This is my first time.

This is the template of the submission of tribs. You can submit up to 4 tribs.




Allies (Yes or no, whom or what district or districts):






Name District Age Allies Appearance Skills Weapons Weaknesses User
Jennifer Shin 1 16 Yes, careers Red wavy hair, red eyes, beautiful


craft weapons,

gets people to like her or join here

Knives and bow and arrow Afraid of heights FinnickForever
Summer Wilson 2 17

Yes, careers,

Green emerald eyes, long black hair, light skin

Fast runner, good climber, good swimmer

Throwing knives, spear Bossy Eleni12
Cholo Werdair 2 18

Yes, careers,

leader of careers

Reddish short hair, gray eyes, fangs like Enobaria Speed, climbing, kill with fangs, set traps Mace and gun Gets tired easily and afraid of flowers FinnickForever
Nicholas Davenport 4 17 Yes, careers Spiky blonde hair, emerald green eyes, tall, muscular, handsome

Speed, jump tree to tree, hand to hand combat, can identify poisonous

water and food

Trident, sword, mace Has problems that can drive him crazy and gets mad easily FinnickForever
Andy Pillars 9 18 No, nothing. Dark ocean blue hair, emerald green eyes, handsome Speed, hand to hand combat Machete and spear Can snap necks if angry FinnickForever
Just an extra row.

I will do the training scores, and the chariot ride so I need stylists.

Stylists Template of submission


What district will you design:

Chariot design:

Chariot ride costumes: (Girl and boy)

Name What district will it design Chariot design Chariot ride costumes (Girl and boy) User

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