The Tributes

District 1 - FULL!

Female - Saphire Hyland/18/Madrigalmagic

Male - Drake Devon/16/Amani452

District 2 - FULL!

Male - Dean Dane/18/Hello55522

Female - Lottie Adams/13/Hello55522

District 3 - FULL!

Female - Harpsichord Burr/16/District3tribute

Male - Trevor Feynor/13/Imortallyrandom

District 4 - FULL!

Male - John Drew F. Adams/17/KEWLBEN

Female - Lexie Ludwig/17/Ashtonmoiolover

District 5 - FULL!

Female - Allison Pentyn/18/District3tribute

Male - Leondais Sparta/16/Icanhasnofriends

District 6 - FULL!

Male -Jonathon Ford/15/Trackstar

Female - Anabella Frias/13/Ashtonmoiolover

District 7 - FULL!

Female - Lila Woods/12/Madrigalmagic

Male - Harris Oakwood/16/CallamD97

District 8 - FULL!

Male - Jacob Heart/15/I am awesome

Female - Luna Snare/12/Justafox

District 9 - FULL!

Female - Rikku Hasani/15/Theworldscolliding

Male - Archie Menthol/17/Alanarran

District 10 - FULL!

Male - Buck Billar/18/Icanhasnofriends

Female - Sierra Hulia/18/Imortallyrandom

District 11 - FULL!

Female - Lauren Hill/12/Rue District11

Male - Jacob Thresh/16/Hungersisters1108

District 12 - FULL!

Male - Fireldin Ettin/18/Amani452

Female - Liliana *Lila* Maganachi/15/KEWLBEN

District 13 - FULL!

Female - Krystal Clearwater/14/Hungersisters1108

Male - Julian Goodman/16/Mrweare121

Chariot rides - Please post yours in comments by 10th May

Please post your chariot outfits in the comments below! I will rank them on 1 - 13


District 1 -

Sapphire is wearing nothing but underwear as her stylists forgot about her

Drake is also wearing the same as Sapphire.

District 2

Lottie wears a gold T shirt with armour over it, a gold skirt with armour over it and a thick gold headband. the top armour has leaves engraved on it.she wears gold boots for her shoes.

Dean wears a gold shirt with armour, gold shorts with armour and gold boots. his shirt armour is engraved with leaves

District 3 -

Harpsichord Outfit: Dress [1]Added by District3TributeHeadpice: A giant bow made of the same fabric and lights.Hair: Long and flowing.

Shoes: None (can't see them, can you? Lol).

Trevor is dressed up in a shop brought light bulb costume

District 4 -

John Wears scales jumsuit and holding a net.

Lexie is dressed up as a grey fish and is looking very weird.

District 5

Leonidas Sparta has a toga that lights up like a lightbulb. His headpiece is a silver circlet that changes colors, blue, gold, then green

Allison: (Chariot outfit and Interview:

Outfit: Same as Leonidas', except Allison is not wearing a toga, but a long, flowing dress styled to look the the dresses that ancient Greek goddesses wore.

Hair: Graceful, elegant bun.

Shoes: Flat, greek sandals.

District 6

Jonathon Ford wears a black suit with car companies logos stiching in it. Hair has continental logo in it. Chariot designed to look like a plane.

Anabella is wearing nothing, in fact she is covered by tyre marks to make it look like she got ran over by a car. Very weird indeed.

District 7 -

Harris: Brown body armour that covers him from head downwards, with an imprint of tree bark and a wooden crown, he waves, blows kisses and smiles at the crowd

Lila is dressed as a tree

District 8 - Luna wears a dress made of textile, she's not only pretty, she's dangerous. She's invincible.

Jacob is wearing a piece of material (with love hearts on it)that has been cut by a 5 year old

District 9

Rikku is wearing a beige colored dress that goes down to her knees with silver flecks all over it to represent grain. She is also wearing tan high heels and her hair is in curls. She wears light foundation to make her skin look more tan

Archie is wearing a beige T-Shirt and beige trousers, he looks plain, he doesnt respond to the crowd a looks straight foward almost as of his is bored.

District 10

Bucks Tux is made of meat and his face is painted like a cow

Sierra is grass. covered in green to make her look like something a cow would eat. very weird

District 11 -

Jacob wears a black leather jumpsuit with dark green vines wrappiing around him. formal shoes.

