hello this will be my first hunger games sooo of course it has to be a quell. Oh and the quell twist is... if a tribute dies then someone they are close to must die as well MWAHAHA. I shall do reapings and interviews. note reapings and interview are 3rd person soo it'll be like;

district one was quite sunny today and the escort was dressed up like a giant emerald which glitered in the sunlight. the people wanting to get picked were all chatting exictedly blah blah blah.

yea so here are the rules:


  • tributes will have to follow the template but i do accept on my profiles.
  • you may advertise you're own games but only once.
  • your tributes are beautiful BUT WILL DIE!!!! sooo accept their death and don't get mad about it.
  • reservations last three days.
  • district 13 and the capitol aren't included
  • say you have a district 9 tribute male who is BORING and someone posts a unicorn,firefighting, jedi district 9 tribute the better one will be accepted (but you probobly won't have that much competion.)
  • I'm not going to turn an awesome tribute away based on their skin colour or something.
  • mild swearing and maybe sexual situations.
  • 4 tributes per user

tribute template

remember I accept from my profiles.

  • name:
  • district:
  • gender:
  • age:
  • weapon:
  • pros:
  • cons:
  • backstory (a short summary is all i will post):
  • games strategy:
  • interview strategy:
  • bloodbath strategy:
  • token (optional):
  • allies:
  • person to die for them:
  • appearance (lunaii, actual photo or greatly describe so I can make one):


  • Christopher Lilith (1m)
  • Katharin Seroine (1f)
  • Maverik Camdan (2m)
  • Ivy Willik (2f)
  • Brey Slan (3m)
  • Dina Crey (3f)
  • Daniel bluewater (4m)
  • lily veronica (4f)
  • Grayson Young (5m)
  • Cassia Slyara (5f)
  • Jake Rivers (6m)
  • Frey Velveta (6f)
  • Quineroo Salvix (7m)
  • Ivyana "Ivy" Wood (7f)
  • Jason Henry (8m)
  • Jezabelle Swift (8f)
  • Daniel Slicer (9m)
  • Kaylie alleman (9f)
  • Jase Slith (10m)
  • Kopesh Taylors (10f)
  • Landon Sean (11m)
  • luna star (11f)
  • Basilla String (12m)
  • Pepper Glace (12f)


district gender age weapon pros cons


token person to die strategy allies user
Christopher "Chris" Lilith 1 male 15 Throwing Knives,Camoflauge,Sword and Combat Combat, running, trickery climbing,emotional parents died when he was born. grew up with sister who won the games at 15. didn't have any friends until his sister let him. made one friend when he was 11 he played with him and only trusted his friend and his sister. dosen't trust people  a necklace hidden in his scarf sister

kill with careers then kill them. be himself at interview. kill a lot in the bloodbath and get their items then run

careers but will eventually kill them Mangosadd

Katharin Seroine (ka-tha-rin se-ro-wahn)

1 female 17 Dagger / Bow and Arrow

Strength, Swimming,  Power,                            Accurate Aim, Speed

Usually Off-Focus, Darkness, Bigger Tributes, Arrogance, Overconfident

She got inspired by watching The Hunger Games and the District 1 female won. She started to train so that she could be the same.

Diamond Ring  best friend Get any w.o.c., kill as many tributes and take over the cornucopia with the other careers. careers QuinerooSalvix
 Maverik Camdan 2 male 17 basically anything he can find

running, charm,

learns fast,

wit, hand-to-hand combat

climbing his brother died because of the 18 year old d1 male. his parents died as they disobeyed orders. lives with sister Raven alone in their house.

Raven's bracelet


don't ally with careers someone from an outlying district brains over brawn is important. be charming at interview. get supplies at bloodbath

pepper and anyone she allies with.


