The Nightmare Games

Most users don't know me, so let me introduce myself. I'm Ccmoco5, or Kyle :) I enjoy reading and writing, and have been on this wiki for about 4 months now. I promise these games will not be abandoned like my last ones! I'm excited to be writing these games so let's get to it! This is a Quarter Quell filled with more than one twist.


  1. You may enter two tributes per user. This may be changed if I ask for more :)
  2. I will allow sponsoring and advice!
  3. I accept reservations but for a strict 24 hour period!
  4. I need interesting tributes, not perfect ones!
  5. No complaining if a tribute dies :P It's ultimateley my decision :) Know that tributes will die based on my prefrence not, so make them interesting!
  6. Tribute Template:







Biggest Fear:



Additional information (If needed):


District Gender Name Age Weapon Personality Fear
1 Male Gauis Wellwood 14 Sword Cheeky, Talkative, Ruthless Haunted by deceased sister
1 Female Realy Cooper 15 Throwing knives, Crossbow Daring, Rude Dad's dissapointed in her
2 Male Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 17 Sword, Throwing Knives, Trident Tense, awkward, careful, kind

Being Forced to kill someone

2 Female

Scarlett Winters


Trident, throwing knives, traps

comes off laid back, but really studying everyone Cold Climates, heights, mutts
3 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear, Knives. Swords (Wasn't given a personality) Careers & Death
3 Female Seraphina Oaks 15 Sword, Dagger, Fire Sympathetic, Happy, Careful Death
4 Male Jin Cyberjackson 15 Spears and Mines Silent Knives
4 Female

Luna Johnson


Bow & arrow, Axe

unorganized, greedy, bossy


5 Male Brendan Jack 14 Kukri Hard Working, Angry His sister dying because of him
5 Female Nichole Peyton 15 Knife, Dagger, Intellegence Friendly, kind, smart Being Alone
6 Male Connor Smitherson 14 Scythe, Combat Spear Quiet, Curious, Friendly Heights/falling
6 Female Dedenne Reunee 16 Katana Positive Outspoken Adventourous Her father running after her mother with a knife
7 Male Jayson Huff 17 Axe Antisocial, not very smart Loosing weapon & being attacked
7 Female Amity Rose 14 Knives, Throwing Axes, Daggers Sweet, bubbly, leader Spider/ Not being loved
8 Male Shrek the Ogrelord 18 Onion, Bare Hands Mad People entering his territory
8 Female Lacey Fleck 14 Stealth, Intellegence, Knife Quiet, Sneaky, Clever, Happy Fire
9 Male Favian Forthwind 18 Doubleswords Deciteful, manipulative, persuasive Being at a disadvantage
9 Female Kirsten Stafford 14 Axe, Chopper, Slingshot Quiet, Shy Cold, And Panda Mutts :)
10 Male Yoshi Feudalis 16 Axe (no idea what two sized is :P) Corageous, happy, honest, nice Starving
10 Female Lavender Morton 16 Knife, Sword Shy, Evasive Death (specifically family execution)
11 Male

Rubin Jett


Sword, Knife

Seclusive, Angry (about brothers Death) Slow Death, Not making brother proud
11 Female Lilly Ganté 14 Blowgun Independent, Confident Her Family Dying
12 Male Damien Tirips 17 Knife, Scythe Demonic, Evil, Scary Never seeing his demon again
12 Female Charity Meller 17 Anything Small Loud, Opinionated, Happy Claustrophobia
13 Male Jaximus Shaden 16 Axe, Katana Overprotective, Quiet, psychotic Twin sister dying
13 Female Jessica Flames 16 Knives Happy Clowns


**If you want to create a seperate alliance let me know**

Leaders are in BOLD, Co-Leader is in Italics :)


Gauis Wellwood (1)Luna Johnson (4) Realy Cooper (1), Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya (2), Scarlett Winters (2), Favian Forthwind (9)


Charity Meller (12)Nichole Peyton (5), Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11), 


Lacey Fleck (8), Shrek the Ogrelord (8), Kirsten Stafford (9), Damien Tirips (12), Jaximus Shaden (13)

3&6&7 Alliance-

Seraphina Oaks (3)Blade Spectrus (3)Connor Smitherson (6), Dedenne Reunee (6) Jayson Huff (7), Amity Rose (7)  

4 & 13 Alliance-

Jessica Flames (13)Jin Cyberjackson (4)

Training Scores

District Name Training Score
1 Gauis Wellwood 9
1 Realy Cooper 11
2 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 8
2 Scarlett Winters 10
3 Blade Spectrus 7
3 Seraphina Oaks 8
4 Jin Cyberjackson 4
4 Luna Johnson 6
5 Brendan Jack 7
5 Nichole Peyton 9
6 Conner Smitherson 9
6 Dedenne Reunee 3
7 Jayson Huff 10
7 Amity Rose 8
8 Shrek the Ogrelord 2
8 Lacey Fleck 7
9 Favian Forthwind 11
9 Kirsten Stafford 7
10 Yoshi Feudalis 4
10 Lavender Morton 6
11 Rubin Jett 8
11 Lilly Ganté 3
12 Damien Tirips 7
12 Charity Meller 12
13 Jaximus Shaden 10
13 Jessica Flames 3

