Cato and Clove <3


Ugh I hate stones class. The teacher, Ms. Rimmey, hates everyone. EVRYONE. That's why it's MISS Rimmey. I wait for my friends by her doorway when I'm shoved to a wall. By who? Cato. No one knows his last name. He never says, just bullies. He thinks he has friends, but even they are afraid of him. But Rimmey made me so ticked off I didn't care who it was that shoved me. I'm gonna tell them off!

"Hey, you know I was kinda standing there, right?"

The hallway stands still. One thought going through all of their heads. Someone's gonna die today.

"What did you say?" He was whispering, trying to contain himself.

I can't think. I can't breathe. I couldn't move if I wanted to. Which I do! Even if he is gorgeous. Beautiful blonde hair that falls in whisps. Never contained, like his personality. And his eyes, oh my gosh his eyes! For once, I like Ms. Rimmey. His eyes shine like emeralds. Nice and green. Looking closly, they have little blue specks. So hidden. You can get so lost in those eyes...

"WHAT DID YOU SAY???" Uh oh.

"I said... I said..."

He slammed me against the wall hard, knocking the wind straight out of my lungs.

It takes a little while for me to answer. Each passing second his eyes become a more and more intense blue.

"I just said I was standing there. Calm down your ok."

Cato looked a little softer at me, and I shrank against my will. His grip loosend on me and those emerald green eyes locked on mine. Mine weren't nearly as interesting as his. Mine don't shine, or have some interesting colors. Just simple brown. Nothing more.

"Oh ok. I'm sorry I hurt you." His grip on me is gone. He seems truly sorry. And his green eyes have brought out the blue specks. Engolfing the green so it looks sufacated. But still adorable.

"Your ok. I'm fine. I just got my wind knocked out." Gosh I'm stupid! Why would I bring that up? Do I want him to hit me?

"I am so sorry! Can I make it up to you? I'll walk you to your class!" His eyes were so close to being blue now.

"Oh it's ok. I'm fine, really!" Does he not see how much I wanted him to walk me there?

"No really lets go." He put his hand on my back which still kinda hurt. But I didn't mind much now. I looked back at my friends who now showed up at the door. They gave me thumbs up and sent me off with the most agressive boy in the school.

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