Ivy Willik 

2 female 17

bow and arrows

Bow and arrows, knives, steath, strategic, smart hot headed, ad-hd, soft spot for twelve year olds  parents were the mayor and his wife. When  9, parents got murdered. lived on streets with another girl, who was an orphan. Ivy was the leader of the pack. They hid for 3 reapings. When Ivy was 14, her friend got shot they made ivy go to the reapings. She met a twelve year old girl on the streets when she was 17. Ivy loved her like a sister, which made her weak for 12yr olds. They went to the reaping. her friend was called and Ivy volunteered.

necklace with a black leather cord and the dictrict 2 seal as a charm

12 year old friend. sexy daring at interview. careers


Brey Slan 3 male 16 technology Smart,Used to pain, has very high IQ, good swimmer and runner expert at making technology out of wires and such and electronics and wiring climbing He is the smartest in his class.He has a best friend named Julie Tin who he met when she was 4  none julie tin

Kill with bombs or anything he can make out of wires and things in games. wants to sound cool and confident at interview. run at bloodbath

district partner Larry Mango
Dina Cray 3 female 18

Throwing Knives,               Knife, Daggers and Spears. but if loses weapons Hand To Hand Combat

good killer, climbing, running, swimming, combat, charm if she becomes too close to people she cant kill She watched the hunger games since childhood.  ok with blood and gore. mother joined the Hunger Games and  got killed by the careers as she was the last non career. she scored 5th because she killed 4 female she hates the careers because of it. Necklace with flower Brother

find food when she starves she will try to kill a career when she encounters one. tries her best and tries to get sponsors with her charm. get a bag and run at bloodbath

District Partner or anybody strong Mangosadd
Daniel Bluewater 4 male 16 trident and spear. Fishing, Using a trident hopeless romantic  lives in a little town in District 4. Spearfishes all the time. fish pin friend jerald Find Careers and help them, but usually doesn't kill careers ninjamellark
 Lily Veronica 4 female 16 Spear and Machete Throwing knives, throwing spears stupid Lives in a tiny house that she shares with her mother and brother. Goes out to find friends so they can go spear fishing Twigs and sticks stuck together with wax, made by her father and her. mother get backpack and find daniel daniel ninjamellark
Grayson Young 5 male 15 Bow and arrows, throwing knives, wires Intelligence, agility, steath, very fit, healing He is bad with most weapons besides knives and bows. He is not great at climbing. lives with his father and his brother, Nathan. mum died from unkown causes, and ever since, he does not trust anyone besides Autumn and Nathan. does not have a strong relationship with his father, therfore spends most of his time with Autumn. Autumn threatens suicide to Grayson if he does not come back alive from the arena therefore, this gives him confidence to win the games, for himself and Autumn. A necklace with a safire amulet that he recieved from Autumn Autumn

He appears robust and confident, but also very shy. Get the nearest weapon and any other supplies, and get out as fast as posible. Grayson plans to ally with anyone from district 8 or above because they are proven to have lower scores, therefore, if he needs to, he can backstab them before they do to him. does not trust carreers. Once out of the bloodbath, Grayson plans to find food, water, and a hiding place to camp for the night.

Would accept one, but would backstab if he had a single doubt.

Grayson Uhlir

Cassia Slyara

5 female 15 stealth, bow and arrow fast, quiet, agile, smart, stealthy, edible fruits and plants small, bony, insonmiac (literally CANT sleep) always been an orphan. went to orphanage in the drearist part of town at the age of 12 everybody hated her so she ran away when she was 13. people found her and put her in d5's secret training center.The head (mr. statinsk) adopted her when she was 14, because she was the smartest kid in the class. at the reaping, Statinsk's 12 year old daughter gets reaped and cassia volunteered none mr.Statinsk smart and sweet nobody


Jake Rivers 6 male 16 Camoflauge,Knives,Throwing Axe,Spears,Bow and arrow Good aim, swimming, climbing, running

Effaminate,Bisexual,He easily falls in love if he does he wont kill them

He has always hated the Hunger Games as a kid his hate for it grew more when his crush died she placed 2nd killed by District 7 Female.He found out something he was bisexual when he was a kid and people found out and he got insulted.When it was time for the reaping his crush(a boy) got reaped he voulenteered Heart locket friend

Find daniel at the bloodbath and Hide using camofaluge most likely on trees or rocks then when a tribute comes he will kill them with his knives or any other weapon.

