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  • Careers10

    i did not mean to start this games. If you are looking for a game then go to my 37th games instead of this.

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  • Careers10
    • Only 4 Tributes per User.
    • No cursing.
    • Don't say bad things about me if your character gets killed.          
    • No cussing
    • Stay active
    • Reservations last for 2 days only
    • Do not put a bloodbath strategy in. I already have it all planned out
    • I will come up with thw height! If you dont like it then just say something. i am all for yalls opinion.







    Game Strategy/ Mabey


    G D Name Height Wepon
    F 1 Conner

    M 1

    F 2

    M 2

    F 3


    3 Tomas Rolen

    F 4

    M 4

    F 5

    M 5

    F 6 Niki

    M 6

    F 7

    M 7 Kile

    F 8

    M 8

    F 9 Jomilee Lapworth 5'3 Spear, Tomahawk
    M 9

    F 10

    M 10 Mitch

    F 11

    M 11

    F 12

    M 12

    Training Scores

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