Quarter Quell...the first of many. This years twist your district neighbors must vote on who has to go to the 25th Annual Hunger Games.To many it was a death sentence but to a handful it was the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Whether you got here by them voting or you paid people to vote for you because you couldnt voulenteer you all knew the amout of victors who were going to get out of the arena with their life as a prize...1. |


one ~ means the boys out 1 # means the girls out.


1- Male-Bronze Female- Crystal

2- Male- Titan Female-Ellane

3- Male-Gig Female-Keys ~

4- Male-Tide Female-Pearl #

5- Male-Flash Female-Tenny

6-Male-Alto Female-Sallina ~ #

7- Male-Oak Female- Pine

8 Male-Noah Female-Ashllii #

9 Male-Tyson Female-Sead

10-Male-Bronko Female-Liddya # ~

11- Male-Amazon Female-Peach #

12-Male-Lance Female-Miena


A deserted island with palm trees,animals,and baby blue water. The Cornucopia is located in the middle of the island with trees, bushes, and animals all around. What the tributes dont know is that dangers like sharks,alligators,and flesh eating parrots are everywhere. Thats when everything goes crazy.With only one victor the games will be a battle of the fittest...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Day 1



When I got off the plate I immediatley tried to find as much packs and weapons for the Careers as possiable.Then as fast as I could I found my preffered weapon...a blowgun! These little losers are going down I tell myself.Just as the thought crosses my mind I feel a small trickle down my leg when i look its a small knife. I take my blowgun and as soon as the second knife hit me I shot a dart right into the heart of the District 3 Boy Gig. Bye I say silently as I continue to pick and choose over weapons...


When i got off the plate I automatically found some throwing knives.I take some and take out District 6's tributes and the girl from 8 named Ashllii.I finally spot Broze just as he takes a kid out from District 3 perfect i think less competition. The only thing Im worried about is how fast I can get back and move into the victors village..


When I get off the plate im focused on one thing a bow with arrows.As soon as I get them I take an arrow out and shoot at district 4 boy who said at lunch in the training center "Dont ask me to join up with you again just because Im a kid from District 4 it dosnt matter I dont want anything to do with you neandrathals". As I let go I think "That 'll teach you" but in a split second I see it deflect off his new trident only to see only to see Ellane coming with a axe right to his head...


When I step off the plate I stop and think find the most valuable weapon for myself and then I see it glistening in the sunlight... a silver newly sharpened axe when I get it I go straight for my nearest target the poor loser District 4 boy who didnt want to team up with us Careers. In less than a second its swingging around to cut him to pieces...


When I step off the plate "where is Keys I think?" I look around and she is motioning for me to come on but Im determined to get somethimg. I finally find a small backpack that could be filled with anything and a few knives. I spot a googly eyed District 1 boy who is drooling over a silver blowgun."Heres my chance after all he did mocking me in the training center" I think. I throw a knife. He dosent notice until I am two seconds into the second one when he realizes what I did all of the sudden I feel a sharp dart go into my heart. The last thing I see is Bronze mouthing "Bye".


When I step off my plate I think of one person Gig my secret crush who agreed to be allies. As I find him I get him to come on but he stops and looks for anything he can get his hands on but then I see the District 1 boy shoot a dart into his neck. I fall to the ground as I weep but then realize in a few seconds I will have pursuers so a I run as fast as I can into the deserted island...


When I step off my plate I immediatley find 2 packs and a trident since I am from the fishing District. Then I take in the arena a beautiful deserted island with baby blue water... a total advantage.As I do the District 2 boy shoots his new bow and as Im running it deflects off my trident.Then i turn to see his District partner Ellane coming at me with her axe and I duck as she swings missing. As I do I flee from the Cornocopia in the middle of the island and run into the jungle trees...


When we are waiting for the final 10 seconds to be up I run off about a centimeter never to get another chance at life.


When I step off my plate I run for the jungle and dont look back at the Cornucopia. My objectives are food, water, and shelter...


When I step off my plate I try to decide between going in to get supplies or to leave and go with Flash. Finally I make my decision to go with him. Either way I have no chance at winning...


When I step off my plate i run and get a small survival knife and a small container thats as dry as a bone.I look over to look at everybody which was a stupid decision since the next time I turn around a knife sinks into my chest.


