WELCOME! WELCOME! To the 357th Hunger Games!

This is my first games, so bear with me! I've been really trying to get myself to write one of these! I may ask a few questions in the comments if I'm having trouble with anything, and answering will give you an extra 100$ for sponsoring your tribute :) I will write 2 reapings, Training Scores, and then the games!


1) I'll allow 4 Tributes per user, (This will go up if I don't get enough tributes!)

2) Make interesting, and not perfect tributes!

3) Give Advice, your tributeswill have a better chance of winning!

4) I will accept reservations, they last 24 hours :)

5) 500$ to start off with for sponsoring!

6) I will try to update once a day AT LEAST! (Sometimes more :])

7) Unfortunately, All tributes are in ;( No more need of any!


1 Male Bronze Lucrian 17 Spear, Kukri  YourFavoriteSalmon
1 Female Cashmere Hart 17 Bow and Arrows, Knife, Poison   TheMagicalMockingJay
2 Male Stone Rockgobbler 18 Machete  YourFavoriteSalmon
2 Female Vera Aang 17 Axe, Dagger, Fist  TheMagicalMockingJay
3 Male Wire "weff" Elec 15 Knife, Katar, Rapier   Tehblakdeath
3 Female Electra Lei 16 Throwing Knife, Electronics, Snare  TheMagicalMockingJay
4 Male Konami Aretine 14 Fangs, Strength, Trident, Crossbow  Tehblakdeath
4 Female Mags Odair 17 Spear, Knife, Stealth  TheMagicalMockingJay
5 Male

Shade Spectrus

15 Dagger, Crossbow, Fatal Traps Mistfire333
5 Female Amelia Steeltoe 15 Sword, Throwing Axe  YourFavoriteSalmon
6 Male Buck Rockwell 16 Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
6 Female Lillian Pierrot 17 Hammer, Knives  PumPumPumpkin :3
7 Male Fat Robin Hood 18 Bombs, Dagger, "fatness" YourFavoriteSalmon
7 Female Mia Reeme 14 Throwing Knives, Bow


8 Male Felix 14 Axe, fire, H2H TehOnlyUmbreon
8 Female Aroma Velonte 15 Thowing Knives, Scythe  PumPumPumpkin :3
9 Male Jarcus Pollish 16 Scythe, Sickle Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
9 Female Kara Wallace 18 Axe, sword, Penknife Xbilliex
10 Male Ryan Tunak 16 Axe, Sword Spear Icanhasnofriends
10 Female Thalia Wulf 15 Throwing Axe  YourFavoriteSalmon
11 Female

Lexi Greenway

14 Bow, Mace, Throwing Knives Lexis2685
11 Male Kalmah XXIV 17

Scythe, sickle,

H2H combat

12 Female Leona Soleil 16 Sword, Shield  PumPumPumpkin :3
12 Male Cheesy Comedian 17

Bad Puns, Terrible Jokes, Butter knife,


13 Female Leila Clarke 15 Sickle, H2H combat, Throwing Knives  Xbilliex
13 Male Mart Karr 17 Discus, Bladed Boomerang Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Capitol Female Lulu Glades 14 Blowgun, Kama  PumPumPumpkin :3
Capitol Male Allen Greensworth 12 Sickle YourFavoriteSalmon

Sponsoring Items & Balances

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Katana: $150

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shurikens (5) $225 

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

1 Bronze Lucrian $900  YourFavoriteSalmon
1 Cashmere Hart $600  TheMagicalMockingJay
2 Stone Rockgobbler $300  YourFavoriteSalmon
2 Vera Aang $700  TheMagicalMockingJay
3 Wire Elec $500 Tehblakdeath
3 Electra Lei $600  TheMagicalMockingJay
4 Konami Aretino $625 Tehblakdeath
4 Mags Odair $500  TheMagicalMockingJay
5 Shade Spectrus $400 Mistfire333
5 Amelia Steeltoe $500  YourFavoriteSalmon
6 Buck Rockwell $600 YourFavoriteSalmon
6 Lillian Pierrot $500  PumPumPumpkin :3
7 Fat Robin Hood $400 YourFavoriteSalmon
7 Mia Reene $600 Lexis2685
8 Felix $800 TehOnlyUmbreon
8 Aroma Velonte $800  PumPumPumpkin :3
9 Jarcus Pollish $400 Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
9 Kara Wallace $600 Xbilliex
10 Ryan Tunak $500 Icanhasnofriends
10 Thalia Wulf $500  YourFavoriteSalmon
11 Kalmah XXIV $475 Icanhasnofriends
11 Lexi Greenway $450 Lexis2685
12 Cheesy Comedian $800 YourFavoriteSalmon
12 Leona Soleil $400  PumPumPumpkin :3
13 Mart Karr $500 Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
13 Leila Clarke $700 Xbilliex
Capitol Allen Greensworth $500 YourFavoriteSalmon
Capitol Lulu Glades $600  PumPumPumpkin :3