District Name  Balance
1 Gauis Wellwood $800
1 Realy Cooper $600
2 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya $1200
2 Scarlett Winters $700
3 Blade Spectrus $800
3 Seraphina Oaks $700
4 Jin Cyberjackson $400
4 Luna Johnson $600
5 Brendan Jack $525
5 Nichole Peyton $800
6 Conner Smitherson $600
6 Dedenne Reunee $400
7 Jayson Huff $700
7 Amity Rose $700
8 Shrek the Ogrelord $400
8 Lacey Fleck $400
9 Favian Forthwind $700
9 Kirsten Stafford $800
10 Yoshi Feudalis $700
10 Lavender Morton $600
11 Rubin Jett $700
11 Lilly Ganté $500
12 Damian Tirips 0
12 Charity Meller $600
13 Jaximus Shaden $450
13 Jessica Flames $400

How To Get/Lose Sponsor Money:

1-5 Training Score= -100$

6-7 Training Score= 0$

8-12 Training Score = +100$

Kill= $100$

Survive a day= +100$

Final four = +350$


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Katana: $150

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shurikens (5) $225 

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

The Twists

One of this quells twist is that the arena stays Nighttime during the whole games. It will scare and intimidate tibutes, just like a nightmare. Along with that twist, a second twist is that every day at a random time, the Gamemakers will release a gas into the arena that will cause each tribute to fall asleep and have a nightmre of thir worst fear that "would scare them to death". More twists will be announced during the games.

The Arena

The arena for these games will be a carnival ground. The cornicopia will lay upon the exact middle of the arena, but will be very difficult to see from tributes starting plates. There are different attractions and rides throughout the arena that contain vicious, evil, and scary mutts. The Gamemakers programmed the mutts to turn into something closely related to their worst fear. In these games, even the strongest will break, one way or another...


Day 1, Morning (& Bloodbath)

Favian Forthwind (9)

I walk up to my glass tube wearing a T-shirt and a light jacket. My stilist stands next to me finishing putting on this stupid outfit that I have to wear. Looking at the rest of the tributes there's no way I'll lose. I can and will crush every single one of them. "This outfit is thin, but designed for warmth, so I suspect a slightly breezey arena, but you never know ..." My stylist says in an irritated tone. I hate her so much! She's the one person that isn't fooled by me. Her being at an upperhand makes me want to murder her. I step into my tube not even waiting for a countdown. 15 seconds till' the tubes rise. Well 15 seconds couldn't come even slower.  5 4 3 2 1! My platform rises up to the surface where I can barley make out other tributes and the cornicopia. Next to me on one side is the boy from 3, Blade. On the other is the Girl from 12 Charity. I start to laugh as I see the gigantic ferris wheel behind me in the darkness. A circus, great. I feel my eyes finally adjusting to the darkness that I'll be consumemd in untill I'm the victor. Welcome Tributes! I am president Fitzgerald here to tell you another twist, In one of the backpacks is a hidden box. This box contains a button that will declare one of two victors this year. When the button is pushed, The player may pick one tribute they wanted murdered, and have them tortured in what ever way the victor may choose. May the odds be ever in your favor! I need to find this button! The games will begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! I jump off my plate in search of every bag I can find.

Seraphina Oaks (3)

I sprint towards the center knowing Amity is somewhere nearby. Staying a fair distance away from the cornicopia I grab a backpack and a dagger beside it. Without hesitation I sprint away looking for anyone in my alliance. Hopefully I grabbed the right back that will award me my freedom. I spot Blade and Amity by the entrance to a hall of mirrors and make my way there. "Where's everyone else?" I say setting down my supplies with Amity's backpack and Throwing knives. " We don't know, but we have to meet up with them later. It's too risky  to sit here and wait for the careers to come our way" responds Blade in a depressed tone. With that we ran away in the darkness looking for any safe places to stop.

Luna Johnson (4)

I pick up a bow and arrow with a sheath of arrows and start my hunt. I will take down any tribute I can see that has a backpack with the potential to get me out of here. I peer over to my right to see a green monster looking thing with two backpacks in his hands. I believe his name was shrek and he got a low training score. I draw back my bow and unleash an arrow that goes straight through his temple. BOOM! That was too easy! He might as well have been yelling "I'm right here come and kill me!". I walk over to his body and collect the two bag he had. Inside one was an empty water bottle and string. In the other was a knife and a tiny black box. "Oh my gosh! I found the box" I mutter under my breath "I'm going home!". I felt a rush of joy swell up all throughout me, until I hear Favian (9) come up behind me and say "No your not." and with that he sliced my throat. The last thing I could picture before I black out was him opening the box and pressing the button. BOOM!

