Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ Tᴏ 'Tʜᴇ Hɪᴅɪɴɢ Gᴀᴍᴇs'

Hello Guys! This is an idea I have thought about, my own idea, which is basically based on the game 'Hide and Seek'. What happens is, 48 Tributes will go forward into playing these games, 2 Males and 2 Females from each District. So to start, alll Tributes have 500 seconds to go and hide into the arena, whilst a mutt counts. The mutt will be based on the arena. There is loads of rounds, every round, 1 or 2 tributes will die. So it's whoever the mutts find first, loses. Once the mutt has found the Tribute, all alive tributes will be moved to a different arena, which will be a different place, and hide again, and then do the same again, and the same again until there is TWO TRIBUTE WINNERS LEFT. Yes, these may take forever, but at least it will give me something to do. The way I choose who dies will be at random, using the ranom number genrator. Tributes can be made now, good luck.


  • No complaining if your tribute dies
  • No Swearing
  • No stupid Tribute Names
  • Have fun
  • You can make up to 4 tributes
  • First come, first serve

Tʀɪʙᴜᴛᴇ Tᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ











Tʀɪʙᴜᴛᴇs Tᴀᴋᴇɴ

District Name Age Gender User
1 Sami Dublin 17 Female Ducky35
1 Jason Diamond 18 Male CoolCato
1 Saphire Emerald 18 Female Ms.finnickodair
1 Shaden Kanyne 15 Male Kanine400
2 Ellie Kelle 15 Female Ms.finnickodair
2 Phantom Wisp 15 Male ShadowStarters
2 Athena Spar 17 Female Hello im cat lady
2 Zephyr Brawn 17 Male The Boy With A Pikachu Tattoo
3 Aveara Copley 15 Female ArleneLovesHG
3 Seth Blaque 16 Male ArleneLovesHG
3 Miss. Atomic Bomb 16 Female ArleneLovesHG
3 Mr. Brightside 18 Male ArleneLovesHG
4 Marieh Aquanarina 14 Female ViniciusDeAssiss1999
4 Frank Ocean 18 Male CoolCato
4 Alec Sea 16 Female CoolCato
4 Thomas Quince 15 Male Robin040197
5 Naomi Montgromi 15 Female Hello im cat lady
5 Racious Bloke 18 Male Kaaitlyn
5 Skye Silverguard 13 Female Annamisasa
5 Light Honesty 15 Male ShadowStarters
6 Giovanni Quemalenta 15 Female Kawaii Manga
6 Bran Clatch 16 Male Robin040197
6 Kikki Wu 12 Female Kawaii Manga
6 Asper Dell 16 Male The Boy With A Pikachu Tattoo
7 Cartwenthia Marris 14 Female Kawaii Manga
7 Harvey Dent 17 Male Prezziesnow9704
7 Joan Kamatar 18 Female Kawaii Manga
7 Krane Octrus 17 Male Kanine400
8 Shae Summerfield 15 Female 66mc
8 Veloure Coudre 18 Male The Boy With A Pikachu Tattoo
8 Laura Ingres 17 Female Ougi-kun
8 Seam Richie 14 Male The Boy With A Pikachu Tattoo
9 Delainy Heath 17 Female Hello im cat lady
9 Kevin Quince 12 Male Robin040197
9 Devyn LaCosta 16 Female AshtonMoioLover
9 Drake Masters 15 Male Ducky35
10 Blair Wilson 14 Female Eleni12
10 Derek Gown 18 Male ShadowStarters
10 Sierra Freeman 17 Female PeaceLoveGir
10 Arkta Luster 15 Male Kanine400
11 Tiffany Shatley 13 Female Hello im cat lady
11 Smile Bloodtooth 14 Male ShadowStarters
11 Eileen Shade 16 Female Annamisasa
11 Winoww Smith 18 Male Aaronmalik
12 Nele Inigust 16 Female Ougi-kun
12 Dylan Manoque 12 Male Cloveismywife
12 Zaskia Safier 18 Female AxedFox
12 Deano Tyrones 18 Male Aaronmalik

Tribute Gallery


Your tribute will have no idea what the mutts are.

Round Arena Style Mutt(s)
1 Normal Forest-Basically, just a forest full of tree's, cave's and water. Your tributes may be able to climb trees, hide in the caves, or hide under water, if they can swim and don't kill themself in anyway. The only water is a massive lake. and from the shore, there is a small island which is one massive hill.

