aka William

  • I live in District 2
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Career Tribute
  • I am the most awesome person in the world! :P
  • CatoDistrict2

    63rd Hunger Games

    June 19, 2012 by CatoDistrict2

    This is my first time.

    This is the template of the submission of tribs. You can submit up to 4 tribs.




    Allies (Yes or no, whom or what district or districts):





    Name District Age Allies Appearance Skills Weapons Weaknesses User
    Jennifer Shin 1 16 Yes, careers Red wavy hair, red eyes, beautiful


    craft weapons,

    gets people to like her or join here

    Knives and bow and arrow Afraid of heights FinnickForever

    Summer Wilson 2 17

    Yes, careers,

    Green emerald eyes, long black hair, light skin

    Fast runner, good climber, good swimmer

    Throwing knives, spear Bossy Eleni12
    Cholo Werdair 2 18

    Yes, careers,

    leader of careers

    Reddish short hair, gray eyes, fangs like Enobaria Speed, climbing, kill with fangs, set tra…

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