Favian Forthwind (9)

Even though I never got a chance to play anyone, I knew I was going to be the one out of the arena. When this whole box twist came up I knew it had to be me who won. Congradulations to Favian Forthwind of District 9 for findingthe box and pressing the button that makes him one of two of this year's victors! If you try to attack him, you will be instantly killed by the protective forcefield arround him. Tributes, your feet have become attached to the ground so that Favian can make the choice of who he wants to kill and how! May the odds be ever in your favor.  With that a large hovercraft comes and picks me up. I'm directed to go into an isolated room with a touchpad screen on the wall. What appears before me is a screen that say "Tap the tribute you would like to kill". Everyone's faces pop up on the screen except for Luna's and Shrek's. I decide to think my options through. Who has had an advantage over me these whole games? The only other possible career that got as good of a score as me was Realy Cooper. But there was also Charity Meller who got a 12. I decided to rule her out because she definately didn't have good enough fighting skills to get a 12. It was only to get a target on her back. I tap Realy's face on the screen. The next thing that pops up on the screen is a notepad that has the question on the top that reads "how do you want this person killed?". I write in the space; I want her tied up in a room, so that I can come in with my sword and have some fun.

Realy Cooper (1)

I stand in place with my bag in my hand. I see a hovercraft apper overhead and a claw drops down consuming me. No! Why me! out of everyone else Favian chose to have me killed. I hope this goes quick. When I reach the hovercraft I'm greeted by a lady with a needle in her hand. "How did he choose to kill me?" I ask quietly. "you'll see" she replies with a smirk. She injects me with a fluid and I start to get really tired. My eyes droop and I drift into a sleep. I awake in a white room, strapped to a table that's almost verticle but leaned back. On the table next to me I see a sword. Oh crap. He's going to do it him self. Just at that moment Favian walks into the room with a devious grin on his face." "Nice to see you again" he says with a smirk on his face. "Make it quick" I mumble wit ha tear rolling down my face. "It will be anything but slow." he says as he starts to drag the blade of his sword cutting my stomach open. My creams of pain fill the room. "Does that hurt?" he asks "I want to see you suffer". For an hour he cut my body in a bunch of different ways until my blood loss was too much and I passed out. BOOM!

Jessica Flames (13)

Myself and Jin are frozen next to each other in the cornicopia right by the district 2 male, Akumai. He carries a long silver sword ready to kill us with. Tributes. As you may have guessed, Favian decided to kill Realy Cooper of District 1. Your feet are now unfrozen. Go!  With that, Akumai runs right at us. His sword collides with Jin's head and he falls to the ground motionless. BOOM! I start to run away from him but he's too fast. He speeds at me and digs his sword into the grooves of my back and I fall to the ground. His eyes stare at me as he delievers the final blow, this time at my head. BOOM!

Day 1, Night

Jayson Huff (7)

I run off with my axe and bag in hand. I run past a hall of mirrors worried i was being followed I hear the voices of three people and I realize it's Amity, Blade, and Sera. "Guys!" I rejoice happily! "Jayson! Do you know where anyone else is?" Amity asks me in a concerned voice. "I saw Connor run away from the Cornicopia towards the ferris wheel I believe, and he was with Dedenne. We hould find them in the morning. Let's take a look at what we got! I open my bag to find that it contains a gas mask, a water bottle, and some dried beef sticks. Sera got a dagger, and two bags that contained two gas masks, a sleeping bag, some crackers, and a flare. Amity also grabbed a dagger, and her two bags had a gas mask, a pair of Night vision goggles, a bottle of water, and a small blue box wit ha button that says the one with courage will help the group. Blade managed to get a spear and a loaf of bread. Tonight we felt pretty secure from everyone else yet we didn't know what the gas masks were for, so each one of us put one on, and then the announcement was made: Commence nightmare gas Day 1. Thank god the gas wouldn't affect us, I couldn't imagine what my nightmare would be.

Charity Meller (12)

The gas was released intothe arena and you could see it consume the whole space. The fear consumed me even before the gas reached my lips. I had no choice but to inhale and I became drowsy. My eyelids began to droop and I laid my head gently against the carpeted floor of the ticket booth where my alliance was sleeping. I woke up to find myself in a box with no door. It was dark but I could see where the walls ended. All of a sudden the walls started to cave in making the box smaller and smaller. An immense fear and horror rushed through me "NOOOOOOOOOOO" I yelled at the top my lungs the box stopped moving when I had to be curled up into a ball to fit. My whimpers of distress were growing weaker and weaker. Iwake up back in the ticket booth panting and sweating from the nightmare. It was the worst thing I've ever expierenced in my life. The only other person from my alliance awake was Nichole and she was trying to calm me down. we both concluded this was going to be not only physically challenging but emotionally as well.