Tracker Jackers-If you character thinksthey can get of the ground and be safe, thinks again. A large nest of Tracker Jackers will be hunting for humans

Bear-I very fat hungry bear will be on the loose, and likes to have naps in caves, so be careful tributes

Water Snake-A snake that can slither in water and on the ground, with a very deadly bite, which kills you in 10 seconds

2 Desert-a normal desert. Basically, there's no where to hide, you have to run, run, run, or maybe could cover yourself in sand and wait until the cannon goes of twice.

Camel- a very large man-eating camel will be running for its food. It hasn't eaten for over 2 months and will do anything to feed on a young body. Also, humans is all it eats

3 Zoo-a normal zoo wthloads of animals. It's a small type of zoo, with a very lot of animals that like attacking/ There's a load of hiding place you could go, into the gorilla's house,, or maybe the monkey trees, but I promie, you won't be alone for that long Zoo Animals-There is loads of hungry zoo animals that have been computer generated to only like eating human flesh
4 Will be revealed when round 1 is finished...
5 Will be revealed when round 2 is finished...
6 Will be revealed when round 3 is finished...
7 Will be revealed when round 4 is finished...
8 Will be revealed when round 5 is finished...
9 Will be revealed when round 6 is finished...
10 Will be revealed when round 7 is finished...
11 Will be revealed when round 8 is finished...
12 Will be revealed when round 9 is finished...
Semi-Final Will be revealed when round 12 is finished...
Final Will be revealed when round Semi-Finals is finished...

 Arena Gallery


Round 1-(4 Tributes die,3 Mutts)

Round 2-(2 Tributes die,1 Mutt)

Round 3-(2 Tributes die,Group of Mutts)

Round 4-(4 Tributes die,2 Mutts)

Round 5-(3 Tributes die,1 Mutt)

Round 6-(2 Tributes die,1 Mutt)

Round 7-(2 Tributes die,1 Mutt)

Round 8-(2 Tributes die,1 Mutt)

Round 9-Half Way through Tributes deaths-(5 Tributes die,2 Mutts)

Round 10-(2 Tibutes die,1 Mutt)

Round 11-(2 Tributes die,1 Mutt)

Round 12-(2 Tributes die,2 Mutts)

Semi-Final Round-(8 Tributes die,3 Mutts)

Final Round-(6 Tributes die, several Mutts, 2 Winners)

Death Chart

Place Round Killed and Who By Tribute
47th 1 by Tracker Jackers Delainy Heath
46th 1 by Water Snake Sami Dublin
45th 1
44th 1
43rd 2
42nd 2
41st 3
40th 3
39th 4
38th 4
37th 4
36th 4
35th 5
34th 5
33rd 5
32nd 6
31st 6
30th 7
29th 7
28th 8
27th 8
26th 9
25th 9
24th 9
23rd 9
22nd 9
21st 10
20th 10
19th 11
18t 11
17th 12
16th 12
15th Semi-Final
14th Semi-Final
13th Semi-Final
12th Semi-Final
11th Semi-Final
10th Semi-Final
9th Semi-Final
8th Semi-Final
7th Final
6th Final
5th Final
4th Final
3rd Final
2nd Final
1st None
1st None


Round 1

Main Alliances Alliance 1:Asper Dell(6) and Delainy Heath(9)-Delainy was using Asper-Is now over as Delainy was killed by Tracker Jackers

Careers-Sami Dublin(1), Jason Diamond(1), Saphire Emerald(1), Shayden Kanyne(1), Ellie Kelle(2), Phantom Wasp(2), Athena Spar(2) and Zephyr Brawn(2)

The Tragic Story

Round 1

Asper Dell's POV

I looked around me. I could see most tributes were shaking. I mean, why wouldn't they? We'd all been reaped to play in The Hiding Games, a games like no other. It reminded me of Hide and Seek, my favourite game as a twelve-year old, and there's people in it that age now, I feel there sadness, who knows what's going through their poor little minds now. I see Skye Silverguard(5) shaking like she had just been to Antartica. Then I look over to one of the Career Tributes, Jason Diamond(1) looks like he's ready to jump of his platform and run into the forest, and find a great hiding place, somewhere where I probaly couldn't think of. The canon goes of. 1000 seconds left to go find a good hiding, where a probaly hungry mutt will not find.

