So I am also doing the Country Games right now, but I will do a plain old Hunger Games as well. This is normal. 24 tributes from 12 districts. I will go to profiles, 4 tributes a piece. I will need your tribute's age, name, district, gender, weapons, skills, and weakneses.


Name Age Years of Service Occupation
Jace Winston 28 2 Head Gamemaker
Sock Reval 20 1 Senior Gamemaker
Arena Gamemaker
Mutt Gamemaker
Assistant Gamemaker


Jonathan Oaks ~ Victor of The First Hunger Games

Aria Camelliston ~ Co-Victor of the Hatfield and McCoy Games

Alexandra Bellia ~ Co-Victor of the Hatfield and McCoy Games

Trackstar, Katelyn.danita, and theoneandonlydistrict3 may come to the Gamemakers meeting.


District Name Age
1male Reserved by CallamD97
1female Reserved by Katelyyn.danita
2male Reserved by CallamD97
2female Reserved by Katelyyn.danita
3male Jackson Crews 16
3female Yumi Kishanto 16
4male Reserved by Greekgeek
4female Reserved by Katelyyn.danita
5female Persephone Barias 14
6male Jonathan Ford 15
6female Mary Dayer 16
7male Keagan Mitchell 17
7female Kacey Smith 15
8male Tiger Richman 17
8female DeLauren Howe 15
9female Demeter Grain 16
10female Annamarie Harrison 17
11female Jennifer Kert 16
12male Reserved by Tammydaisy
12female Reserved by Tammydaisy

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