Hi, again

For my second Games I will be creating the Hatfield and McCoy Games. I loved the short series on history and my grandparents live were most of it happened. So what will be different in these Games from my other Games is you will submit one male and female tribute from each district, then give them a male and female relative that will go into the arena with them. I will need name, district, gender, age, weapons, strengths, and weakneses. The age for the relatives will be between 10 and 60. I wil not go to profiles anymore, 2 tributes a piece. HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!

The Relatives (Please Read)

Each tribute gets 2 relatives, one male and one female relative.


Their will only be one mentor, he will be Jonathan Oaks, victor of the First Hunger Games. Trackstar will come to the Gamemakers meeting. He is 16 years old.


Job Name Age
Head Gamemaker Jace Winston 27
Mutt Gamemaker Luna Sky 23
Arena Gamemaker Annamarie Lopez 39
Assistant Gamemaker Sock Reval 19


District Name Age
D1 male Acer Spark 17
D1 male relative Cole Spark 1?
D1 female relative Celestia Cavallo 17
D1 female Holly Myers 18
D1 male relative Wonder Jackson 37
D1 female relative Silk Myers 54
D2 male Joon Kleis 18
D2 male relative Per Newman 32
D2 female relative Si Wan 12
D2 female Aria Camelliston 16
D2 male relative Aiden Camelliston 18
D2 female relative Brooklyyn Camelliston 16
D3 male Nick Johnson 16
D3 male relative Jason Johnson 13
D3 female relative Karmin Johnson 15
D3 female Alexandra Bellia 15
D3 male relative Joey Andochetti 27
D3 female relative Belladonna Aroccheti 37
D4 male Mickey Mcallister 17
D4 male relative Marsh McCallister 14
D4 female relative Bonnie McCallister 14
D4 female Ella Garnett 17
D4 male relative Joey Garnett 59
D4 female relative Ash Garnett 10
D5 male Jon Wer 12
D5 male relative Jay Wer 11
D5 female relative Jude Wer 10
D5 female Olympia Willings 16
D5 male relative Rory Lemning 17
D5 female relative Katellyn Huxley 14
D6 male Phillip Haney 14
D6 male relative Steve Haney 41
D6 female relative Jenny Haney 33
D6 female Terina Santos 16
D6 male relative Race Santos 60
D6 female relative Joy Santos 10
D7 male Ash Palmer 12
D7 male relative Joshua Palmer 34
D7 female relative Jen Kerr 11
D7 female Emilia Woods 17
D7 male relative George Woods 46
D7 female relative Demy Woods 24
D8 male Osa Lune 18
D8 male relative

Derick Lune

D8 female relative Lavina Sanche 20
D8 female Sophie Sage 15
D8 male relative Mik Sage 19
D8 female relative Scythe Sage 16
D9 male Petr Laurant 18
D9 male relative Jin Laurant 11
D9 female relative Carrol Speas 32
D9 female Serene "Fish" Viola 12
D9 male relative Fynn Alharbor 22
D9 female relative Knots Alharbor 14
D10 male Jay Walcott 12
D10 male relative Theo Walcott 27
D10 female relative Mare Walcott 25
D10 female Sierra Cel 18
D10 male relative Leo Cel 18
D10 female relative Aero Cel 60
D11 male Johnse Hatfield 18
D11 male relative Cap Hatfield 18
D11 female relative Nancy Hatfield 19
D11 female Affilair McCoy 14
D11 male relative Tobert McCoy 26
D11 female relative Rossana McCoy 29
D12 male Tail Croch 15
D12 male relative Pilot Smith 34
D12 female relative Safe Croch 40
D12 female Joanne Benton 13

D12 male relative

D12 female relative

Mex and Jenny Benton 45


Arena Track
The arena is posted in the picture accept the cornucopia ,the cornucopia will be giant aztec ruins, the biggest one will be in the center, it will have all the supplies inside, but their will be no lights and dark tunnels.


Wawks ~ a cross between wolves and hawks, found in the meadow.