Lauren is wearing a wheat costume

District 12 -

Lila wears mineral patched on a black jumpsuit. (minerals are gold,silver and chromite)

Fireldin is naked and covered in black coal dust.

District 13

julian goodman his chariot outfit if a tux with many small tv screnes showing the deaths of every single tribute from past games showing the capital what they have dome

Krystal Clearwater - is a dark jumpsuit that looks like a rock but turns into a long flowing gown grey (colour of graphite) that shimmers and reflects everything. Hair is long and wavy with sliver streaks. Make up is natural with silver liquid eyeliner and dark grey eyeshadow. Strappy silver heels

Individual Training Sessions - Please post on comments by 10th May


Julian - 10

Leonidas - 10

Jonathon - 9

Dean - 9

Rikku - 9

Buck - 9

John - 9

Lottie - 9

Frake - 8

Lilliana - 8

Jacob - 8

Harris - 8

Haprsichord - 8

Allison - 8

Krystal - 7

Trevor - 7

Sierra - 7

Archie - 7

Fireldin - 6

Luna - 6

Lauren - 4

Everyone else not on here recieved a 5.

The Interviews -

[2]Added by JustafoxD8*

Caesar: Hi Luna, do you like the Capitol?

Luna: I love it, I only wish I could stay longer.

Caesar: Well if you win, you can stay longer. What's your chance of winning.

Luna: I think I have a big chance of winning.

Caesar: And why?

Luna: You can't find me. But don't worry, have already found you then.

Caesar: We wish you all the luck, Luna! Goodbye!

Luna: Bye

Krstyal - Interview dress: short black strapless dress that ruffles and falls just above her knees. Minimal makeup except eyes making them look big and innocent. black heels


C: and now we have the beautful Krystal from district 13

she walks in and sits down as ceaser kisses her hand

C: i must say you look beautiful tonight

K: and its all thanks to the capitol adn its wonderful fashion sense, i mean look at all of you out their. everyone looks amazing

C: so Krystal wat do you think of the tributes this year

K: im not worried about the tributes, im here to win which is exacly what i'll do

C: such a confident answer

timer rings

C: give it up for Kystal of district 13

K: thank you ( bows and blows a kiss to the crowd)

Jacon Thresh -interview costume: navy blue shoes and dark green ties, blacky formal shoes

Jacob Thresh - Interview:

C: and now we have Jacob from district 11

J: hi everybody (shyly)

C: your a shy fellow arent you

J: being shy isnt always bad

C: i didnt mean it that way but behind all those muscles its nice to see you have a soft side

J: lets just hope all the other tributes take me seriously

C: we are all sure no one is going to underestimate you, arent we (looks to the crowd)

J: can i say something

C: sure go for it

J: i just want to tell my sisters i'll be home in time for christmas.

C: im sure you will be. give it up for jacob from district 11


Caesar: Let's welcome Allison Pentyn of District 5!

Allison: Hello Caesar.

Caesar: Hello yourself! So, I heard what happened with your parents when you were little. I'm sorry for your loss!

Allison: Thank you. And, yes, it is a very sad story. You know, having my parents die when I was very young, and being abandoned by my older siblings might have made me a better person.

Caesar: How so?

Allison: Well, growing up by myself at an orphanage made me a stronger person. A better person even. Even though I can be strict and harsh, as I grew older, I looked out for the younger kids in the orphanage. I didn't want them to be alone like I was. That's why joined a four person alliance in these games, so none of would have to be, or heaven forbid one of us does, die alone.

Caesar: I see. Well, thank your for your time! People of the Capitol, give one more round of applause for Allison Pentyn.

Allison: Thanks for your time!


C: Ladies and gentlemen, Harris Oakwood!

H: Hello Caesar, and hello to you too audience!

  • Audience Cheers*

C: Haha, so Harris tell me, that 8 in training, how did you do it?

H: Firstly...... I don't think i should tell

C: Ohhhh Come on

  • Audience chants 'do it do it' *

H: Ok i'll give you a peak * Takes off Blazer*

C: Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

  • Audience cheers and wolf whistles*

H: Hold this for me please *Hands blazer to caesar*

  • Harris then gives a demonstration of his parkour skills and the crowd cheers loudly*

C: That was fantastic, but sadly that's all we have time for, Ladies and Gentlemen HARRIS OAKWOOD!