Lacey Fleck (8)

I was beggining to get really tired. I was fortunate enough to have a gas mask to keep myself from having one of the twisted self-induced nightmares. These games are a living hell, but lickily I had my knife for protection, and the bag I got that had my gas mask, a sleeping bag, and a water bottle.  Out of nowhere the anthem starts to play, and I look up to the sky to see the fallen.

The Fallen

Realy Cooper D1

Luna Johnson D4

Jin Cyberjackson D4

Shrek the Ogrelord D8

Jessica Flames D13

 I wasn't surprised to see Shrek up there, even if he was from my district. I am surprised however to see that two careers died today, even if one was chose by Favian. I settle myself down on the floor of the ring toss game which is almost at the forcefield and try to get some sleep. This was going to be a long games.

Day 1 Trivia

  • Every kill so far was done by a career.
  • One Victor of two has been crowned and they recieved two kills in the games.
  • Today two careers died, and everyone in the 4 & 13 alliance is dead
  • Today 2 Males died, and 3 females died.
  • There are 20 Tributes still competeing for the "last" victor spot.
  • Both tributes of district 4 have died but every other district has at least one person alive.

Current Tribute supply/location/with who chart

District Name Supplies Location With Allies:
1 Gauis Wellwood Cornicopia Cornicopia  Akumai (2), Scarlett (2)
2 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya Cornicopia Cornicopia Gauis (1), Scarlett (2)
2 Scarlett Winters Cornicopia Cornicopia Gauis (1), Akumai (2)
3 Blade Spectrus

1- Spear

1- Loaf of Bread

1- Gas Mask

Hall of Mirrors Jaysone Huff(7), Amity Rose (7), Seraphina Oaks (3)
3 Seraphina Oaks

1- Dagger

1- Gas mask

1- Sleeping Bag

1- Box of Carackers

1- Flare

Hall of Mirrors Jaysone Huff(7), Amity Rose (7), Blade Spectrus (3)
5 Brendan Jack Unknown Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

5 Nichole Peyton Unknown Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

6 Connor Smitherson Nothing Ferris Wheel Dedenne Reunee
6 Dedenne Reunee Nothing Ferris Wheel Connor Smitherson
7 Jayson Huff

1- Axe

1- Gas mask

1- Beef Sticks

1- Water Bottle

Hall of Mirrors Amity Rose (7), Blade Spectrus (3), Seraphina Oaks (3)
7 Amity Rose

1- Dagger

1- Gas Mask

1- Pair of Night Vision Goggles

1- Water Bottle

1- Mysterious blue box

Hall of Mirrors Jaysone Huff(7), Blade Spectrus (3), Seraphina Oaks (3)
8 Lacey Fleck



1-Sleeping Bag

1- Water Bottle

Ring Toss Game Nobody
9 Favian Forthwind N/A Capitol VICTOR!
9 Kirsten Stafford Uknown Unknown Nobody
10 Yoshi Feudalis Unknown Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

10 Lavender Morton Unknown Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

11 Rubin Jett Unknown Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

11 Lilly Ganté Unknown Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

12 Damien Tirips Unknown Unknown Nobody
12 Charity Meller

3- Throwing knives

1- Bottle of water

Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Brendan Jack (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10), Rubin Jett (11), Lilly Ganté (11)

13 Jaximus Shaden

1- Axe

1- Bottle of water

Unknown Nobody

Day 2 Maze (all-day), The biggest twist yet...

Kirsten Stafford (9)

I'm pretty proud of myself, I managed to get a backpack and my axe, but the boy from 13 cut me with his during the process. I'm glad it's not that deep, and that my backpack had a bandage that I can use to heal it. My backpack also had  some painkillers, a water bottle, and a box of crackers. These have been, by far, the most craziest games I've seen in my lifetime. I'm very superstitous that something bad will happen today but I can't quite put my finger on it, knowing the gamemakers want to make our lives aliving hell in the arena. That's when I noticed the slight disturbance by the Ferris wheel. I knew that I had to go kill whoever it was to get the sponsors to notice me. I tiptoe quietly over to where the disturbance was to find the pair from six sleeping. I raise my axe and slit the boys throat before the girls because he would have probably been a bigger threat. His eyes opened and look at me in horror as he takes his last breaths. BOOM! The girl from six is awoken by the sound of the cannon. Her eyes glance up and see me over the boys body. She lets out a little yelp as I plunge my axe in her head. BOOM! If only they had any supplies, that wouldv'e benifitted me more. I wipe my axe on the girls shirt and walk away. I wonder what the sponsors that about that and a grin creeps its way onto my face as I realize I can actually win.