Giant Flies ~ Giant flies that eat people, found in the forest.

Fish Dogs ~ A cross between fish and dogs, found in the water area.

Tikis ~ A tiki stone that randomly attacks anyone, found in the cornucopia area.

Dragon Mutts ~ Small mutts that look like bearded dragons that spit out poison, found in the desert area.



The tributes rise up, Let the Hatfield and McCoy Games, Begin! Joanne begins to panick. She doennt want to die. The countdown stops. Osa jumps for some reason and BAM! He is abbliterated. Wow, that was amazing says Cladius Templesmith. By the way, my announcement is that the cornucopia will hold something special. Joon cheers! All the Careers join. GONG! Demi and Fish sprint to different sides. Fynn is the first inside but is found in a lot of spikes. Tributes are all falling over weapons and packs. Jay fell onto a sword and Mik into spikes. Joon fell on a sword and is in a lot of pain. Kill me he yells and Karmin takes a big swing with her mace. Lavinia runs into Aria and Aria sticks three arrows in Lavinia's neck. Jen Kerr trys to run out but is stabbed by Joey. Theo is watching his son die, he knives him in the back out of pity. Carrol lites a torch, Scythe can see her so she slices her, takes the torch, and throws it at Derick, he burns up. Mex tripped and fell on his axe. Bam! Everyone watches as Race collapses. Everyone looks at what Cole is holding, a gun!!!! That must have been the something special Scythe thinks. Aria and Aiden stabbed Jude to death. Jon runs up yo kill Aiden out of anger but misses with his crossbow and Aria returns fire, Jon pulls the arrow out of his neck as a last effort and dies. A Tiki comes out of nowhere (the wall) smashes Joy and swallows Mrs. Benton whole. Mickey threw a trident into Jin's heart. Terina watched her granpa's head get blown off and sister get smashed. She jumps into a pit of spikes. Si attacks Knots not nowing of Knot's serious skills. Knots beheads her than throws a knife at Mare, killing them both. Holly watches Joshua run away with a sword at his side, easy kill she thinks as she picks up the biggest knife she has and flings it at Joshua. Bullseye, it hits him right in the back of the head. 21 cannons sound.

Day 1

Theo is dizzy. He tried to commt suicide but epicly failed. He is on the bridge now and is walking closer to Ash Palmer's direction.

The Careers are heading to the meadow. They see Petr hiding in a ditch. Aww whateveter shouts Petr who climbs out of his ditch with a gun! Bam! Petr collapses to see the Hatfield-McCoy alliance in the backround.(Weird) BOOM! Cap, Tobert, and Johnse take off. Per chases them while all the Carreers yell at him to come back. Something flies down picks up Per and flings him over the cliff. BOOM! The careers decide to fall back.

Theo sees someone taking a nap. The boy throws an axe in his direction. BOOM! Poor him is the last thing Theo hears. 24 faces are in the sky that night.

Day 2

Demy and Emila are looking for George. They hear rustling and Wonder runs out of the bushes with a scythe. He sticks it through Demy's heart. BOOM! Emilia runs away as fast as possible. The careers join Wonder in chasing Emilia. Emilia throws a rock at Cole's head. BOOM! Wonder catches up to Emilia and beheads her. BOOM!

Fish and Scythe have heard 3 cannons in the past 10 minutes. BOOM! Rustling, Scythe steps in front of Fish. Aero and Leo jump out covered in blood. The Hatfields and McCoys have killed Sierra! Gunshots and arrows come through the thichets of the woods. They run off in an alliance. 4 faces are in the sky.

Day 3

The Gamemakers are sorta anxious so they unleash a plan.

The tributes are all spread out, nowhere near eachother. The tempeture is rising. Aero has been out for several hours. Silk is nowhere to be seen. There is crashing and rumbling through the ground. Comets come flying into the ground. Explosians are everywhere. Dust, water, and smoke are everywhere. All of a sudden, it ends. Four faces are in the sky.

Day 4

BOOM! The cannon wakes everybody up in the arena. BOOM! Screaming erupts in the arena. BOOM!

