• Ccmoco5

    The Resurrected Games

    April 26, 2014 by Ccmoco5

    These games are going to be interesting. After each day in the arena, I will ask people to vote for people from the Nightmare Games to be ressurected. One tribute (the most voted for) will be revived each day and be put in the arena, along with victors and new tributes. Like my previous games, these will included a bunch of twists :)

    1. You may enter four tributes per user. This may be changed if I ask for more :) **NOTE TRIBUTES WITH VICTORS: YOU MAY ENTER UP TO FOUR MORE
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  • Ccmoco5

    The Nightmare Games

    April 17, 2014 by Ccmoco5

    Most users don't know me, so let me introduce myself. I'm Ccmoco5, or Kyle :) I enjoy reading and writing, and have been on this wiki for about 4 months now. I promise these games will not be abandoned like my last ones! I'm excited to be writing these games so let's get to it! This is a Quarter Quell filled with more than one twist.

    1. You may enter two tributes per user. This may be changed if I ask for more :)
    2. I will allow sponsoring and advice!
    3. I accept reservations but for a strict 24 hour period!
    4. I need interesting tributes, not perfect ones!
    5. No complaining if a tribute dies :P It's ultimateley my decision :) Know that tributes will die based on my prefrence not, so make them interesting!
    6. Tribute Template:





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  • Ccmoco5

    357th Hunger Games

    February 9, 2014 by Ccmoco5

    This is my first games, so bear with me! I've been really trying to get myself to write one of these! I may ask a few questions in the comments if I'm having trouble with anything, and answering will give you an extra 100$ for sponsoring your tribute :) I will write 2 reapings, Training Scores, and then the games!

    1) I'll allow 4 Tributes per user, (This will go up if I don't get enough tributes!)

    2) Make interesting, and not perfect tributes!

    3) Give Advice, your tributeswill have a better chance of winning!

    4) I will accept reservations, they last 24 hours :)

    5) 500$ to start off with for sponsoring!

    6) I will try to update once a day AT LEAST! (Sometimes more :])

    7) Unfortunately, All tributes are in ;( No more need of any!


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