Damien Tirips (12)

With my demon by my side I grip one of my three knives and tiptoe by the ticketbooth. I can make out the anti-careers sleeping on the floor of the room, and I see Charity right by the half-open window I'm looking in. "Let's screw this alliance up demon" I whisper in a pyschotic tone. I take my knife and fling it at Charity's chest where it impales her heart. BOOM! With the sound of the cannon I flee to a nearby food truck before the anti-careers can discover I'm the one that killed her. Why would I, her district partner kill her? Simple, because I wanted too. That's when the next announcement was made, Tributes, are you ready for the biggest twist of these games so far? We will have a total of four victors this year. At the conclusion of this announcement every tribute will be relocated to a random starting spot in our giant dark maze where they must search for two hidden buttons that will grant them their freedom from the arena. To make the games more exciting however, after the two buttons are pressed, the tributes must fight untill only ten remain, and then they will be relocated back to their original spot in the arena. There's more, one person recieved a small blue box in their bag. Whoever this was, If you don't get one of the two victor buttons in the maze, or you choose that you don't want to be stuck in the maze, you may push that button which will relocate you back into the regular arena where you may go get supplies while the other tributes are in the maze fighting it out. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! This was going to be a long day.

Lavender Morton (10)

A hover craft comes and moves me into the maze. I stand in my starting point waiting for the glass tube to go away. My knife clenched in my hands I reflect on whats happened so far. 1) I survived day one. 2) Our leader died and our alliance is in chaos. It made me nervous to think about being alone and having someone possibly kill me before I made it back to my alliance. I need one of these victor buttons. I need it! Tributes, at least four of you must die until you are put back into the arena,but for two you will become victors. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. I hated that so much. We're  in an arena to kill each other and they wish the odds are in our favor? They just want entertainment, they don't care about us. I run into the maze turning left and right, listening, for anything. The maze is dark, but by the fact I can't hear anyone means it's huge. That's when I hear a girl in distress. It wasn't anyone from myalliance I knew that for sure. I peered around a corner to find Scarlett crying over being lost. This was it, I ran straight at her knife in hand, and tried to stab her. My knife hit her shoulder but she took a throwing knive and lodged it into my calf. "Not today!" she sighed irritably. That's when Yoshi's axe lodged itself in Scarlett's head. BOOM! "Need some help?" he asked grabbing my hand and helping me up. "Thanks" I murmurred as we went back into the maze, holding hands as he calmed me down. 

Seraphina Oaks (3)

I run through the maze looking for any slight differences to find the button that will grant me my freedom. That's when I found the small secluded room that I barley noticed. I peeked my head inside to make sure nobody was there and walked in. Right on the table sat a black box with a button. This was it. Suddenly I heard a voice coming from the hallway and I knew distinctly who it was. Blade. "Blade, In here" I whispered in a hushed tone. He walked in and saw me with the button. "Push it," he says "I'll take care of Amity and the alliance! Go home" That's when I noticed the tear running down his cheek. I walked up to him and gave him a hug, "You will make it out" I say in a hushed tone, "I believe in you." With that I plant a kiss on his cheek, wave my goodbye and press the button. Congradulations Seraphina Oaks of district 3! You are the second victor of these games so far. Only on etribute has died. At least three more need to die before the remaining tributes are sent back to the regular arena. I see Blade crying and I can't help but feel selfish at the fact I took the button, and kept him in there. He will make it out, I reassured myself. But now I wasn't sure.

Blade Spectrus (3)

I stand there in shock. I had kept my feelings toward Seraphina a secret until just then, and I hoped she felt the same way. I realized now though that she was right! I knew where to expect another button. It would be in a small secluded room on the other side of the maze. I run out into the hallway and sprint towards the oppisite direction. I heard the scream of a girl close by so I was happy to leave that area. That's when I heard the footsteps. About 10 feet in front of me stood Rubin Jett and panicing I chucked my spear at him. It impaled his chest and he fell over. I run by, grabbing my spear knowing he wont survive the wound and keep heading in the direction I was going. BOOM! The echos of voices all around me was frightening but that's when I spotted it. Just like I predicted a small secluded room sits on the corner of a turn where no one would've expected it. I run inside to find the district 13 guy about to press the button. In my futile effort to stop him, I throw my spear and it impales him right in the arm. From the pain he slumps himself down against the wall, away from the button. I run in and grab the box and just before I'm about to press it, Damien Tirips comes in and chuckes a knife at me. It was aimed low so I jump, the knife skinning my shoe and impaling it in the 13 males neck. BOOM!  I press the button and let out a sigh of relief. Congradulations Blade Spectrus of District 3! You are this years third victor! I hear by announce that both buttons have been pressed, and at least one more tribute still needs to die before each tributes is put back in the regular arena! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! The hovercraft comes and lifts me up. When I get to the top I see Sera's beautiful face waiting there to greet me. I pull her in for a hug and she whispers in my ear, "I knew you could do it." With this we're led away to a room where Favian sits on the couch watching the games. "Nice job you two! I never expected to see you two here, but you proved me wrong" and with that we sit down and watch our allys as they continue on in the games.