It darkens, Wonder is anxious to find out who died, and to kill. His cousin's grandmother is missing, or dead. Wonder throws a knife at Bonnie's head. BOOM! Wonder takes off to get away from the Careers as fast as possible. BOOM! Marsh starts crying for his to family members. 5 faces are in the sky that night.

Day 5

Monsters!!!!!!!! :p

Careers have killed 2 already, Knots and the tribute from 5, Olympia. She managed to shoot Brooklyn though.

The Gamemakers have forced all the tributes to the bridge. Cap makes the first move, BOOM! Acer falls. Celestia stabs Nancy. BOOM! Aria sticks an arrow in Holly's chest. BOOM! Johnse shoots Silk and Jenny, but is axed by Wonder. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Belladonna tries to commit suicide, but is eaten by fish dogs. BOOM! Wawks have clawed Nick and Joey. BOOM! BOOM! Everyone is gone, but Pilot, Tail, Safe, George, Leo, and Aero. Safe is shot by Leo. BOOM! Pilot threw three axes into Aero. BOOM! George knives Tail, only to be shot by Leo. BOOM! Leo quickly stabs pilot in the knee and runs. Pilot gets a painful death by dragon mutts. BOOM! 16 faces are in the sky.

Day 6 (The Feast)

Tribute District No. of Kills Odds Feast, yes or no
Celestia Cavallo 1 1 8-1 Yes
Wonder Jackson 1 4 3-1 Yes
Aria Camelliston 2 5 2-1 Yes
Aiden Camelliston 2 1 9-1 No
Alexandra Bellia 3 0 19-1 No
Joey Andochetti 3 0 13-1 Yes
Marsh McCallister 4 1 10-1 Yes
Ella Garnett 4 0 14-1 No
Katelynn Huxley 5 0 18-1 No
Phillip Haney 6 0 17-1 No
Steve Haney 6 0 12-1 Yes
Scythe Sage 8 2 4-1 Yes
Serene "Fish" Viola 9 0 11-1 Yes
Leo Cel 10 2 7-1 No
Cap Hatfield 11 2 5-1 Yes
Tobert McCoy 11 1 6-1 Yes
Rossana McCoy 11 0 16-1 No
Joanne Benton 12 0 15-1 Yes

The feast begins when Celestia beheads Scythe. BOOM! Celestia runs off with her bag of food. Wonder Jackson axes Tobert in the chest. BOOM! He's gone with a bag of food. BOOM! Joanne keeps kniving a dead body. She took up too much time. BOOM! Aria smirks. BOOM!

Day 7

Leo is having the worst time of his life, he is being eaten by an oversized mutt. BOOM!

A battle breaks out between the Careers and others in the meadow. BOOM! Bam! BOOM! Cap reloads after he shot Ella. Phillip stabs Marsh over and over, but as a last effort Marsh snaps Phillip's neck and throws his trident into Aiden's abdomen. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Fish unwillingly spears Katelyyn. BOOM!

Day 8 (The Finale)

Cap wakes up in the underground arena tube room. Just a dream he thinks, Jesse, his stylist, wishes him good luck. As he rises up, he sees all the other 5 tributes. Not knowing what to do BAAAMMMM!! Gong! BOOM! Aria kvives Fish. Wonder jumps from three steps up and sticks a blade in Celestia's head. BOOM! He speeds up toward Aria but trips on a sword. BOOM! Aria now is about to win when. ,STOP! screams Cladius Templesmith. Ladies and Gentlemen the victors of the Hatfield and McCoy Games.