He will just answer the questions but when somebody asks him if he is straight he will go mute

Daniel Pop ups of duty
Frey Velveta 6 female 16 Sword, Bow and Arrow, Blowgun Smart, Swimming, Climbing, Running, Good aim Is not really physically strong,small for her age She is considered to be a nerd at her school and her best friend is a guy who is very popular and who she has a crush on his name is Hunter. Scarf hunter

Use her knowledge to gain informartion about the tributes and kill them. Be herself (yeah being a total nerd). Get anything most likely weapons then run away

district partner Pop Ups Of Duty

Quineroo Salvix (kee-ne-ru sal-viks)

7 male 17 Axe  Good Aim, Strong, Ability to Adapt to the Environment, Can Withstand Serious Pain, Knowledge Climbing, Thinking About Family,  Swimming,  Hand to Hand Combat, Easily Gets Lost sister died in the games because of the d1 female and quineroo was angered by this and trained to kill the d1 female.  His sister's favorite green handkerchief that was passed on through generations that is quite usable until now. It was made in District 8. mother stand tall and vicious on pedestal so nobody will attack him. run then comeback and try to kill the careers.

has friendship with careers. district partner possibly


Ivyana "Ivy" Wood

7 female 17 Axe,Teeth,Hand to Hand Combat,Throwing Knives,Throwing Axe,Spear Fast, Climbing, Sharp shooter, Combat, Sharp teeth, Amazing at taming animals and mutts

Afraid of Insects, 

Her family is the richest family in District 7. has tons of friends but only cares about her best friend, (and later boyfriend) Ezekiel. she learned how to tame animals and when she became 15 she asked  her parents if she would train but she would have to go to a new school she told Ezekiel. while training she learnt how to use different weapons and later Ezekiel moved to the training class she was very happy.She  had her teeth carved to make it sharp.

An Amulet given to her by Ezekiel Ezekiel Spike

Kill the weaker tributes first and just keep on killing. Will catch the attention of others by being sexy and beautiful. She will try to kill but if she cant anymore she will run away with a bag

district partner Larry Mango

Jason Henry

8 male 15 blow gun tall, fast, strong loud, unfriendly dad, sister and brother died. peacekeepers killed dad brother was pushed into an electric fence. sister was reaped for 96th games. a wrist band he made. mother

be happy at interview get supplies but be careful.

Jezabelle Swift. or someone he meet in training

Jezabelle Swift

8 female 13 slingshot small, fast small, slighty weak Poor has 7 siblings none cousin marie

evade people and appear weak. at the bloodbath she runs away with nothing

none Yowhyy
Daniel Slicer 9 male 15 Combat, throwing knives, throwing axe strong, swimming, running climbing

His parents died when he was 5 he got sad about this and when he grew up he always got bullied by others which affected him finally he had enough he trained everyday and bullied the kids back he was obsessed with bullying others until he realized it was wrong he voulenteered for the games so if he won his district would be proud and he didnt care about his life anymore so if he dies it wont matter

braclet mother

Get some supplies and find Jake and together they will kill.

 He will just answer the questions politely

Jake Pop ups of duty

Kaylie alleman

9 female 15 tomahawk inteligent, dosen't get attached to things easily, very fast  can't swim, can't use a lot of weapons very well except tomahawk has an older sister and brother and a younger brother. her younger brother is 8 and her sister is 18, her other brother is 16. She lives with both of her parents. Her parents treat her well but her father is abusive towards her mother, something only she knows. She was reaped and kept expecting one of her siblings to volunteer for her but no one did. Her family isnt rich but they arent poor, either. braclet 8 yr old brother

she will not hunt for other tributes to kill but if she happens to come across one, she'll kill. she does not want to ally with anybody. appear lethal and brave. get what she needs, (tomahawk, pack) and get out without looking back( not litterally, she can look back behinf herself, but she won't go back for anything or anyone.)

none Katniss992710
Jase Slith 10 male 16 Sickle, Knife, Sword, Combat, Scythe Knowledge, Strong, Accurate, Climbing, Running


He had a bad life growing up always bullied by others because he was too nice well that changed him a bit he is still nice but not nearly as nice as he was before.He wanted to join the hunger games so he kept on training and training he learned how to use some weapons but he was best with his main weapon the Scythe.

