• Only 3 tributes per person
  • No reservations or profile tributes
  • Stay active
  • Don't make your tributes indestructable

Tribute template:

Full name:




Weapon choice:







The tributes

Name: Gender: District: Age: Weapon choice: Strengths: Weaknesses: Personality: Alliance: Backstory: Appearance:
Alex Maltais M 1 17 Daggers Physically strong and well trained Thinks too quick Confident, respectful and down to Earth Careers Born into a wealthy family and was trained Dark hair, aqua blue eyes, pale skin and tall
Toph Beifong F 1 13 Throwing axes Enhanced senses and strength Cannot swim, hates fire and isn't a fast runner Expresses her love towards others Careers Grew up with secluded parents, was blind and ran away to District 6. Blonde hair and green eyes
Caiden Frost M 2 16 Swords, daggers and throwing knives Strong, intelligent and fast Climbing and is claustrophobic Cold, ruthless, sarcastic, gentle, kind hearted and caring Careers Victor's child, went through ruthless training and was known as the Ice Prince Good looking, muscular, chestnut brown hair, piercing grey eyes and tanned skin
F 2
M 3
F 3
Allan M 4 14 Fishing hook N/A Impulsiveness Arrogant, snarky and witty N/A Secluded at a young age and his girlfriend cheated on him N/A
Aqulina 'Lavender' Decaro F 4 18 Sword and a blowgun Smart and flexible Colour blind and bad at hiding Down to Earth, social, vicious and heartless Careers Adopted by two gay people and trained Lavender hair and dark eyes
M 5
F 5
Zak Slaughter M 6 16 Everything Cool and quick thinking and his strength Goes insane when away from his sister Ruthless, cool minded and smart Mimic, his sister Trained with his sister and became assasins Black hair and red eyes
Mimic Slaughter F 6 16 Everything Brute force and strength Rash thinking, isanity and being away from Zak Enraged, cranky and sadistic Zak, her brother Trained with her brother and became assasins Black hair and red eyes
M 7
Lexi F 7 15 Axe N/A Charm Laid back and hard working N/A Learned to use an axe with her father and her father died N/A
M 8
Riley Webber F 8 14 Knives Fast and strong Low stamina Nice person and gets along with people her age None Ignored by her parents, only had 2 friends and spent her time exploring Black hair, turquoise eyes and tanned skin
M 9
F 9
M 10
F 10
M 11
F 11
M 12
F 12

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