This is Cbuscrew344 and I am hosting my first Games. So I will need 24 tributes and I will start soon. If I don't have enough tributes I will add my own(I wont let them win). Please fill out your tributes Name, gender, age, district, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. I will go to profiles and reservations last 14 hours. 4 tributes a piece and HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!! :)


District Tributes

District 1 male

Arran Harthorn age is 16
District 1 female Emma Dazzle age is 16
District 2 male Draco Adams age is 18
District 2 female Abbie Lennox age is 17

District 3 male

Jagr Collins age is 16
District 3 female Aria Camellitson age is 16
District 4 male Nicholas Davenport age is 17
District 4 female Solange Montaine age is 17
District 5 male Jason Green age is 14
District 5 female Ana Lenning age is 16
District 6 male Aiden Cameliston age is 18
District 6 female Juliana Hoganson age is 17
District 7 male Jonathan Oaks age is 15
District 7 female Nettie Birch age is 17
District 8 male Sebastain Klein age is 13
District 8 female Luna Snare age is 15
District 9 male Alex Donaque age is 12
District 9 female Marilyn Ancrohart age is 14
District 10 male Brandon Blackfin age is 16
District 10 female Kai Glover age is 18
District 11 male Jon Sperry age is 17
District 11 female Lauren Hill age is 12

District 12 male

District 12 female

Liam Halland age is 12/Katie Harwood age is 12

Training scores

Tribute Weapon Score
Arran Harthorn Sword 9
Emma Dazzle Knives 8
Draco Adams Swords,spears 10
Abbie Lennox knives,hammer,sword 8
Jagr Collins bow,knife,wire 7
Aria Camelliston bow 7
Nicholas Davenport trident,mace,sword 8
Solange Montaine trident,axe 10
Jason Green sword 8
Ana Lenning bow 6
Aiden Camelliston knives,trident,bow 7
Juliana Hoganson axe,knives 6
Jonathan Oaks axe,knives 7
Nettie Birch sword,spear 6
Sebastian Klein blowgun,throwing knives 6
Luna Snare blowgun 8
Alex Donaque bow,sword 7
Marilyn Ancrohart bow 6
Brandon Blackfin javelin,slingshot,spear 8
Kai Glover machete,dagger 7
Jon Sperry bow,spear 8
Lauren Hill knives,spear 9
Liam Halland Sais 8
Katie Harwood Throwing Knives 7


The mutts are going to be seperated by area. The jungle will have fanged monkeys and giant spiders. The volcanic will have lava and wolf mutts. The bog will have air mutts and tracker jackers. The desert will have dragon mutts and and squirrels. I will use butterfly mutts and jabberjays when i need to.


The arena is a square shape and is divided into four sections. The first section is a humid jungle. The second section is a volcanic wasteland. The third is a smelly bog. The last is a scorching desert. The cornucopia is in a plain and has everything you will need to survive.


Bloodbath Tributes are all looking around at the glourious arena. They are on a plain, and in the 4 corners their is a bog, a volcanic wasteland, a jungle, and a desert. Draco grins.! All tributes run in. Most grab a backpack and run. Emma throws a knife at Katie killing her. But, Liam sticks his sai into Emma. Liam runs into the jungle. It is chaos, Juliana lost her head to Draco. But all the tributes just start running off. Jagr sees Jon running towards the desert and shoots Jon in the back. Jagr grabs his pack and runs. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Day 1

Jonathan and Nettie are are sitting under the canopy of the of the jungle. Sharing cheese, bread, and water. I know this sounds stupid but the 11 girl is a carreer says Nettie. How? says Jonathan. She tackled Draco and asked to be allies. Nettie says. That is odd Aria spits at them as the carreers minus Abbie plunge through the camoflage. Gosh who knew says Lauren throwing her spear into Nettie's heart. BOOM! Jonathan trys to axe Draco but is tackled by Arran. Aria is about to knife him when Lauren yells at them, Solannge knock her out, Draco, Nick, let's take him to the cornucopia. I've got a plan. Draco smirks as theh carry Jonathan back to camp. 5 faces show into the sky.