I run into the rather large forest, like everybody else. But, I decided I didn't want to stay with my district, I prever to work alone because when I'm with other, I hate being left to make descisions, it's to hard and I'll end up getting some badly hurt, or even leading to their death. I run as fast as I can, so I could look for a hiding place. Who knows what hiding places could be out there, but all I can think about is my family. I have no brothers or sisters, so i had a normal jolly childhood. I was there only child. There over 50 now. If they loose me, then they won't be able to have another child. Basically, I'm all they've got, and I can't stop thinking about them.

Then I hear a rather large voice from one of the Gamemakers saying "The mutts are coming". I look around me. i must of been really slow. Thinking about my family took up all my hiding time. I'm doomed. I decide to leg it, looking behind me to see if any monsters were chasing him. I continue to look backwards. Suddenly, I get pushed to the ground. I was waiting for the cannon to go boom, until I realise that it wasn't a mutt on top of me. It was Delainy Heath(9), and she gave me a wicked smile. Was this the end of my life?

Delainy Heath's POV

I grab hold of Asper's neck. I hold him onto the ground, but he's getting to hard to handle, and I need him to help me be safe, so I'll let him know that he's here to look after me androtect me from mutts,let him know that I'm in charge of him now, or I simply kill him. No. No. No. I can't let him know that. I've got to pretend I'm a very kind person. Loving in all areas.

"Team?" I say, hoping for a postitive responce.

Asper's face turns from a scared little boy to a cheery teenager.

"Sure," he says, thinking that he's safe.

If he thinks he's safe he can think again. I'm the one thats going to win, not him he'll be dead before he can even say help. There's a very long awkward silence, none of them realising a mutt could attack any second.

"So, what's the plan sweetie," I ask, looking all sweet and innocent.

"Well, I'm not the one to think of an idea, but Im thirsty, so you can search for a lake maybe and then i'll find us a hiding place, how about that?" Asper says.

"How about the roles are reserved. You're the man, YOU can collect the water, how about that," I say, with my wicked smile that scares all.

Asper steps back, looking slightly scared of me. I needed to act kind. I needed him with me.

"I'm sorry, just so angry I got chose for this, I mean its horrible, it just gets on my nerves," I say.

"Like You," I say under my evil breath.

Luckily, I don't think he heard me say that. Asper's just standing there staring at me. Who does he think he is? I'm letting my life depend on this loser. What does he think he is doing.

Whilst he was staring at me, I got a proper look at what Asper actually looked like. He has scruffy hair, with a bright blonde fringe, and the rest of it a dark sort of red. He had beautiful green eyes, they twinkled, like the bigest star on earth, just as beautiful aswell. He was just wearing fully black like the rest of us, but I could see his beautiful man-body. Looking at him jus wanted me to strip him naked. But i wouldn't. District 6 guys are way out of my league.

Asper still stood there staring at me.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" I ask him.

"Nothing, I'll set of now. See you seen soon.  Delainey isn't it?" he asks.

How dare he ask me that.  I'm the best here, he must know my name. How dare he. No. Stop Delainey. Be nice.

"Yes sweetie, that's right. Now be quick, I'm getting thirsty" I say with a less wicked smile.

He starts to run of throught the forest. I could barley see him because they were so many trees. Trees. That's it. Trees. i need to climb a tree. Pefect. No mutt will be able to get me up there. Perfect. Asper's dead, I whipser under my breath.

I have dark purple dyed hair. I used to be a brunette, but those days are over. I have dark ocean blue eyes. My hair goes just below my shoulders, but I have my hair in a bun for these games. What idiot would have there hair slyng all over whilst trying to fight for their life? I live in District 9 with my Mother, Father and Little Sister, who is the most annoying brat ever. If i died, he'd be the one I missed the least. i hate my family just as much as they hate me.

I search for a tree which is easy to climb up. I search and search but I don't seem to find an easy one to climb up. I go behind one of the chunkiet tree's I have seen. and I find a big hole at the bottom of it, big enought to fit me in. I crawl on the floor and look up into the tree. Perfect. I start to climb up, I climb up to a part where there's a whole , once again big enough to fit me in. I climb out and sit on the branch, and have a peaceful 5 minutes to myself. I wonder how Asper's doing, the cannon hasn't gone at all yet. These are harder than I thought. i thought at least one person would be dead by now. Suddenly, out of no where, a group of a bee-like animals come flying at me. I know what they are. Tracker Jackers. I can't beat these of. I need to stay calm, sit still, and maybe they'll go away. Just as I thought they were going away, the all came onto my skin, and sting. I scream, trying to wack them all of me, but there's is too much. OW. OW. OW. I flap about so much I fall of the tree, which I'm now dangling from, and a very large height. I scream louder, hopng someone from my district can hear my screams. They sting again, it's too much, i have to let go. I fly hopessly to the ground. I can't see anything, I can only feel my now bumpy skin. I scream once more, still hoping for help. I lay on the ground. BOOM! I'm dead.

