Rules ​Edit

  • Only 4 Tributes per User.
  • No cursing.
  • Don't say bad things about me if your character gets killed.          







Game Strategy



Is a large maze. The walls of the maze are made of green leaves.The sun shines for 8 hours a day and night last 16 hours of the day. At night ankle hieght white fog appeares in some places of the maze- but not all. There are several tricks, mutts, and traps all over the maze so the tributes better watch out.


Name Gender District Age Height Wepon
Shadow Silk Female 1 18 5'5 Bow and Arrow, Sword
Hunter Blaze Male 1 17 5'7 Spear,Mace
Scarlett Winter Female 2 17 5'2 Tritent,Throwing Knives,Traps
Conner McDougal Male 2 18 6'0 Sword
Female 3
Male 3

Lila Star

Female 4 18 5'6 Titent , Throwing Knives
Male 4
Ivette Li-Sanchez Female  5 15 5'2 Knife
Male 5
Female 6
Male 6
Female 7
Trent Green Male 7 15 6'1 Sword
Female 8
Male 8
Female 9
Male 9
Female 10
Blaine Fitz Male 10 16 5'8 Axe/Throwing Axes
Female 11
Rubin Jett Male 11 17 5'9 Sword, Knife, Khopesh 
Female 12
Male 12

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