Hey ladies and gents, it's time for my First Annual Hunger Games!!!

I'm not quite sure how this reserving thing works, so it's just first come first serve and no reservations allowed. Maybe sometime in the future.

Once 1/2 the tributes have been submitted, I'll give you the Arena! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!


District 1:

Chase Amos, 15, Created by Mysims

Belle Silver, 12, Created by Mysims

District 2:

Rory Lemner, 17, Created by SkyTimeGirl

Vixen Rhodes, 13 Created by SkyTimeGirl

District 3:

Beau Klinger, 18

Tillie Sunday, 12 (Both created by AdaPayne)

District 4:

Spencer Holly, 16

Jessica Proper, 16 (both created by Brynn1999)

District 5:

Callie Grace Reardon, 16 (AshtonMoioLover)

Xavier Woods, 17 (AttackCobra)

District 6:

Corber Laher, 17 (AmericanLongBow43) Gabby Aleinah, 12

District 7:

Roxanne Milner, 15 (Katiehutchersonx) Dunun Gavier, 13 (AmericanLongBow)

District 8:

Sebastien Klein, 13

Luna Snare, 15 (Justafox)

District 9:

Harley Justice, 15 (Hoopsgirl29) Jutland McBucan, 16 (AmericanLongBow)

District 10:

Karmin Johnson, 15

Jason Johnson, 16 (AshtonMoioLover) (Sorry, I couldn't keep my hands off your tributes:)

District 11: Tavin Shue, 14 (AmericanLongBow)

District 12:

Ansley Mercer, 15 (Hoopsgirl29) Davis Macreemear, 15 (AmericanLongBow43)


Well as you can tell, half the tributes have been submitted! Thanks to all you guys, your tributes are all so creative and I'm pretty much in love with all of them, not sure how I'm s'posed to kill them now.... I'll manage. Bwahahahaha, anyways. The arena is a valley. Pristine, there is mountains surrounding it, and it's covered in snow. Due to this each tribute is given a parka and snowpants as their outfit, which are extremely hard to run in.

Tell your friends I need tributes!! 9 more and the games will begin!


I'll do the reapings of the districts I already have just to give some of you some stuff to do while we wait for the rest of the tributes:)

District 1:


Life is too cruel.

Well, here we are again. Reaping day. The worst day of the whole year, in my opinion. I promised myself when I was younger that I wouldn't turn out like the stupid all-brawn-no-brain people who volunteer for the games every year. Obviously they don't see their families. Oh yeah, they're cheering for you now. But do you not see their eyes? They're full of tears for the life they know you'll never live. And when you get speared through the neck by some wimp from 12 or something, they're feeling an odd sense of deja vu because most of them know they'll never see you again. And it's not the fathers. It's mothers and sisters. No, the fathers are all as boneheaded as the rest of you.

You'd think people would notice it's life or death around here.

Escorts are completely insane, I think to myself as the old district 1 mentor Moofer Jimenez comes forward with his bright green spiked up mohawk and his sleek white suit. His face is frightening, like a skull.

"Ladies first," he says in a reedy voice, and he pulls out the name, "Belle Silver."

Oh, come on.

She's only twelve and a beautiful girl. Blond hair - an odd silver streak in the midst of her gold locks. Not like an old lady, like someone has attached strands of the metal to her head. Bright blue eyes -- you can tell they've seen too much for someone her age. Won't anyone volunteer? I'm praying someone will. But none of the older, stronger, better-able girls will do it. Life is too cruel.

"Hello, young lady," Moofer says to her as he shakes her hand. She stares out at the crowd as though mildly interested. No tears are apparent on her little face.

"And now for the gentlemen." I hate how he says that -- like the person who he reaps or who volunteers will be remotely gentle...

"Chase Amos."

Hey. That's me.


I walk to the stage. I wait for someone to volunteer. But no one does.

I can't see the faces of the crowd. They're all blurry.

Except two.

Mom and Dad. Dad's eyes are shining with pride, seeing me standing there.

Mom's crying.

Life is too cruel.

District 2:


Oh. Em. Gee.

Imma be on TV!! I just couldn't believe it! I get to be in the Hunger Games and wear a pretty dress and oh my goodness I just CANNOT believe I can visit the Capitol! Sure, I could die, but who knows? Why worry about something you can't control!? Hahaha. Well.

We'll see.

District 3:



I get a chance for revenge.

Yeah, I'm nervous. I mean, I'm only 12. But hey, if all the other tributes are as incompetant as my district partner, I'll have these games in the bag.

My parents won't have to work.

My family will live in happiness forever.

My brother will be remembered.

I won't fail them.

District 4:


No. No.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no.

I was fine with being reaped. I stood there on the stage, and I was crying because my brother was. But it was alright, because I knew the odds of him being reaped -- Spencer, oh Spencer -- were very slim.

But it happened. Oh, it did. Because I have possibly the worst luck on earth and Lord knows I love him more than anyone.

And he saw me standing there, and his brow furrowed like it does when he thinks, and I think he realized we're not coming back here. We'll have no more of those long talks and I won't ever get to dance with him at the Spring Festival, like he promised the first night he ever saw me cry.

I don't cry. But I'm crying now.

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:


Just because I'm different than you are doesn't mean something's wrong with me.

It doesn't help, either, that I live in the most conservative district ever. See, the people, they don't understand. They don't get what it means to really love. When you fall for a boy, and you are a boy, it's difficult to get the point across. They don't get that just because it's not how they feel love, it's still love. I still love him.

I only had one good friend, and she understood. Her name was Jessie and she was like my sister.

I can't trust anyone now.

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