Sami Dublin's POV

Me and the rest of The Careers spy on Asper Dell(6). He's getting some water from the lake, which is pretty pointless when he should be hiding. Each round is in a day, and when it's over we have food and water, then sleep. Well, let him make the own mistakes.

"So, who's going to grab him?" whispers Athena Spar(2).

Everyone wanted to get Asper. Well, whoever is needs to hurry up because we can't just stand here waiting for this to happen, someone needed to do it, they needed to do it fast.

"I'll get him, with my mucle's I could keep hold of someone for ages, and they won't even be able to escape me," says Jason Diamond(1).

"You're my man, ya little hottie," says Saphire Emerald(1), with her very bad flirting skills.

Jason and Saphire leaned in for a kiss, much to everyones suprisement. We never knew this was The 'Let's Make Out" Games.

"Ew, please, we're on a mission," I say.

Saphire was beautiful. No joke, I would kill to look like her. She has long golden locks, with a hint of ice blue streaks in. I mean wow, great matching of colours. She had purple eyes, they were absoutly gorgeus, I mean looking into them make me dizzy. Her eyelashes were also amazing. She could beat Barbie in a Beauty Contest. She was to perfect. And Jason, oh, he was brutal. he gets in a lot of fights back in District 1, its unbelievable, but also, it would be a close comeptition between him and Ken. He had curly blonde hair, it wa kinda cute. I didn't just didn't call Jason Diamond cute. No way, moving swiftly on, he has sparkling blue eyes like the ocean. Then there's me. Short brown hair, normal green eyes, freckles and glasses. Yep, that's me.

"So it's decided, Jason is getting him?" asks Athena.

"Yeah, that's correct," says Zephyr Brawn(2).

Zephyr was just like me, weird, evil  and weird. Everything about him was creepy, I'm on about weird creepy and scary creepy there. He has dark red hair, and his fringe was longish. He has green eyes like me, and I must say he is very ugly. I wouldn't want to cross paths with him, he looks very evil. I guess I'm a female version of him, I bet what I'm saying about him is what everyone else says about me. But who cares, I don't care what anyone thinks about me.

We all go back to spying on Asper. The rest of the careers are Shayden Kanyne(1), Ellie Kelle(2) and Phantom Wisp(2). Everybody counts down to three, and Jason sprints out of the bush, and puts his right arm around Asper's neck.

"You're going to be our bait mate," says Jason wickidly.

"What, no please let me go, i just want to drink water, that's all," Asper crys.

Everybody come out of the bushes and laughs as a teardrop falls down his cheeks.

"Aw, baby need his mummy to give him a hug," jokes Ellie.

"Guys..." Phantom says.

"Shut it Phantom, why do you feel sorry for the kid? He's a loser like the rest of them in here," says Athena.

"No, but guys........," Phantom says once again.

"No but's no nothing, shut your god mouth," says Athena.

"There' a snake behind us," warns Phantom.

All of us turn our bodies to look at a rather large snake infront of us. Luckily, I had noticed a small island across the big lake, and told everybody to swin over there. But theres a problem, I'm not a good swimmer, and the snake is slithering towards us fastly. All of us careers are swimming. I'm at the back of them, and I turn to realise that the snake is a water snake, and it's swimming after us. Jason is just infront of me struggling swimming with Asper, and suddenley, he lets go of him.

"Feed the snake Sami," he says.

What was he doing, I can't swim, it will kill both me and Asper. I grab Asper quickly and try to feed him to the snake, but Asper kicks me in the tummy and I fly back, along with the snake, which very quickly bites me.


I see Jason justreach the island.


I watch Asper slowly fall under water.


My forhead was hurting like mad.


My glasses fall of in the water.


I can't see one thing at all, I can only fell the warm water.


I cry my last tear.





BOOM! I died.

Skye Silverguard's POV

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