Death Chart

Placement Name District How By Whom
72 Osa Lune 8 Abbliterated Mines
71 Fynn Alharbor 9 Spiked Traps
70 Jay Wer 5 Fell on sword Sword
69 Mik Sage 8 Spiked Traps
68 Joon Kleis 2 Maced Karmin Johnson
67 Lavinia Sanche 8 Arrowed Aria Camelliston
66 Jen Kerr 7 Stabbed Joey Garnett
65 Jay Walcott 10 Knived Theo Walcott
64 Carrol Speas 9 Stabbed Scythe Sage
63 Derick Lune 8 Burnt up Scythe Sage
62 Mex Benton 12 Fell on axe Axe
61 Race Santos 6 Shot by gun Cole Spark
60 Jude Wer 5 Stabbed Aiden and Aria Camelliston
59 Jon Wer 5 Shot Aria Camelliston
58 Joy Santos 6 Smashed Tiki
57 Jenny Benton 12 Eaten Tiki
56 Jin Laurant 9 Speared Mickey McCallister
55 Terina Santos 6 Spiked Herself
54 Si Wan 2 Beheaded Knots Alharbor
53 Mare Walcott 9 Knived Knots Alharbor
52 Joshua Palmer 7 Knived

Holly Myers

51 Petr Laurant 9 Shot Cap Hatfield
50 Per Newman 2 Thrown off cliff Wawks
49 Theo Walcott 9 Axed Ash Palmer
48 Demy Woods 7 Stabbed Wonder Jackson
47 Cole Spark 1 Rock in Head Emilia Woods
46 Emilia Woods 7 Beheaded Wonder Jackson
45 Sierra Cel 10 Shot Tobert McCoy and Nancy Hatfield
44 Ash Palmer 7 Burnt up Comets
43 Ash Garnett 4 Smashed Rock
42 Sophie Sage 8 Abbliterated Explosians
41 Affilair McCoy 11 Fell on sword Sword
40 Karmin Johnson 3 Eaten Fish Dogs
39 Jason Johnson 3 Soffucated Water
38 Rory Lemning 5 Clawed Wawks
37 Bonnie McCallister 4 Knived Wonder Jackson
36 Mickey McCallister 4 Spiked Traps
35 Knots Alharbor 9 Speared Marsh McCallister
34 Brooklynn Camelliston 2 Shot Olympia Willings
33 Olympia Willings 5 Shot Aria Camelliston
32 Acer Spark 1 Shot Cap Hatfield
31 Nancy McCoy 11 Stabbed Celestia Cavallo
30 Holly Myers 1 Arrowed Aria Camelliston
29 Silk Myers 1 Shot Johnse Hatfield
28 Jenny Haney 6 Shot Johnse Hatfield
27 Johnse Hatfield 11 Axed Wonder Jackson
26 Belladonna Arocchetti 3 Eaten Fish Dogs
25 Nick Johnson 3 Clawed Wawks
24 Joey Garnett 4 Clawed Wawks
23 Safe Croch 12 Shot Leo Cel
22 Aero Cel 10 Axed Pilot Croch
21 Tail Croch 12 Knived George Woods
20 George Woods 7 Shot Leo Cel
19 Pilot Smith 12 Poisoned Dragon Mutts
18 Scythe Sage 8 Beheaded Celestia Cavallo
17 Tobert McCoy 11 Axed Wonder Jackson
16 Steve Haney 6 Knived Joanne Benton
15 Joanne Benton 12 Shot Aria Camelliston
14 Joey Andoccetti 3 Stabbed Cap Hatfield
13 Leo Cel 10 Eaten Gigantic Flies
12 Rossana McCoy 11 Thrown off a cliff Wawks
11 Ella Garnett 4 Shot Cap Hatfield
10 Phillip Haney 6 Snapped Neck Marsh McCallister
9 Aiden Camelliston 2 Speared Marsh McCallister
8 Marsh McCallister 4 Knived Phillip Haney
7 Katelyyn Huxley 5 Speared Serene "Fish" Viola
6 Cap Hatfield 11 Abbliterated Mines
5 Serene "Fish" Viola 9 Knived Aria Camelliston
4 Celestia Cavallo 1 Axed Wonder Jackson
3 Wonder Jackson 1 Tripped on Sword Sword
Victor Aria Camelliston 2
Victor Alexandra Bellia 3

The Victors

Alexandra Bellia of District 3 and Aria Camelliston of District 2 are now mentors.

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