Gauis Wellwood (1)

With my sword in hand, I run through the maze. I'm pissed at the fact that both district three tributes made it out alive. How could I not have been one of them?! I slowed down and hunched against the wall. I tried to calm myself down so I could focus on killing another tribute to get out of here. That's when I realized the announcement said at least one mroe tribute needs to die. Then it hit me. More than one person is going to die, but I will make sure I'm not one of them. I rise back up on my feet and continue down the hallway. I see the district five boy up ahead and decide to take him out. I run after him, lift my sword and bury it into his leg. He trips and falls on the ground, where I raise my sword again and slit his throat. BOOM! "NOO!" Behind me the district five girl stands. A tear runs down her face as she runs straight at me and burys her knife in my back. I let out a scream of pain and she stands there watching me. She took my sword and threw it behind her. Knowing I couldn't get onto my feet she spoke, "You killed him. Your a monster." and with that she buried the knife into my head. Now your a monster too were my last thoughts before I blacked out. BOOM!

Akumai Kubaya (2)

Running down the maze I realize that enough tributes have died for us to get out of this maze. Then it dawned on me, they won't take us out of here until people in the capitol get bored. I hear the voices of a boy and girl. Most likely the ones from 7. They're walking down the halway that connects into mine. I hide behind the corner waiting for them to get close enough. When I can sense there almost at the corner, I jump out revealing myself, and throw one of my throwing knives at them, hitting the boy in the thigh. The girl takes one of her knives and barley misses me, making it hit the wall. I try again at the male, making the knife hit his lung, and causing him to fall over. He would bleed out in a few minutes. The girl looks even more mad now. Taking three more throwing knives and almost instantly throwing them at me. Two of them miss and one hits my oppisite forearm. I take out that knife and chuck it back at her, hitting her in the chest and falling over. I walk up to the two tributes laying next to each other, as I see them grab out for each others hands. They knew it was over. I decided to be nice and end it quickly. I grab one of the knives on the floor and stab them each in the head. They should be thankful I didn't prolong their death. BOOM! BOOM!

The Fallen

Gauis Wellwood D1

Scarlett Winters D2

Brendan Jack D5

Conner Smitherson D6

Dedenne Reunee D6

Jayson Huff D7

Amity Rose D7

Rubin Jett D11

Charity Meller D12

Victors Room - Seraphina's POV

I sit there numb. The tears are flowing down my cheeks as I watch two of my ally's get murdered by a single career. Blade pulls me in for a hug. I could tell he was even more upset by what had happened. No words could describe the emotions we were feeling right now. I glance across the room at Favian who's smiling with pleasure "They both wouldn't have won anyway," he says. Although I knew he was right I decided to spit back at him, "At the way these games are going they might've.". With that he shut his mouth and kept his eyes on the screen. I decide to glance back at the screen when the announcement is being read. Tributes, only eight of you are left, and only one can win! We are sending you back into the arena. There will be a feast tomorrow morning at the cornicopia. There could be a gamechanger that might send two more home. That's right. We will have six victors this year BUT next year, there will be a special role for these six victors. This will be the last twist with victors so you better catch this oppertunity! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. "I told you" I say in a disgustful way towards Favian "I knew they could've both gotten out". He replies simply " Yes, well now we have a "role" in next years games. Do you think they could've taken whatever we'll have to do?" I knew the answer to that but I kept my mouth shut. That's when the head gamemaker walks in and asks us to select each tribute we liked the most. These tributes we were told would get a button. "Wait" I asked "There's three of us, but only two buttons, how will that work?".  The gamemaker replied simply, "I want you and blade to make a decision together. Favian will make his own." and with that he led us to a room with a touchscreen with the remaining tributes faces.

Day 2 Trivia

  • Today Two Victors were announced, Seraphina Oaks & Blade Spectrus
  • Today 10 tributes died; 6 boys, 4 girls
  • It was announced that during Day 3 2 more victors will be announced, but the 6 victors will have a role in next years games
  • Only one career is left

Location/ Supply Chart

District Name Supplies Location With Allies:
2 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya Cornicopia Cornicopia Nobody
5 Nichole Peyton Unknown Ticket Booth

Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10),  Lilly Ganté (11)

8 Lacey Fleck



1-Sleeping Bag

1- Water Bottle

Ring Toss Game Nobody
9 Kirsten Stafford Axe Unknown Nobody
10 Yoshi Feudalis


2- Jerkey Strips

Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5)

, Lavender Morton (10),), Lilly Ganté (11)

10 Lavender Morton


Bottle of Water

Ticket Booth Nichole Peyton (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10),  Lilly Ganté (11)
11 Lilly Ganté Blowgun & 12 Darts Ticket Booth

