Cato rocks!

aka Cato

  • I live in district 2
  • My occupation is career tribute
  • I am male
  • Cato rocks!
    • Only 3 tributes per person
    • No reservations or profile tributes
    • Stay active
    • Don't make your tributes indestructable

    Full name:




    Weapon choice:







    Name: Gender: District: Age: Weapon choice: Strengths: Weaknesses: Personality: Alliance: Backstory: Appearance:
    Alex Maltais M 1 17 Daggers Physically strong and well trained Thinks too quick Confident, respectful and down to Earth Careers Born into a wealthy family and was trained Dark hair, aqua blue eyes, pale skin and tall
    Toph Beifong F 1 13 Throwing axes Enhanced senses and strength Cannot swim, hates fire and isn't a fast runner Expresses her love towards others Careers Grew up with secluded parents, was blind and ran a…

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  • Cato rocks!

    Story Game!

    October 30, 2013 by Cato rocks!

    Right now the numbers 1 to 13:

    1) Write your name

    2) Write an activity

    3) Write a setting

    4) Write a male HG character

    5) Write a female HG character

    6) Write a game

    7) Write an object

    8) Write an animal

    9) Write a body part

    10) Write a thing

    11) Write an emotion

    12) Write a way to die

    13) Write a character from a different fandom

    My name is 1)_______. Late one night I was 2)_______ in the 3)_______. I came across 4)_______ and 5)________ playing 6)_______. I joined in and it was fun until a 7)_______ came out of nowhere making the noise of a 8)______ and hit me in the 9)________. I died. I was reincarnated as a 10)________ which made me feel 11)________. I died again after 12)________ and spent the rest of my ghost life haunting 13)________.

    Here's mine…

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  • Cato rocks!

    Would You Rather?

    September 25, 2013 by Cato rocks!

    So here is the plot. I give you two scenarios and you have to comment which one you prefare. The scenario which has the most comments wins the round. Got it?

    Would you rather...

    Throw knives with Clove


    Sword fight with Cato?

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  • Cato rocks!

    Email Game!

    September 14, 2013 by Cato rocks!


    I haven't been on for a very long time so I thought I would host a game.

    Come and join my Would You Rather game!

    So I am going to host an email game. Basically what happens is this: I give you the name of a character from THG trilogy and all you have to do is create an email for that specific character. After two days I will read through all the emails and the user who's email I like the most will get a letter and whoever spells the word TRIBUTES first will win the game. Simple enough?

    Create an email for... Katniss!




    District3- Katniss_Everdeen@Mockinjay.panem

    TheMysteriousGeek- IKillSnow@D12.panem

    Rainbow Shifter- GaleorPeeta@mybed.kat

    WiressFan21- Never…

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  • Cato rocks!

    not available anymore

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