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  • Cherrybunny01

    hello this will be my first hunger games sooo of course it has to be a quell. Oh and the quell twist is... if a tribute dies then someone they are close to must die as well MWAHAHA. I shall do reapings and interviews. note reapings and interview are 3rd person soo it'll be like;

    district one was quite sunny today and the escort was dressed up like a giant emerald which glitered in the sunlight. the people wanting to get picked were all chatting exictedly blah blah blah.

    yea so here are the rules:

    • tributes will have to follow the template but i do accept on my profiles.
    • you may advertise you're own games but only once.
    • your tributes are beautiful BUT WILL DIE!!!! sooo accept their death and don't get mad about it.
    • reservations last three days.
    • dis…

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