A skull pendant


Just keep being in his alliance and kill but after that he will eventually kill them. Wants too sound cool trustworthy confident and nice. Kill and get a bag and just go with his alliance

he will ask any group that he wants to join E.V.R.M

Kopesh Taylors

10 female 17 swords, darts Climbing, swords, darts, hand-to-hand combat Missing her family

Lives with her brother on the ranch and takes care of her cattle and precious lamb, Bo Peep. Reaped in the usual fashion.

a rope braclet Brother

Ally if she has to, just stay ALIVE!

ally if she has too Brynn1999
Landon Sean 11 male 14 scythes Plants, climbing, Scythes, running Killing, weak, not strong Lives on his own and was recently adopted by a family. His younger sister was reaped last year and was killed in the final 4 when she went up against a ruthless D4 boy, who unfortunately ended up winning the games. He doesn't know it, but he's a cousin of Thresh.

His sister's ring.


Get on the outskirts of the woods and wait to grab stuff when the Careers leave (Foxface) or leave and survive on his own.

none Brynn1999
Luna Star 11 female 12 Net, Spear, Teeth, Bow and Arrow

SWIMMING!!!,can live in water,hard scales,in order to kill her you have to remove her hard scales of if you dont no weapon can get through her scales,running,accuracy,she can camoflauge in the water

climbing, can only stay on land for 12 hours. she's not a mermaid, capitol made a mutt called a Barruarkana (ba-ru-war-ka-na) and set it off to the ocean where it is connected to every district but it can survive in land for about 1 hour it's very dangerous. it turns people  into a mutt and it has razor sharp teeth will often eat and kill people.  it just so happens that Luna is a good swimmer matching those of district 4, when swimming she got bit by a Barruarkana. after a few days she became a mutt but she still had some of her human D.N.A she grew a tail and gills also very hard scales some people shunned her but her family still accepted her especially her older sister Ferie (note:she still has legs and her tail grew to her butt not to her legs) temprature ferie

Drown the tributes but if any tributes can swim she will get her net and kill them with her spear or bite and if she spots any tributes while she is in the water she will fire her bow and arrow to the tributes heart. She will crack a few jokes and tell her story. Get any thing and run to the water


Basilla String 12 male 18 Spears,Throwing Knives,Sword Running,Climbing,Jumping,Weapon Expert Swimming,a bit of an idiot,bossy,mean,jerk was a very nice guy growing up he loved and cared about others. but was bullied by lots of other kids but it did not change him he still wanted to be nice but after lots of kids got mad at him he realized something he was not meant to be the nice guy at all he was meant to be the mean guy so he became mean and became a jerk he became very happy because his life was finally great (to him) none rival (cares about the guy he does not understand and thinks that Basilla is still nice but deep inside basilla hates him)

Kill any tributes. Say some very mean things about the other tributes. Kill and get their things

none Pop Ups Of Duty
Pepper Glace 12 female 17 throwing knives climbing, running, smart, plants isn't quite strong friend died in fire and shut herself up to people except for friend but he asked her out she declined. loves brother jakob and tells him stories. once met prim rue mellark necklace (in pic) Jakob

ally with someone and try to survive. be herself at interview. grab backpck at outskirts and find allies at bloodbath.