Day 2

Ana and Jason are walking through the bog towards Brandon and Kai. As Brandon wakes up just in time to dodge an arrow. He screams and Kai awakes just to help Brandon. She beheads Jason, BOOM! And runs off towards the volcanos. Brandon tys up Ana to a tree and something jumps through the trees, its just air, Brandon says. No its not! a male voice screams, its Alex! Their air mutts, run! Brandon unties Ana and all three sprint to the volcano area. Luna and Sebastian somehow are right next to them. All 5 are running and only four make it out alive. BOOM! Sebastian!!!!! Luna screams, he tripped and was eaten. Can i be in your guys' alliance? Sure says Brandon helping Ana up.

The Careers are waiting to here Lauren's plan. Alright, lets hang him Laren says. Why? says Arran. Cause Im gone Jonathan boasts as he throws an axe at Nicholas's head. BOOM! He runs off making the Careers speechless. 3 faces show in the sky.

Day 3

All the living tributes are all in the volcanic wasteland but Jagr and Liam who have allied and are sorting out supplies in the desert. The Careers who are Arran, Draco, Abbie, Aria, Solange, and Lauren are just looking for a kill. Luna, Alex, Brandon, Ana, and Kai are together trying to hide from the Careers. Aiden and Jonathan are together getting ready for an ambush on the Careers. Marilyn is hiding in a crevice with only a bow and 10 arrows. Draco runs ahead, bad mistake, a trident flying at him is the last thing he sees. BOOM!. Arran runs up to an unarmed Aiden and stabs him. BOOM! The Careers sprint back to regroup. Aria and Abbie hang back to kill. BOOM! Aria and Abbie follow the Careers in fright.

Where did that come from? says Luna. I think from that crevice says Alex. Luna shoots into the crevice and hear a scream must have been, Marilyn! BOOM! The hovercraft comes and collects all the dead bodies. 4 faces are in the sky that night.

Day 4 (The Twist)

The tributes are awoken by trumpets. Tributes, you have 1 minute to decide this, hovercrafts are landing by each of right now. You can board them and they will take you to a dining hall, you will eat and get healed of wounds. But you will lose all of your supplies and will restart at the refilled cornucopia. Or you may stay in the arena. your choice says Cladius Templesmith.

Tribute Where going
Arran Harthorn Capitol
Abbie Lennox Capitol
Jagr Collins Capitol
Aria Camelliston Stay
Solange Montaine Stay
Ana Lenning Capitol
Jonathan Oaks Stay
Luna Snare Capitol
Alex Donaque Capitol
Brandon Blackfin Capitol
Lauren Hill Capitol
Lian Halland Stay

Arran, Abbie, Jagr, Ana, Luna, Alex, Brandon, and Lauren all rise up on plates once again. They wait for the gong, they dont here it. It gets dark all of sudden, they here growls and strange noises. GONG! Once again all the tributes run in. Ahhhhhhhh! Someone's dead. Alex runs up to someone and start chopping off limbs like crazy. The tributes all get supplies, Brandon and Ana are running away, Ana broke her arm after she stumbled over an axe. Some mutt spit poison up in Brandon's face. BOOM! BOOM! Two faces are in the sky that night.

Day 5

No deaths happen today, instead I will give a status.

Their are no more careers, but Abbie, Aria, Lauren, and Solange have allied and are well supplied in the jungle.

Jagr and Liam have allied together and are sorting out supplies in the desert.

Alex is alone in the volcanic wasteland with just a sword, he might be going insane.

Ana and Brandon are becoming interested in eachother and are in the bog caring to their wounds.

Jonathan is in a ditch in the desert, he found water and is well supplied.

Day 6

Gamemakers are anxious, all mutts have gone crazy.

Alex looks up, he sees a wolf running towards him. He sprints, their are like 15 mutts chasing him. He dashes for the cornucopia. He justs starts picking up anything and throws it at the wolves. One bites his leg, it is about to kill him when an arrow goes threw its neck. Jagr and Liam ask for an alliance, Alex nods his head. Thanks Alex says, BOOM! Jagr falls down, Liam cleans his sais. 12 year olds only. BOOM! Jagr and Abbie's faces are in the sky that night.