MONEY BONUSES: KILL= $100 Survived a day = 100$ Training Score 12-7 = 100$ 6= 0$ 5-1 = -100$

Extra = Personal reason/ Problem/ Help= 100$

+100$ YourFavoriteSalmon  Bronze :)

+100$ YourFavoriteSalmon for being patient with Thalia's District :)


Bold means Leader Italic means Co-leader strike-through means Dead

Careers- Bronze Lucrian (1), Stone Rockgobbler (2), Cashmere Hart (1) , Vera Aang (2), Electra Lei (3), Wire Elec (3), Buck Rockwell (6) Aroma Velonte (8)

Anti- Careers- Amelia Steeltoe (5), Thalia Wulf (10), Shade Spectrus (5), Lillian Pierrot (6),Felix (8), Allen Greensworth (C), Lulu Glades (C)

District 12 & 11 & 4- Lexi Greenway (11), Leona Soleil (12)Konami Aretino (4)

Loners- Mags Odair (4),Mia Reeme (7), Fat Robin Hood (7), Jarcus Pollish (9), Kara Walla

ce (9) Ryan Tunak (10), Kalmah XXIV (11), Cheesy Comedian (12), Leila Clarke (13), Mart Karr (13)


Reapings (2 Total):

Bronze Lucrian (1):

Todays my day, I told myself. After 15 years of training i'm going to volunteer, and bring pride to my family. I'm the best in my agegroup for the games, and there's no way I can lose. I see Cole Rain, District 1's escort, walk up on stage. With his bright green outfit he looked like a lime compared to the light yellow  surroundings. He gave everyone the same old speech, which I could honestly care less what the Capitol thinks. "This year marks the 357th Hunger Games!" he announced. I examine the other people around me, nobody looked anywhere near as tought as I was. All I needed to do was be the first one to volunteer. "Ladies First!" announced Cole. "Mar.."   "I VOLUNTEER" yelled a blonde I remembered from the Training Center. She walked up on stage, " I'm Cashmere Hart!" she said proudly. What an easy targe t, I thought to myself. "And now for the boys" Cole said dipping his hand into the bowl, "Ma..." "I VOLUNTEER" raising my hand in the air proudly. Waling up to the stage I was eyed by every other guy planning on volunteering, but I didn't mind. "And what's your name?" Cole said in his annoying Capitol accent. "Bronze Lucrian". "District 1, your tributes Cashmere Hart and Bronze Lucrian!". And with that we were rushed into the Justice building.

Ryan Tunak (10)

 SMACK! The sound of my dad punching my gut ripped through the air. Six years of training by myself just so I could get away from this. The searing pain in my abdamon seemed as if I was being stabbed. My mom just stand by drinking.I ran to the door saying "Goodbye!". I had no intention of coming back to this house, or my parents. I caustiously approached the town square, as dull as ever, with the exception of the capitol decorations for the Reaping. I step into the area marked off for 16 year old males and waited. Carrissa Night, our escort walks onto the stage, with her capital getup. She began her speech the same as always, but all I could think about is wether or not I want to follow through, but I never backed out. "Ladies first!" Carrissa mumbles "Thalia Wulf!". I see the ginger walk up onto stage, and stand to the right of Carrissa. Her bright green eyes distracted me as Carrissa announced the male tribute "Henry Summers". Without hesitation I raise my hand and yell, "I VOLUNTEER!". The whole crowd gasps! I look back to see my dad shaking his finger, his face red. I smirked and calmly walked up onto stage. "My name's Ryan Tunak". and with that, we walked into the Justice Building.

Training Scores:

Balances will update!  I was too tired to write POV's "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Bronze Lurican 11
Cashmere Hart 8
Stone Rockgobbler 9
Vera Aang 10
Wire Elec 7
Electra Lei 8
Konami Aretino 11
Mags Odair 7
Shade Spectrus 5
Amelia Steeltoe 6
Buck Rockwell 10
Lillian Pierrot 4
Fat Robin Hood 1
Mia Reene 7
Felix 8
Aroma Velonte 9
Jarcus Pollish 5
Kara Wallace 7
Ryan Tunak 9
Thalia Wulf 4
Kalmah XXIV 8
Lexi Greenway 7
Cheesy Comedian 12
Leona Soleil 3
Mart Karr 4
Leila Clarke 9
Allen Greensworth 7
Lulu Glades 9

The Arena

The arena is a large dome. The cornicopia is located on a beach (you don't swim to get to it) where you can either a) Swim across to a smaller island or b) Run into the Jungle. Beware that both are dangerous places to go! In the water there are shark mutts that will eat your tributes alive! In the jungle there are plant mutts that when you get too close, well I think you know. :) 


Really bad, but the big idea :P

There will be a feast around half-way in the games. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

The Games!