Maverik, anyone else Brynn1999


district 1:

District 1 was sunny as usual and the crowd was a noisy happy buzz of chat. The girls were all chatting excitedly and the guys were having contests for who should volunteer. All the girls were wearing only the most fashionable dresses with their hair in cascading curls. The men were all dressed handsomely and smiling a dazzling smile that while it had seemingly no effect on the girls in district 1 it would get any other girl to fall in love with them instantly. Everybody fell silent when the escort strutted forward onto the stage wearing a deep blue dress that shimmered every time she moved. Her hair was also blue and she wore a small blue hat that was tilted to the side. She was a normal colour and she had blue eye shadow and full red lips which were turned into a smile. The escort started grinning and called out to the crowd “well let’s get this show on the road” and the crowd started cheering “now this is why district 1 is number 1!” the crowd roared again and the escort was obviously enjoying it. “Well lets pick our lucky girl,” the girls all started cheering “and for the girls...” “I VOLUNTEER!” screamed several girls. “You are gorgeous! I pick you,” exclaims the escort and she points at one of the girls. She elegantly walks up the stage and says her name. “Katharin Seroine” she says then puts her hand elegantly on her chest and bats her eyelashes. The crowd roars. “now for the boys we have ...” “I VOLUNTEER” screams a lot of the boys. One of them runs up the stage and screams into the microphone “I am Christopher Lilith and I’m district 1’s male tribute” the crowd roars again. “Well I give you district 1’s proud tributes Katharin Seroine and Christopher Lilith!” she screams and holds up their hands. “Now shake hands,” they do and Katharin bats her eyelashes again. 

District 2:

District 2 was sunny but had quite a lot of clouds in the sky. The crowd was again chatting noisily. The boys waiting to be reaped seemed to all be tall muscular tanks while the girls seemed small, petite and fragile but were probably going to be the biggest threat. The girls were all wearing beautiful dresses but defiantly not as fashionable as district 1. Many of the men were wearing plaid shirts that were rolled up at the sleeves to show their muscles.  The crowd fell silent as their escort showed up. He was wearing a gladiator suit except instead of having a sword he had a bright blue walking stick with sliver studs covering it. In fact his whole attire had sliver studs on it. He looked ridiculous but most of the girls didn’t notice his clothes at all as they were hypnotized by the escorts stunning looks. His hair was gelled back and was dyed jet black, his face was handsome and he had a short beard on his chin that didn’t make him look rugged but made him look beautiful. He charmingly smiled and exclaimed, “I am Cleave and am so happy to choose the lucky tributes from district 2!” the crowd cheers again and Cleave grins showing his dazzling white teeth. “Now let’s pick the girls” he reaches into the girl’s bowl and picks out a crumpled slip, “our lucky female tribute is ....” “I VOLUNTEER!” screams almost every girl. “This is why I love district 2, you guys are so eager. I choose ... you,” he points to a petite black haired girl and she prances up the stage and says, “I’m Ivy Willik” cheers erupt from the crowd and Ivy smiles charmingly. “hullo Ivy, now for the boys we have ...” he didn’t go anywhere near the boy’s bowl before a roar of “I VOLUNTEER”s erupted from the boys area. “ I pick.. you,” he smiles at a 17 year old who jogs up the stage and calls into the microphone, “Maverik Camdan people,” he then raises his hands in the air and the crowd roars for him. “ladies and gentlemen I give you district 2’s tributes Maverik Camdan and Ivy Willik!” the crowd roars and a lot of wolf-whistling could be heard. District 2’s tributes were certainty good lookers. 