Day 7 (The Feast)

Hello,tributes says Cladius, the Feast will be different this year. It will have something you need the most. Starting at sundown.

Tribute District No. of Kills Odds Going to Feast
Aria Camelliston 3 0 7 - 1 Yes
Solange Montaine 4 0 3 - 1 No
Ana Lenning 5 0 9 - 1 Yes
Jonathan Oaks 7 1 5 - 1 Yes
Alex Donaque 9 1 4 - 1 Yes
Brandon Blackfin 10 0 8 - 1 No
Lauren Hill 11 1 6 - 1 No
Liam Halland 12 2 2 - 1 Yes

All tributes are gathered around the cornucopia that are going to the Feast, excect Ana. As that happens Ana sprints out of the Cornucopia with the District 5 and 10 bags. Liam, Alex, and Aria all sprint in. Jonathan creeps into the back gabs the district 7 bag and throws the axe inside at Liam's head. BOOM! Meanwhile Alex and aria are fighting. Aria stabs Alex over and over. BOOM! The Feast is over.


Aria has found her alliance in the bog and is sharing all the bags with them.

Jonathan is in the wasteland sorting out his plan.

Ana walks up to the tree were she left Brandon, Brandon is dying from tracker jacker venom! She screams, but she gets ahold of her senses, kisses Brandon, BOOM! she crys and leaves. 3 faces are in the sky.

Day 8

Solange and Aria are thinking about killing Lauren, she is being very suspicous. Hi Solange says to Lauren. Lauren is just about to say a mean response when Aria shoots an arrow in her leg, she screams in pain. She wants to throw her spear, but is cornered. The last thing she sees is Solange's axe in her heart. BOOM! Lauren is the only face in the sky that night.

Day 9 (The Finale)

All tributes are around the cornucopia. Solange is the first to run in, she jumps up and down to get everyone's attention. Aria roles her eyes. BOOM! Ana pulls out her arrow from Aria's back. She looks up, The guy from district 7 and Solange are dueling it out. Axe to axe. Solange chops off Jonathan's axe head and arm. Jonathan throws his knife into Solange's head. BOOM! Ana runs up, loads her last arrow. BOOM! Trumpets sound. Jonathan pulls out the trident from Ana's stomach, he is the victor!

Death Chart

Place Name District How By Whom
24 Katie Harwood 12 Knived Emma Dazzle
23 Emma Dazzle 1 Stabbed Liam Halland


Juliana Hoganson 6 Beheaded Draco Adams
21 Jon Sperry 11 Shot Jagr Collins
20 Nettie Birch 7 Speared Lauren Hill
19 Jason Green 5 Beheaded Kai Glover
18 Sebastian Klein 8 Eaten Air Mutts
17 Nicholas Davenport 4 Axed Jonathan Oaks
16 Draco Adams 2 Speared Aiden Camelliston
15 Aiden Camelliston 6 Stabbed Arran Harthorn
14 Kai Glover 10 Shot Marilyn Ancrohart
13 Marilyn Ancrohart 9 Shot Luna Snare
12 Luna Snare 8 Burnt up Lava Mutts
11 Arran Harthorn 1 Limbs chopped off Alex Donaque
10 Jagr Collins 3 Stabbed Liam Halland
9 Abbie Lennox 2 Poisoned Dragon Mutts
8 Liam Halland 12 Axed Jonathan Oaks
7 Alex Donaque 9 Stabbed countinuosly Aria Camellison
6 Brandon Blackfin 10 Stung Tracker jackers
5 Lauren Hill 11 Shot/Axed Aria Camellison/ Solange Montaine
4 Aria Camelliston 3 Shot Ana Lenning
3 Solange Montaine 4 Knived Jonathan Oaks
2 Ana Lenning 5 Speared Jonathan Oaks

The Victor


Jonathan wakes up, it has been a year since he won. He is ready to mentor at least 24 tributes.

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