Nichole Peyton (5), Yoshi Feudalis (10), Lavender Morton (10),

12 Damien Tirips 3 Knives Unknown Nobody

Day 3, Morning Feast

Nichole Peyton (5)

Yoshi, Lavender, Lilly, and I were the only anti-careers to make it this far. It was startling to see almost half of our alliance gone. We all decided that we needed to attend the feast in hopes of getting a button. The dark foggy morning was a bit erie as I knew people were going to die today. A small circle indent was marked on the floorboards of the cornicopia. We couldn't see any tributes which was suspicious because there were no careers around, unless Akumai be lurkin'. (Lol i had to write that xD) Let the feasr begin! I hope the victors liked you! What the hell is that supposed to mean? I run into the center just to see Akumai run out from the horn of the cornicopia and grab his bag. He see's me and throws a knife write at me, luckily it missed. I madei t up to the table and grabbed the bag marked (5). That's when the pain flooded through me. Akumai had thrown a trident into the back of my calf. I decided my last chance to live was to see if the button was in my bag. I zip it open, and all that's inside is a card that reads, "The victors didn't choose you," I knew it was over right as I read that. Akumai towered over me and impale my face with the trident. BOOM!

Lavender Morton (10)

We watch in horror as our new leader was decapitated with a trident. I see Akumai's face light up as he looks in his bag. He pulls out a small black box wit ha button on it. Without hesitation, I see Lilly try to stick a dart in the side of his kneck, unfortunatley it hit his arm. He presses the button and we give up some hope of us getting out. Congradulations to Akumai Kubaya of District 2! you are this years fourth victor of six! Only one button remains at the feast! Hurry up and get it before the others. May the odds be ever in your favor. At the conclusion of the announcement, Yoshi, Lilly and I run into the center grabbing our bags. Yoshi and I had the same bag because we were both from district 10. Inside was a note. It read : Blade Spectrus and Seraphina Oaks selected Lavender Morton of District 10. They picked... They got to pick who got out of here? That really made me mad, but I didn't express it. Lilly walks up behind me, putting the blowgun against my neck and she said, "Give me that button, or i'll kill you for it!" Without hesitation, Toshi takes his axe and Impales Lilly before she has the chance to hurt me. "Press the button, I'll make it out" Yoshi's words were to me. I give him a long hug, trying to savor the moments I have with him. I press my button and I knew I was going home. Congradulations to Lavender Morton of District 10! you are this years fifth victor of six! For the rest of you, that means you must fight to the death for the last spot! May the odds be ever in your favor. My last glimpse of the arena was Yoshi Slashing Lilly's chest. BOOM!

Damien Tirips (12)

With both buttons being pressed, I know there was only one reason to attend the feast, to kill. Still, I wondered if anything was put in our bags that we could use to kill each other. I run out into the open and grab the bag marked with a 12. I unzip the top without hesitation to find a notecard had been put in my bag that read, "You were not chosen". Well than, If I wasn't chosen for a cheap getaway, I would earn it myself. I see the girl from 8 come running in with a blowgun. Luckily I was fully energized, and had an instant relief and katana for protection. She  blew a dart that whizzed by my face, almost hitting me. Almost instantly she blew another one, this time it hit me in the chest. I writhed in pain as I pulled it out and injected myself with the instant relief. It felt better but this girl was relentless. She blew one final dart, which impaled me in the head, and I slumped to the ground. BOOM! I didn't have to worry about my demon anymore . . .

Day 3 Night, Finale

Yoshi Feudalis (10)

The arena has cooled quite a bit in the past few hours, and with three tributes left, I think the gamemakers are trying to end it. Why would they only make a game that's three days long? Then again, there were going to be a total of 6 victors this year, it shouldn't take as long to kill off 3/4 of the normal tributes. A creepy fog emerges into the arena making these games even more scary. It was a very spooky arena, and the fog had only made it worse. That's when the bush started to shake. I backed up, intimidated and fearing it might be a mutt. I've been left hungry because none of the anti-careers have had any food and two jerkey stricks sure as hell wasn't going to be enough to satisfy my stomach. From the bush, small black figure emerged, definatley a mutt. But then it changed. It had transformed itself into a buffet of different kinds of food from the capitol. Sushi, steak, waffles, even the miny stuffed turkeys. I walk over and grab a muffin from the side of the banquet. Somethings off about this, but the food was so mouthwatering. I decide that I can't help myself from eating the muffin. That's when it hit me, the mutts were designed to trigger our fear and kill us using that. The muffin was posioned. I walk over and grab another, If I lay these out at the cornicopia, someone might want one. I walk to the starting area to find Lacey digging in the hull of the cornicopia. I sprint to the feast table and set down the two muffins. I squat onto my hands and knees so that she can't see me. She walks up to the table. "What the, when did these get here? oh well, don't mind if I do!" and with that she unwraps a muffin and takes a bite. I wait a few seconds and wondering why nothing happened. That's when I hear the struggles of Lacey's breath. BOOM!