Bloodbath- Day 1, Morning

Mags Odair (4)

Standing on my plate, I can see all the other tributes. We're on the beach of what looks like a huge jungle! To my right I see the boy from (1) Bronze Lucrain. He stares at me with a smirk and I can't help but be nervous. I eye a trident 30 feet away, and decide that's what I need to get to survive. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1! Everyone jumps off their plates, and runs for the bountiful supplies in the cornicopia. My only goal is to get in, and get out. I aim for my trident. I see Bronze (1) spear Thalia Wulf (10) in the stomach and she fell. BOOM! I saw that coming, Thalia was weak in training, and I didn't think she would go far. I search the outer area of the cornicopia for a backpack, and a knife strikes me in the back. At least I wasn't the first person to die I thought. BOOM!

Aroma Velonte (8)

One loser down I thought to myself. I now know I am a career no matter what the others say. I look over to my right to see the girl from 6,  and just as I was about to thrown my knife at her, I notice Fat Robin Hood (7) is dragging his butt into the center. I sit there for a seond and just laugh at his struggles. He would've never made it passed the first day. I should just end his pain now. With one shot, my knife hits his forehead. BOOM! I head in towards the center to regroup with the other careers. This would be the year nobody ever forgot, this would be the year that I became victor.

Stone Rockgobbler (2)

The rush to the cornicopia was overwhelming. I didn't notice too many fights occuring for a bloodbath, but I continued running towards the center. Crates full of supplies surround me, but I spy my machete on a metal rack inside the giant metal husk. I run to grap it and trip over a crate of food. Pulling myself I see the smirk on Kara Wallace's (9) face as she implants her axe into my stomch and sprints off wielding a bloddy axe. "Aghhhh" I cried out. I make out Bronze running after her and the other careers coming to aid me, though unless I get an instant relief soon, I would surely bleed out.

Cheesy Comedian (12)

"Why did the cookie go to the doctor? He felt crumby!" I yell out. I see Jarcus (9) on his knees begging me to stop, his ears starting to bleed. I continue my horrible puns while throwing everything around me at him. I picked up a mace and chucked it right at him. BOOM! I pick up the 3 butter knives by his body and run into the Jungle. I killed somone, how? I didn't bother hesitating to think.

Felix (8)

I run closer to the cornicopia than most tributes, and grab some food and an axe. I hope this food tastes better than the dog I ate, my stomach is still mesed up. As I start to run back into the jungle behind where I started, I'm stopped by Lulu (C) and she tries to slice me with her Kama. "I thought we're in the same alliance." I yelled. " Not anymore" she replies, a smirk on her face. That b**** is crazy! In a rage of fury I bury my axe her neck and she drops dead. BOOM!  Nobody messes with Felix, and I grab her supplies that I can use. I try to find the rest of my alliance, but I can't see any of them. I decide to go hide and meet up with them late. I jump into the water and swim to the island I could see from my starting platform.

Ryan Tunak (10)

   The cornicopia has been almost abandoned by everyone, but I see Allen Greensworth (C) Hiding behind a tree examing what he got from the bloodbath. I can see he has a bag of throwing knives, probably because he couldn't find whatever weapon he wanted. I need those I thought to myself, and without thinking crept up behind him. I him in the head and he falls completely on his back. Merciless, I beat him senseless to the point where he's knocked out. I take a knife out of the bag, and stab him in his forehead. BOOM! Knowing the careers arn't far away, I sprint away, proud of my Kill.

Day 1, Night

Shade Spectrus (5)

Clutching the dagger I had grabbed at the cornicopia, I hear a rustling through the bushes. I make out the figure, the young girl from 11. She had sat down with the gleaming silver bow. I decide that if I went and tried to attack, I might die, and I dont want to die. Retreating back to the small little cave I found, I see that she had been following me. She draws her bow and asks me "Any last words? I didn't think so." The arrow slams into my chest and there's no way ill be able to recover. Lexi, I remembered her name, came up to me and took her arrow out of my stomach and walked away, not even finishing me. The black creeps into the corner of my eyes, and I close my heavy eyelids. BOOM!

