Hello fellow Hunger Games Wiki User. Welcome to the Harry Potter Games. I have been gone from this wiki for a while now, and I'm returning, WITH A BRAND NEW GAMES, which will be a cross between Hunger Games and Harry Potter. I would like sign-ups please, just waste 2 minutes of your time helping me get tributes.


So, this will be how it works. These are basically The Hunger Games, but the tributes will be your own made up harry potter characters. There is 4 houses, and 24 tributes going in. So each house will offer 6 Tributes, 3 male and 3 females. They then will be a normal games, they will go in and fight. the aim of these games is for their house to win, so slytherins will all be working together and so will ravenclaws, gryffindors and hufflepuffs. However, the tribute also has a choice of what they do, so they can make other alliances with members from other houses. There will be normal weapons, but every time a tribute kills another tribute, they gain a wand whoch the can only use once. f they kill another, they can use it twice and so on. They can use any spells. The tribute who wins gets a choice in what they win, here will be the 4 options;

  1. Resurect their house
  2. Resurect a tribute from each house
  3. President of the Capital
  4. £100,000,000 cash prize


  • NO SWEARING OR OFFENDING OTHERS. (they may be swearing in the story)
  • No going mental if your tribute dies.
  • A user can enter 2 tributes, no more.
  • First come, First serve
  • Have fun.


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • D.O.B:
  • House:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance (may include lunaii but I will make another):
  • Personality (detailed):
  • Family Members (full name ad ages):
  • Favourite Spell:
  • Weapon:
  • Others:



Name Age Gender Weapon(s) User


Name Age Gender Weapon(s) User


Name Age Gender Weapon(s) User


Name Age Gender Weapon(s) User

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