Kirsten Stafford (9)

I knew it was time to end this. I walk into the cornicopia with my axe raised. By the table I see yoshi standing over Lacey's body. He looks over his shoulder to see me standing a hundred feet away. "It's down to us," he says "and no offense, but I'm going to win!" He said that so arrogantly, it was annoying. He runs at me full force, his axe and hand and swings it at me. Ivdodge the blow and dig my axe into his shoulder as he runs by. He cringes in pain, but I can tell he wont go down without a fight. He comes back, this time hitting my thigh, and creating a huge gash, and all I did to him was cut his arm. I decided I had to be strategic about this, He was going to run back at me with his axe again, what If I threw mine? It was a huge risk, because If I missed, I would be dead. I needed to try though. He starts his jog towards me and right when he's a few yards in front of me, I chuck my axe. Whirling in the air it spins until it strikes him in the head. BOOM! Did I really just do that?! I actually won?! The joy filled within me. Congradulations Kirsten Stafford of District 9. You are this years sixth and final victor! When you are relocated into the victors room, we have an announcement for all victors. With that a hovercraft comes and picks me up. A lady at the top injects me with an instant relief and guides me to the victors room, where each of the other 5 victors sit. They stare at me and the only person happy to see me was Favian, being district partners and all.

Victors Room -  Favians POV

I embrace Kirsten in a hug. District 9 really kicked butt this year. Just as promised, the president walks in. "Victors, I have an announcement for all of you which is a twist for next year:


The twist is going to be in the next games I write, along with the 26 regular tributes, Each day based on when they one, so starting with favian, then Sera and Blade together, Than Akumai and Lavender, then Kirsten the victors will be put back in the arena to fight against the newbies. (Meaning on Day 2 Favian is put in, Day 3 Sera and Blade, Day 4 Akumai and Lavender, and Day 5 Kirsten) Each tribute will have the option of a weapon to go in with, and wether or not they want an alliance with anyone. (My new games will be made today! I will put a link in the comments after I make them :p)

Death Chart

Placing District Victim District Killer Cause Day
26 8 Shrek the Ogrelord 4 Luna Johnson Arrow to the forehead Day 1 (Bloodbath)
25 4 Luna Johnson 9 Favian Forthwind Sliced Throat Day 1 (Bloodbath)
24 1 Realy Cooper 9 Favian Forthwind Blood loss from cuts

Day 1 (Bloodbath)

23 4 Jin Cyberjackson 2 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya Sword to the Head Day 1 (Bloodbath)
22 13 Jessica Flames 2 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya Sword to the Head Day 1 (Bloodbath)
21 6 Conner Smitherson 9 Kirsten Stafford Axe to the neck Day 2, Morning
20 6 Dedenne Reunee 9 Kirsten Stafford Axe to the face Day 2, Morning
19 12 Charity Meller 12 Damien Tirips Knife to the heart Day 2, Morning
18 2 Scarlett Winters 10 Yoshi Fuedalis Axe to the Head Day 2, Maze
17 11 Rubin Jett 3 Blade Spectrus Spear to the chest Day 2, Maze
16 13 Jaximus Shaden 12 Damien Tirips Knife to the neck Day 2, Maze
15 5 Brendan Jack 1 Gauis Wellwood slit throat Day 2, Maze
14 1 Gauis Wellwood 5 Nichole Peyton Knife to the head Day 2, Maze
13 7 Jayson Huff 2 Akumai Kubaya Stabed in the head Day 2, Maze
12 7 Amity Rose 2 Akumai Kubaya Stabbed in the head Day 2, Maze
11 5 Nichole Peyton 2 Akumai Kubaya Trident to the face Day 3, Feast
10 11 Lilly Ganté 10 Yoshi Feudalis Slashed stomach/ Bleed out Day 3, Feast
9 12 Damien Tirips 8 Lacey Fleck Dart to the head Day 3, Finale
8 8 Lacey Fleck 10 Yoshi Feudalis Poisened Day  3, Finale
7 10 Yoshi Feudalis 9 Kirsten Stafford Axe to the head Day 3, Finale
Victor 9 Kirsten Stafford n/a n/a Finale Finale
Victor 10 Lavender Morton n/a n/a Feast twist Feast, Day 3
Victor 2 Akumai Kubaya n/a n/a Feast twist Feast, Day 3
Victor 3 Blade Spectrus n/a n/a Maze Twist Day 2 Maze
Victor 3 Seraphina Oaks n/a n/a Maze Twist Day 2 Maze
Victor 9 Favian Forthwind n/a n/a Box twist Day 1 (Bloodbath)

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