Lottie Adams interview

lottie wears a dark blue dress with straps and is knee length. she wears dark blue dolly shoes. her hair is in a pony tail. caesar: now its our district 2 female... lottie adams!

lottie: hello caesar

caesar: hello lottie. so the question everyone wants the answer to. do you think you could win the hunger games?

lottie: well... i think i have a good chance in winning. i'm very good with weapons.

caesar: i think you have a good chance too. now tell us about your family. what are they like?

lottie: well... my dad died when i was young and my mum took care of me. thats about it.

caesar: ok. sadly its the end of your interview. goodbye lottie

lottie: bye caesar

{C}dean dane interview

dean wears black trousers, a black t shirt and a dark blue jacket over his shirt.

caesar: now our district 2 male... dean dane!!!

dean: hi caesar.

caesar: hello dean. so the question everyone is asking. do you think you can win the hunger games?

dean: definatly!!!

caesar: good, good. now, tell us about your family.

dean: well my parents died when i was 6 so i live with my older brother, jack.

caesar: ok. now sadly your interview is over. goodbye dean

dean: bye caesar


Ceaser: Let’s welcome our net guest, Rikku Hasani!

{C}Rikku: Hello Ceaser, your looking great as per usual.

{C}Ceaser: Why thank you, your looking good yourself. Now I have a question, Who are you dedicating your time in the Arena to.

{C}Rikku: I’m dedicating it to my late mother who was pushed to insanity because of the uprising of the Capitol. She died just a few months ago.

{C}Ceaser: Well I’m sure she’ll be very proud. I’ve heard you already have an alliance? Is this true?

{C}Rikku: Yes it is, Me, Lauren, Harpsichord and Alison are gonna have an alliance and were going to push through and make it far.

{C}Ceaser: Well thank you Rikku and good luck in the arena.

Buck Billar Interview:

Caesar: So Buck, what do you think of this years tributes?

Buck: Well as usual, there are the strong ones from the richer districts, but we have some powerful ones in the mix. Like me.

Caesar: Do you plan on making an alliance?

Buck: Yes, the person that is my ally wishes to remain anonymous

Caesar: What is your weapon of choice?

Buck: A whip. Back at home I hearded the cattle so i know how to use one. I had also practiced throwing knives and have become very skilled.

Caesar: Well your 3 minutes is up. Everyone give it up from district 10 Buck Billar!


C=Ceaser Flickerman

.C- welcome archie, how are you

a- fine really nervous bout 2morrow though

c- it bet you are, now is there anyone in the games who seems to you as a challange

a- i hate naming and shaming but the carrers look as strong as ever

c- which carrer

a- all

(akward silence for 1 minute)

c- well that was Archie Menthol wish him luck,

(the auidence dont clap)

Jonathan Ford


Ceaser: Welcome Jonathan! How are you?

Jonathan: Fine, how about you? Nice hair by the way. (says sarcasticly)

Capital Laughs

Ceaser: Haha! Didd'nt your parents teach you manners?

Jonathan: My escort said the same thing!

Capital Laughs

Ceaser: You sure are funny! So how about that 9 in training?

Jonathan: Impressed but could have done better.

Ceaser: So how old are you again?

Jonathan: 15.

Ceaser: Wow. If i could rank all of my interviews so far yours would be number 1.

Jonathan: I thought you only say that to District 12! I feel special!

Capital Laughs

Ceaser: Haha! Jonathan you kill me! BUZZ!

Ceaser: I'm sorry Jonathan But unfortunaly thats all the time we have

Capital Cries


Caesar: And now, give a warm welcome to District 3's Harpsichord Burr!

Harpsichord: Well hello Caesar, it's nice to meet you!

Caesar: Likewise! So, Harpsichord, tell me about that 8 you got in training. It's impressive for someone coming from a less Hunger Games oriented District.

Harpsichord: Well, thank you Caesar! I think I got an 8 for primarily for the speed at which I re-assembled and re-activated that grenade. That skill of mine, along with my pre-game alliace, will surely help me in the games!

Caesar: Yes, tell me about your alliance.

Harpsichord: Well, me and Allison from District 5 had known eachother before the games, so it was natural for us to ally. And then when we met Rikku and Lauren, they seemed really friendly. All four of us agreed that we have a better chance at surviving with four of us, so the alliance was born.

Caesar: Interesting. Well, thank you for the fun interview, and good luck!

Harpsichord: Thank you!

Unable to post interviews so here are the outfits Blue Tux for john. Grey dress for lila.

