As we walk to class, me and Cato start talking.

"So what's your name?" He askes me, a few steps into our walk.

"Clove," I say. "Clove Sane. What's yours?"

"Cato." He replies. "Just Cato."

That's strange. Who doesn't have a surname? Does he have parents even?

"No last name?" I say.

"Not one that's as interesting as Sane." He grins this grin that makes me feel like a baby bird, flying for the first time. I give a giggle and nudge him a little. He nudges me a little to, but he's strong. He knocks me over.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! Gosh, I am so stupid!" He pulls me to my feet and puts his hand on temple.

"No your ok! I'm fine." I try to smile, but it must look fake because he frowns and puts an arm around my shoulder and walks in the other direction away from my next class.

"What are you doing?" I am so confused.

"I'm taking you to the nurse. That's the second time I've hurt you today! Honestly, I think you would be better off if I didn't exist." His face makes me want to cry. His eyes have gone back to green, but don't shine. They are dull and lifeless. I need to tell him something to cheer him up. So I hug him a little and tell him that it's better he's here rather than not.

He hugs me back and gives a little squeeze before he lets go. He grabs my hand, but keeps walking the same direction.

"Where are we going? I'm fine." We pass the nurses office and then the real office. Where is Cato taking me?

"I wanna show you something." I look at his face and his eyes are soft, and still a little sad, but more blue now.

"Where? Outside?" He pushes the entrance door open and we walk outside.

Suddenly he pulls me into a run.

"Cato, why are we running?" My head starts to hurt, so I put my hand on my temple.

Cato stops running for a second, and scoops me into his arms, and replaces my hand with his on my head.

"Sure your ok?" He askes.

"Yeah... just... a little... pain..." But that's an understatement. My head is thumping. Hard. I'm starting to go cross eyed and get disy.

He must notice because he's telling me we're almost there and we can stop running now. But that's a bad idea because now that I can see straighter, we're in a forest, and the trees are bending like they do in a storm. The ground is twisting, and I must pass out in Cato's arms.

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