Bonjour, Hola, Hi, Nihao, Ciao, Ahoj again

I have been given an idea. I will have a Games using 15 of the Earth's countries. I will go to profiles and have fun. This is all random. Their will be no mentos in these Games because I will hopefully have another. Please fill out age, country, gender, weapon, skills, and weakneses. 4 tributes a piece ang MAY THE ODDS BE SO EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!


Name Age Occupation
Jace Kloo 32 Head Gamemaker
Arena Gamemaker
Jennifer Ellie 21 Mutt Gamemaker
Assistant Gamemaker


Country Name Age
Spain Male
Spain Female Tasia Louisa 17
England Male Mickey McCallister 17
England Female
USA Male Jonathan Ford 15
USA Female Holly Myers 17
China Male
China Female
France Male Richard Wearner 18
France Female Serena Burner 14
Italy Male Reserved
Italy Female Reserved
Brazil Male
Brazil Female
South Africa Male Navy Wonders 16
South Africa Female
Wales Male Gunner Pann 15
Wales Female
Ukraine Male Dyno Kyrono 18
Ukraine Female
Australia Male
Australia Female Demi Cambell 14
Egypt Male
Egypt Female
Nicaragua Male Asa Ellias Hesmer 12
Nicaragua Female
Somalia Male Mohhammed Wear 15
Somalia Female
Mongolia Male
Mongolia Female

Training Scores








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