IF YOU'RE READING THEN YOU HAVE TO ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Guys! Well, where do I start. So, i've recently been on a 2 and a half week holiday, meaning I haven't been able to carry on with the other games, 1st Annual Hiding Games. I decided to cancel it for 2 reasons:

  1. I was on holiday so I haven't been able to update
  2. I didn't have enough tributes

But now, I am back, and these games will go forward, and i hope that they will go to plan. This is this is the orginal idea of past member CashmereCareer, who sadly left because of exams. No information lately has said that she will be returning, even though I hope she does.

This time I want more trbutes please, it will only take a little bit of your time to audition a character, please, I allow profiles so. And this IS first come first serve, so please, audition TTRIBUTES NOW!


  • No Swearing (they may be some of this during the games)
  • There may possibly be sexual scenes
  • Don't get mad if your tribute dies
  • If you disobay the rules, your tribute will get killed
  • I allow profiles
  • 2 Characters Maximim per user (they have to be from different district)
  • if you enter at all, you have to keep up to date with the story
  • Reservations last 24 hours.

The Idea

So, this is basically the idea. In these games, there will be 28 Tributes (District 0 and 13 included) will go into a the games, and hide, and try fight for their lives. So, there will be a number of rounds, each round will have 2 or more deaths. A mutt will count to a 1000, whilst all tributes alive go and hide. Each round will have a different map, so where they hide is up to them. If they team with anyone it's up to them. All they have to do is HIDE. It may seem easy, however, the mutts might not off had there dinnner that day, so maybe your tribute will come the snack. After the 1000 seconds are up, the mutt(s) will be released and hunt for there meal. After the mutt has found however unlucky tributes die that round, the remaining tribute will be shipped off that map, and sleep, and wake up to another miserable, terrifying day, in a different map. You should get the idea, if not, ask me.

Tribute Template









Family (full names):

Detailed Personality:

Favourite things (colours, food, clothes etc.):


Tributes Taken

Here are the taken. Remember, reservations last 24 hours.

Name Age Gender District Appearance Birthday User

Tribute Gallery

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