Konami Aretino (4)

Walking through the woods, I hear two rustles coming at me from both directions. Im relieved to see it's my allys Lexi and Leona. With my trident I walk up to them with a  sigh of relief. Then something inside of me twist and I realize what's about to happen. "Watch out" I scream in panic, but it was too late, My trident had planted itself in side of Leona's head. BOOM! I pull out the trident and start heading towards Lexi. Within seconds, and without thinking, my trident had hit her leg. Just then I went back to normal. "Lexi Im so sorry! here, it's not a fatal wound, but your going to need medicine."

Bronze Lucrian (1)

Today has been very exciting, so far not one of the careers have died! All of a suddent I feel the ground start to tremble and I see a funnel forming by the cornicopia. A Twister. I grab Stone, Vera and Aroma and drag us into the husk of the cornicopia. Just then the twister Had moved by picking up Cashmere, Electra, Wire and buck. It hurled their helpless bodies throughout the arena. Why are the gamemakers eliminating tributes so fast? Why is there a need to get rid of us so quickly? Just then the twister disappears. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Name District Items Sponsored Money Left
Stone Rockgobbler 2 Instant Relief  X1 300$
Kalmah XXIV 11

Dried Meat  X1

Axe  X1

Ryan Tunak 10

Sword  X1

Dried Meat X1

Cheesy Comedian 12

Dried Meat X1

Sleeping Bag X1


350$ left

Konami Aretino 4

Mace X1

Wire X1

Knife X1

Lexi Greenway 11 Neosporin X1 450$

Death Chart, Day 1

Placing Victim District Killer District How they died
28th Thalia Wulf 10 Bronze Lucrian 1 Speared
27th Mags Odair 4 Aroma Velonte 8

Knifed in the back

26th Fat Robin Hood 7 Aroma Velonte 8 Knifed
25th Jarcus Pollish 9 Cheesy Comedian 12 Mace thrown at head
24th Lulu Glades C Felix 8 Axe to the neck
23rd Allen Greensworth C Ryan Tunak  10 Knife to the Forehead
22nd Shade Spectrus 5 Lexi Greenway 11 Shot with Arrow
21st Leona Soleil 12 Konami Aretino 4 Trident to the head
20th Cashmere Hart 1 N/a N/a Twister
19th Electra Lei 3 N/a N/a Twister
18th Wire Elec 3 N/a N/a Twister
17th Buck Rockwell 6 N/a N/a Twister
16th Mart Karr 13 N/a N/a Monkey Mutts
15th Lexi Greenway 11 Konami Aretino 4 Trident to the head

Day 2, Morning

Kara Wallace (9)

I barely got any sleep last night. After that twister, I felt like i couldnt trust the arena anymore. From the cornicopia, I only got a small bag which contained a knife, bottle of water, and a loaf of bread (which is haf gone). I'm in a remote part of the jungle where I haven't see nanother tribute the whole games. It's relieving to know that I'm safe, for now. I walk towards the small lake where I've been getting freash water to cool myself down from the humid arena. The sky was hazy and I didn't like the loos of it. I decided the only way to survive these games was to find a small cave where I could camp out for other tributes. If only my sponsor would send me a sword, I would be so much more confident of my chances of winning. But with the knife I have, I need to try and win. I need to.

Mart Karr (13)

With my throwing knives I got from the cornicopia, I venture farther into the jungle looking for water. I continue walking, and look around at my surroundings. All of a sudden a monkey jumps out from nowhere and bites me in the arm. I let out a scream of pain. Another monkey with sharpened teeth jumps from a nearby tree, and rips out my heart. That was one thing I wasn't prepared for. BOOM!

Vera Aang (2)

It's been a long two days. Half of our alliance died to the F****** twister the gamemakers sent in to kill us. Luckily Stone was sponsered an instant relief, and was healing very quickly. I don't know what to make of these games. There's 15 people left, and It's only day two. What was the rush? I decide to stop questioning it and went back to my alliance. Bronze was the whole reason why there's still a career pack intact. If he wouldn't have grabbed us, we would be dead. I grab my axe and set out in the forest to hunt for tributes.

Lexi Greenway (11)

I apply the neosporin I was sponsored to the gash on my leg from my ally Konami. He looks at me with his new Mace, knife and wire with a questioning look. "I'm sorry" he says looking at his feet. He raises his trident and slams it into the side of my head. The black creeps into the side of my eyes and I see the light. I shouldn't have trusted him after he injured me. But it was too late. BOOM!

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