Allies -

I have chosen 2 packs so far

The Careers from 1, 2 and 4 (They also add aa few other tributes)

The Pack from 12 and 13

Leondais Sparta(5) Buck Billar (10)

Rikku Hasnai ( District 9) Lauren Hill ( District 11) Harpsichord burr ( District 3)

Feel free to make allies. and i will post them here!

The Games - Arena and cornucopia

The arena is a desert, There is the cornucopia, it is silver and very large. There are weapons and supplies placed outside of it though only the brave, or the stupid will go inside the cornucopia. The desert is joined into 4 parts. The desert being the centre, the woods separated by a lake, the mountains and fields, the fields are ones that you might run about on back at home, making daisy chains with your sister.

Here are the items at the Cornucopia

4 - Swords

1 - Bow

1 - Quill of arrows (containing 12)

20 - spears

4 - small backpacks (Iodine, Flask, food, socks and rope)

3 - medium backpacks (Iodine, Flask, Food, Matches,coil of wire, socks and rope)

2 - large backpacks (sleeping bag, Iodine, Flask, Food, matches,coil of wire, rope and socks)

2- Axes

2 - Sets of 4 throwing knifes

5 - Daggers

2 - Blow guns (contain 24 darts)

1 - Pack of 24 darts

5 - Maces

3 - Slingshots (with 10 rocks each)

5 - Rocks for slingshots (contain 5)

1 - trident

Sponsors and Supplies

You may send another tribute a sponser gift.


A Kill - $50

In The Top 10 - $75

In The Top 6 - $100

In The Top 3- $200 This is not being done as Im killing all the tributes now :P


































Throwing Axes



Throwing Knives










Dried Meat










Burn Cream


Instant Relief (heals any wounds immediately)


Bandage (to prevent infection in open wounds)












Itching Powder


Single Use



12 Matches



1 pair



Can be used once

Raft (paddles have to be bought seperately)





10 foot long Coil

Sleeping Bag



Spool of wire


Has 10 feet long wire on it

I will put what tributes are in need of and if your tribute dies... Im sorry! But only 1 person can live!

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1. GONG. Everyone runs as fast as they can to the cornucopia, they grab their weapons. Luna grabs some knifes and a backpack and runs off into the woods, unharmed. Lauren has run after her with her sword and backpack, she asks to be allies. Luna agrees and they hide in the trees. Dean grabs a sword and stabs Archie in the back. BOOM. Buck grabs a spear and spears Fireldin in the heart, Though Fireldin has time to stab Buck in the back though all he does is slash his left arm. BOOM. The careers have seen his wicked killing abilities and asked him to join them though he refuses and runs off in the woods with his ally. Sapphire grabs a bow and arrow and shoots Trevor in the head, he drops to the floor immediately. Anabella runs from the cornucopia though Lottie sees her, she throws a knife and it lands in her head. BOOM. John and Lexie grab 2 axes, they look for tributes though no one is found. Then a noise is heard... Harris has been trapped in the cornucopia and is heavily breathing. “Can I join you? I can kill!” Harris asks, though it’s to late. The tributes from 1, 2 and 4 stand over him, John gets out a knife and lodges it in his head. BOOM.

The tributes from 1, 2 and 4 have set up camp at the cornucopia.

The tributes from 12 and 13 are hiding in a cave together.

Sierra is upset over the loss of her ally and is now hiding in the trees.

Leonadis and Buck are out storming the fields for tributes un-armed.

Rikku, Lauren, Harpsichord and Allison have made camp in the woods by the lake and are un armed.

Everyone else are on their own and are in the woods, hiding.

Day 2 -

Sierra is still upset over the death of her ally, Trevor. She hides in the trees, hoping no one can find her. Then she sees Rikku, Lauren, Harpsichord and Allison, Allison has just recieved a spear, some bread and soup. She has had the soup and had rationed the bread between her and her allies. They laugh at Sierra.

“Cry Baby!” Allison cries. Sierra gets annoyed and full of rage and throws a knife at her, It lands in her heart and she drops to the floor. BOOM. The rest of her allies go over to her, crying. They pull the knife out of her heart.

“You.. You killed her!” Lauren screams. She gets her spear and her knife. She picks the spear and throws it at Sierras’ head. She screams in pain and looks in her backpack for some medicine to stop her from dying of blood loss. But it’s too late, she drops and lays off a branch blood dripping down her face. BOOM.