When I get off my plate my initial response is not to fight but to flight. I run as hard as I can and look back to my District partner Alto who is now lying on the ground dead and after a few seconds i realize I cant out run death either because death has just thrown a knife at me like Alto only this one is coming at my heart thanks to District 2's Ellane.


When I get off my plate me and my district partner run grab and axe and two backpacks.Then we run and as we do this we run into District 4 boy Tide who lost his District partner before the games even started. We walk and find a tree weve never seen before and climb up to watch the bloodbath...


When I get off my plate I grab an axe and a backpack and so does my District partner Oak and I run with 2 axes and 2 backpacks. We run and get in an unknown tree.Then we here the tall grass start to shake and out comes Tide, what he wants neither one of us expected "Alliance?"...


When I get off my plate I run in to get anything I find a sword and a backpack when all of the sudden I see a knife coming at me I amazingly move before it sinks into my head.After that near death experiance I decide it is best to run.I never look back until I land on the south side(or what im guessing to be) of the beach. This will be a nice camp...


When I get off my plate I '''''''try to run into get something...anything but the District 2 girl Ellane sinks her knife into my chest.

TYSON: When I get off my plate I get only far enough to get a back pack.Then I run off with Sead who got nothing but a knife. O well I guess its better than nothing and we run off in the direction that the Noah boy...


When I get off my plate I grab one knife. I see how the other kids were geting slaughtered by the Careers. Me and Tyso ran I amazingly took out the District 10 girl Lyddia. Tyson fled and so did I. I might have a chance...


'When I get off my plate I run and grab a machete but uncoordinated me slips on the sand. I look down and its the color of blood. Then I feel a sharp pain. The last thing I remember is Lyddia, the only reason Im here and who I was supposed to protect being killed by District 9's girl. I thin'k her name was...then I black out to never awake.


When I get off my plate I run in and try to get something to help me survive in this strange forrest type waterfront place I heard someone call an island. I run just as my mentor said and grab a small bag and about that time I get a knife stuck in me by the District 9's Sead.


When I get off my plate I go and grab a bag filled with something. All of the sudden a sharp pain comes in my leg I look down and see a knife thrown by District 1's Crystal. After that I run as fast as I can into the woods. Hopefully I have medicine in my pack...


When I get of my plate I am confused whether or not to go into the bloodbath or not.I see Amazon go in but I also see him get cut by a knife. I decide to follow him after I get a pack until District 1's Bronze shoots a dart right into my temple and I leave the games forever.


When I get off my plate I get 1 club and me and Miena run and run until we find Keys,Flash, and Tenny and we decide to make an alliance. Its the best way to stay alive...


When I get off my plate I run and grab a bag filled with something that has an unusual shape. I run with Lance twords a group of 3 and we form an alliance but what they dont know is that I plan on killing them in their sleep...


CAREERS(Bronze Crystal Ellane and Titan) are still at the Cornocopia about to start to hunt there other tributes

Keys,Flash,Tenny,Lance,and Miena are in the forest starting an alliance.

Oak,Pine,and Tide are in a tree watching the bloodbath with an already formed allaince.

Noah,Tyson ,and Sead have an unformed allaince but will probably create one.

Amazon is wounded and in the woods alone

24-8=16 tributes left

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Day 2



The Careers will be going out for there nightly hunt after the Bloodbath. A total of eight had far.Bronze and Titan were talking about the supplies. They had probably 40-60 different packs and supplies and 30 weapons.They thought that would last them the whole games. The girls were making small talk and laughing about dead tributes.All of the sudden the program of the dead tributes started. Twords the end of the program one boy neither of the four reconized appeared. "Who killed him?" asked Crystal. "I dont know." replied Ellane. With that they grabbed their weapons and a few packs in case they had to make camp and went on their way into the dangerous and unknown jungle.


'When nightfall hits me , find an old, abandonned ship to sleep in. I sleep in the crows nest far away from the ground not knowing what kind of creatures come out of the water at night. Me and my alliance are looking at the anthem fading out when I hear a voice say "Hey, look up there!" and the D1 girl Crystal starts climbing up to the nest and I jump off of it 40 feet to run but' break my leg on the way down when Titan shoots an arrow through my heart...


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