(2) turns a corner and is quicly speared through the chest by a mutt.BOOM!!! John(1) swings his sword and beheads the mutt that killed Lily(2). Kezaiah(1) jumps on another mutts back and stabs it in the eye with a dagger. She stabs the other eye and it falls to the ground. Hunter(4) spears a mutt in front of him and kicks the last one in back of him. John(1) finishes him off by driving the sword through the mutts back. In all the confusion, they did not realize Elias(9) run past them. Suddenly all the muttations start to retreat. They all head back to the mountains and disappear from sight. Miya(9) goes back to the tree and finds Thalia(12) dead. She thinks to herself that it was good she died, because if she hadn't Miya(9) would have had to kill Thalia(12) herself. Elias(9) makes it back to the cave and Emmiss(7) has regained her spirit, energized by her fresh kills. The Careers make it back to their camp, mourning the loss of Lily(2). As night is falling, Claudius Templesmith's voice falls over the arena. "There will be a feast tomorrow at noon. There is something each of you need desperately there. This will be my only announcement."

Congrats to the Final Six: John, Kezaiah, Hunter, Emmiss, Elias, and Miya!!!!

Day 9

The Tributes are all surrounding the Cornucopia in the woods. They all have no idea they are all just yards away from eachother. There are 6 backpacks on a metal table in front of the Cornucopia. They all have numbers on them representing the district. Finally Elias(9) runs to the Cornucopia. He grabs the District 9 backpack and turns around to run back and is tackled to the ground by Kezaiah(1). She is about to stab him when Miya(9) runs up behind her and hits her in the neck with her sickle. Kezaiah(1) grabs her throat and collapses to the ground. BOOM!!! In the confusion Elias(9) has gotten up and started running toward the forest. Miya(9) throws her sickle and it digs into the back of Elias(9). He falls to the ground. BOOM!!! Meanwhile Emmiss(7) has been fighting John(1) she swings her axe with all her might and it slashes his stomach. He falls to his knees. Hunter(4) witnesses this and throws his trident at Emmiss(7) but she is too fast and dodges it. She sees Miya(9) running toward the forest with two backpacks and starts running toward Miya(9). Hunter(4) runs and tries to slow John's(1) bleeding. Emmiss(7) finally catches up to Miya(9) and grabs her by the hair and throws her to the ground. Emmiss(7) jumps on Miya(9) and yells "YOU KILLED HIM, IT WAS YOU!!!" She violently grabs her axe and digs it deep into Miya's(9) neck. She keeps digging and Miya(9) is finally decapitated. BOOM!!! Emmiss(7) grabs the backpacks and disappears into the forest. Hunter(4) is trying to calm John's(1) bleeding as much as he can but he knows he can not stop it. He knows John(1) will eventually die of blood loss. Hunter(4) gets up, grabs his trident, and throws it into John's(1) chest. "Thank you" John(1) manages to stutter before darkness overtakes him and he dies. BOOM!!!!

Congratulations to the Final 2!!!!! The FINALE will be tomorrow. Leave in the comments who you think should win the 59th Annual Hunger Games!!! Good luck to the Final 2!!!!

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