Luna is still hiding from the careers and the rest of the pack. She is on her own, not wanting to ally with anyone. She sees the careers and throws a knife at one of them. It lands in Lexies’ back and she drops to the ground. The careers are shocked and tell her to stay with them but it’s too late. BOOM. Luna runs off, the careers follow her, but they aren’t quick enough.

The remaining tributes from 12 and 13 are by a camp fire. They are laughing and talking with each other until Krystal tries to kill Lila and run off. She stabs her in the arm and runs off. Lila holds in her screams and then picks up a sword runs after Krystal and beheads her. BOOM. She goes back to Julian,who is both happy and sad about Krystals’ death.

Leondais and Buck are on the look out for tributes. They see the careers. “Kill them!” Buck whispers. “No. They’ll catch us,” Leondais replies. Buck laughs and then gets his knife and throws it at a career, it hits Drake. BOOM.

Drake drops to the ground, Sapphire screams.

“Stay with me! No! No!” Sapphire picks up a knife and throws it back but it misses, she cries wanting to avenge Drakes death. She runs off with the careers back to the cornucopia who are trying to console her.

Day 3 - Now Up!

Harpsichord grabs the knife out of Allison and cleans it. Lauren gets back her spear and takes her backpack. It includes: Iodine, Flask, Food, Matches, coil of wire, socks and rope, she divides the crackers between her allies then picks up the backpack of Allison who had the same and also a knife. Lauren passes it to Rikku, she smiles. “Lets go kill some careers” Rikku smiles and picks up a knife and goes out searching for them. They go through the woods until they reach the desert, they see Jacob Heart. Rikku suddenly throws the knife, Jacob sees it and ducks, though he doesn’t duck in time. And his head gets sliced off. He screams in pain, Harpsichord sees this.“Give me the knife!” She takes a knife and throws it in Jacob’s eyes. BOOM.

Luna see’s Buck and Leondais, she smile and with her gun she aims for Buck. He ducks and Lila who happened to be running past gets hit in the leg. She howls in pain. BOOM. Luna laughs then runs off away from Buck and Leondais who are now running after her, weapons in hand. Ready to attack.

Sapphire and the rest of the remaning careers from 1, 2 and 4 are at the Cornucopia still. Sapphire is on guard whilst the rest of them sleep. She has a knife in her hand. Then, Jacob Thresh jumps out from nowhere and leaps onto Sapphire. He gets his knife and slashes Sapphires face. She screams, spitting blood in his face. He laughs and gets a knife and carefully slashes her wrists until they bleed. “Say another word and you’re dead!” Jacob whispers in her ear. She smiles, clutching on to her knife, he goes over to hug him, then whispers in his ear. “ Have a nice time in hell.” He looks confused, then Sapphire slices his back. Leaving the letter S on his back. BOOM. She continues stabbing him and slicing him until he is cut into tiny pieces.

Julian and Liliana are still shocked about their ally. They stay at their camp whilst Julian stays on watch. Liliana lies down on his legs with her knife in hand, drifting off to sleep. Julian smiles and has a sword in his hand, ready to kill anyone who dares go near them.

Day 4 -

Dean , Lottie and John wake up, shocked about what happened to Sapphire. They ask if she is ok, she nods. “I need some medicine” She sighs and shows her wounds, they’re only small slashes though if she’s not careful she could be dead in a few days. “Im going to go out get some water” Lottie smiles and walks out of the cornucopia with a knife and goes out to the lake to fill everyone’s flask. Jonathon Ford comes up behind her and ducks her head down into the water. “Help!” Lottie tries to scream, though she can’t be heard under water. John keeps her under for around 2 minutes until her cannon goes. BOOM. “Did you hear that? LOTTIE!” Dean screams. He runs out of the cornucopia to find Lottie and he sees her body in the water. He pulls her body out. “She’s dead.” He sees Jonathon running away, he quickly grabs Lotties weapons and backpack and then runs after him. He gets his sword and uses it to behead him. BOOM.

