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300th Hunger Games


Tribute limit is now 5 tributes per person.


Hello! I'm CatLover25, formerly Ducky35. I have finally got myself an account and this is my first Game. This is a Quarter Quell, and there will be multiple twists. The first twist will be revealed when all tributes are in.

Here are the rules: Capitol and District 13 are competing, no Wikia contrbuitors, and no cursing. I don't want anyone lunging at each other's throats.

(I forgot this!) Please list alliance as well.


(Bold things are a must, things not in bold are not necessary, but will help your tribute.)







Strengths (up to 3):

Weaknesses (at least 2):


Motivation For Winning:


Twist 1: TBA

Twist 2: TBA

Twist 3: TBA


District 1: Chardonnay Aude, Austin Winepress

District 2: Shermaine Wilson, Silvanus Justice

District 3: Maximus Tertius Augustus

District 4:Nixie Calamari, Male Reserved

District 5:Devi Sunshine, Michael Richards

District 6:Maco Jerzy, Cario Paradox

District 7:Mercedes Butterscotch, Reserved

District 8: Sian Malley

District 9:Acacia Range

District 10:Sable Rose, Kwartz Diodin

District 11:Yuna Besaid, Dylan Jack

District 12:Female Reserved

District 13: Nyx Salem, Radiant Tayz

Capitol: Female Reserved, Male Reserved


Careers: Silvanus Justice, Chardonnay Aude, Austin Winepress, Dylan Jack, Nixie Calamari, Radiant Tayz

Alone: Sian Malley, Acacia Range, Sable Rose


Head Gamemaker: Me (CatLover25). I will be in charge and be setting up the arena.

Deaths: ? They will help me decide deaths.

Mutts: Kman528 They will help me create mutts

Pregames: ? They will help me with Reapings, Training, Training Scores, and Interview

Sponsoring: ? In charge of giving me the list of items and keeping track of tribute's money

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