Harpsichord, Rikku and Lauren continue walking, they hear a cannon go twice. “I wonder if that was the careers” Lauren questions. Rikku shrugs and then they see Luna. She charges towards them and they run, they are fast though Luna is faster. She gets her blowgun and shoots at Lauren, but she dodges. She throws a knife at her and it wounds Lunas’ arm. She is filled with fury but continues running after them

Julian and Lila sit by the fire, they see something move. “It’s another tribute!” Lila whispers picking up her axe and passing one to Julian. He puts it in his hand ready to attack. They hear a noise, it’s Buck and Leondais, Leon gets his axe and runs forwards to them with Buck who has a knife. Leon gets his axe and runs past he lodges the axe into Julians’ chest. BOOM. “No! Stay with me!” Lila cries. She sees Leon and runs after him and Buck, she gets her axe and chops off Leondais’s legs. He howls in pain, Buck just stares at him, grabs his axe and backpack and runs off into the woods. BOOM. Lila sits down next to Julians’ dead body and screams, not caring if anyone hears her.

Day 5 -

Sapphire has recieved her anti itch cream, she applys it to her wounds and instantly feels better. Dean and John sit by her at the Cornucopia. Cleaning their swords and knifes. They hear a noise coming from a distance. All of a sudden a girl comes running out of nowhere with an axe. “ HE’S DEAD!” She screams. From the voice, they know its’ Lila. Sapphire picks up a sword and slashes her leg, wounding her. Though Lila gets her axe and lodges it into her stomach. BOOM. She runs off, before any of the other careers can get her. Though Dean uses his sword and manages to throw it. It isn’t a clean shot but it did the job, cutting her left arm up. She manages to run off, though in the night she dies of injuries. BOOM. “ Guess it’s just you and me then?” Dean smiles.

Lauren, Rikku and Harpsichord have all just received their sponsor gifts. They are relieved with what they have. Lauren gets her knife and moves along the woods. They reach the Cornucopia and they see the careers. Rikku throws a knife at one of the careers it lands in Johns’ throat and he immadidetly drops to the ground. BOOM. They try to get Dean but they miss, Dean now has 3 of their knifes.

Buck is upset about his allies death but manages to cope. He decides to stay in the tree until he has fully recovered from his death.

Luna is now dipping her darts into her poison, making her even more deadly. She goes through the trees, jumping around in them like a monkey.


Day 6 - The Feast

Harpsichord – POV

I tell them I’m going to risk getting my bag, knowing that it has something I need in it. Some body armour, I have the same in my bag as Rikku and Lauren as we all have what we need. I try to think what Luna needs. Probally just armour, though that would make her invincible wouldn’t it? I sprint over to my bag with the number “3” On it. Representing my district. I pick it up and sling it over my shoulder. I see another backpack which is fairly big, I go over to grab it. The number “10” Is on it. I grab hold of it and run into the woods until Im pinned down by a knife.

Buck – POV

I see Harpsichord has my bag, I run off to her and pin her down with my knife. “Now lets give the Capitol a good show shall we?” I laugh at her and get my knife, I cut off one of her fingers as she screams in pain. “Smile for the cameras” Buck laughs and gets the knife and rams it into Harpsichords mouth. Her mouth bleeds and bleeds until her cannon sounds. BOOM. Buck gets her bag as well as his and runs off. Though he feels a knife go into his back. He falls to the ground and gets the healing medicine out of his bag. Though all he sees is a flask of water. BOOM

Luna – POV

I run towards the cornucopia and grab my backpack. I duck a knife thrown at me and put it in my bag instead of throwing it back. I run out of sight back to the trees. Inside my backpack I see some food. There’s lots of it aswell. Crackers, Beef Strips and bread. I lick my lips.

Lauren – POV

I run towards the table where mine and Rikkus’ bag is. I grab mine and hers. I run over to where Buck was and Harpsichord to grab their supplies, though the helicopter has already took them away. I run back to Rikku and pass her her bag. We open them up, we now both have body armour. I smile at her and Rikku smiles back

Rikku – POV

I look up at the sky whilst putting on my armour and I see the following tributes: Harpsichord and Buck. I smile to myself. I had made it into the top 5. I could win this I could. I put on my body armour and get my knife. “We should split up. I don’t want to have to end up killing you” I smile and say goodbye before running into the desert.

Dean – 2

I notice my bag. I run towards it, everyone else had theirs and no one dare took mine. I grab it then run off, I see it’s some medicine. This thing works miracles. I smile and run off into the desert. Ready to kill some tributes and win these games.

The Finale -

I get my knife and troll through the desert, There seems to have been some kind of sandstorm, so I have to struggle to get through. I take a seat down on the sand and put my coat over my face to avoid sand. I sit down and bury myself in sand so I’m nearly camoflauge, I have my knife ready to kill when all of a sudden I hear a noise. I quickly get out of the sand when I hear a laugh. I look around to find who it was though I don’t see anyone. Then I feel something go into my chest. I look down at the spear lodged into my chest and pull it out. I close my eyes and fall onto the sand, I see the huge figure above me. Dean, he killed me. BOOM.

Dean POV – I laugh at the 15 – year – old girl who fell onto the ground. I polish my spear and put it in my pocket. I run out of the desert, knowing no more tributes are here. I decide to go over to the woods. Where most tributes will be hiding.

Luna POV –

I hear a cannon go. I realise there’s only 3 of us left. Two are 12 year olds, I gasp at the fact then I realise we are against an 18 – year – old. I see a sponsor gifts with matches. I quickly get my darts and use the matches to make fire darts. I laugh and walk in the woods. Then, I hear a noise.


Well done to the top 3 tributes though, we have an encounter of some deadly mutts. These mutts sense smell of tributes and won’t stop until they are killed. Also, I’m afraid that none of you will be going home. This year there will be no victor... However, the last person to die will get to keep their family safe and will make them rich forever. GOOD LUCK!

Luna POV-

Oh god. We are all going to die. Certain. Though I want to be last to die so my little brother can get his medicine. I cry and get my blowgun ready. I see some mutts and jump up into the trees.

Lauren POV –

I see the mutts and run up the careers, they jump up and tear away at my leg. I scream and fight them off even though I will die whether they kill me or not. I use my sword and chop off the mutts head, they are like wolves. I kick them off of me and then one of their teeth sinks into my neck. I realise, they have poison in their teeth. I scream in pain until my cannon sounds. BOOM

Dean POV –

Damn. I’m going to be the last to die no doubt, but dying. Man, that sucks. I sigh and get my sword, I see the wolves charging towards me, I’m not as fast as I am strong. So they catch up with me. I fight them off for hours though hundreds crowd me. I hear me cannon. BOOM

Luna POV –

BOOM. I hear someone’s cannon, Its likely to be Deans’. I’m the last person left. If these were like the ordinary games I’d be the victor. I feel a tear stroll down my cheeks and into my mouth. It’s cold and salty. I’m going to do this now, for my brother. For little Warwen. I close my eyes and stab a knife in my head, It goes through to my brain and I die without feeling a thing. BOOM. My cannon sounds, that was the last noise I’d ever hear.


And the games are over! Now Lunas’ family will have everything they need for the rest of their lives. Well done. And may the odds be ever in your favour!


  • No swearing or being mean (unless for roleplay)
  • Have fun!
  • Sorry, but maximum of 2 tributes per person

Death Chart

Place Name District How they got killed By who:
26 Archie 9 Stabbed In Back Dean
25 Fireldin 12 Speared In Heart Buck
24 Anabella 6 Knife In Head Lottie
23 Harris 7 Axe In Head John


5 Knife In Heart Sierra
21 Sierra 10 Spear In Head Lauren
20 Lexie 4 Knife In Back Luna
19 Krystal 13 Beheaded By Sword Lila (12)
18 Drake 1 Knife throwed at Buck
17 Jacob H 8 Knife thrown in eye Harpsichord
16 Lila W 7 Dart In Leg Luna
15 Jacob T 11 Stabbed In Back Sapphire
14 Lottie 2 Drowned Jonathon
13 Jonathon 6 Beheaded By Sword Dean
12 Julian 13 Axe Lodged In Chest Leondais
11 Leondais 5 Legs Chopped Of By Axe Lila (12)
10 Sapphire 1 Axe Lodged In Stomach Lila (12)
9 Lila 12 Died Of Injuries(From Sword) Dean
8 John 4 Knife In Throat Rikku
7 Harpsichord 3 Stabbed Continously In Mouth Buck
6 Buck 10 Knife In Back Lauren
5 Rikku 9 Spear In Chest Dean
4 Lauren 11 Poisoned In Neck Mutts
3 Dean 2 Killed By Mutts Mutts
2 Luna 6 Suicide Luna

The Mutts

Hello! Claudius Templsmith here, Theese lucky tributes will be having an encounter from some mutts very soon. Stay tuned to find out more!

The odds - Exclusive Odds Of The Last 4 Tributes!

Lauren - 7/1

Dean - 3/1

Rikku - 4/1

Luna - 6/1

And. May the Odds be EVER in your favour.

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