District 3:

District 3 was cloudy as usual and the boys and girls were nervously chatting to each other. The crowd was full of people who suffered from burns, probably all of that tinkering with wires. The boys and girls were all dressed in very drab clothes and their hair was black, brown or blond. Many of the children were covered in dirt and had sad expressions on their faces. Also a lot had glasses. The chit-chat slowly subsided as the escort walked onto the stage. The escort was wearing a dress that seemed to be a bunch of brightly coloured wires wrapped around her skinny figure. In fact it was just a bunch of wires that even stretched along the back of her hands. She was a yellow colour and her hair was done very extravagantly and was neon yellow. “Hello I’m sepal and I’m district 3’s escort” there was scattered applause but also quite a bit of booing. Obviously annoyed the escort muttered, “Well then I look fabulous and you idiotic fools don’t even applaud me, let’s just pick the tributes and get this over with,” she puts a heavily manicured hand into the girl’s bowl, “for the girls we have... Dina Cray!” An 18yr old walked slowly up the stage. She seemed nervous and was clenching her fists. Her long blonde hair obscured her face from view. The escort reached out her hand to Dina and she shook it but she squeezed it very hard. “Well you have a very firm handshake dear,” she was getting even angrier, “for the boys we have ... Brey Slan!” a depressed sigh could be heard from the 16yr olds section as a brown haired bespectacled boy walked up the stage he smiled at Dina and shook hands with the escort politely. “well here are your tributes from district 3 Dina Cray and Brey Slan, now just get on the stinking train for god sakes,”  scattered applause could be heard and a couple voices could be discerned saying  “you can do it” or “I believe in you,” but these people were probably crying as they said it.

District 4:

District 4 was very hot and sunny as usual. Many of the men there were wearing a tank top or no shirt at all. The girls tended to be wearing summer dresses. The crowd was a noisy chatter like the other career districts. Even when the escort showed up the crowd continued to talk. “SILENCE!!” commanded the escort, “Not impressed district 4 you are a career district you should be setting an example for the other districts!” most people rolled their eyes at that. Their escort was VERY bossy and always complained about the noise. “Well now that you are quiet we can begin,” he started smiling and became cheery again. He really looked stupid this year. His hair was long and blue; he was wearing red lipstick and blusher which was supposed to make him a look beautiful. He wasn’t wearing a shirt which exposed his pale skin he was wearing a blue mermaid tail which made it very hard for him to walk. “Well first of all let’s hear it for district 4 and there soon to be champions!” the crowd roars not for the escort or the reaping or the hunger games but for their district’s pride and the brave people that are going in it to win it. “well lets choose the girls then!” he awkwardly waddles to the girl’s bowl, “Now for the girls...” “I VOLUNTEER!” “Brilliant, now you come up here,” he points to a pretty brunette in the 16yr old section. She walks up the stage and smiles to the escort, “Hello I’m Lily Veronica,” the crowd cheers. “Nice to meet you Lily, and now for the boys.” “I VOLUNTEER!” scream several of the boys, “you!” says the escort, 16yr old strides up the stage, he was only wearing a pair of shorts and was smiling charmingly. He was tan and his sky blue eyes were full of joy that would be destroyed in the arena. “Daniel Bluewater ladies,” he smiles again and the ladies cheer for him. “Here are your tributes from district 4, Daniel Bluewater and Lily Veronica!” the crowd cheers and wolf-whistles.

District 5:

District 5 was glum and all around the area were different types of factories. The boys and girls were chatting nervously, each of them terrified by the games. Only a small few were dressed in clean clothes and weren’t starving. Most however were starved of food and looked more like skeletons than people. They hushed when their crazy escort strutted onto the stage. She was bright yellow all over. she was wearing a yellow dress and started grinning like an idiot. “Well helooooo ere’body dets get dis show on de road den, but you guyzz suck sooo ders no point anywayzzzz!!” she starts twirling and dancing over to the girls bowl, “our dumm girl izzzz ... Cazzy slyra!! No wat dis isn’t rit somebody help meh wit dis!” The mayor comes over and reads it out, “It’s Cassia Slyara!” a cute girl with blonde hair walks up the stage nervously, “hi i’m Cassia,” “You hazz a stupid name child, now teh dude izz Grayson Young!” another blonde walks up and says hello “Now you don’t hav a stupid name lik diz girl ova der,” she gestures to Cassia “erm... why do you talk like an idiot Ms. Weird escort lady,” “It’s de style ejitt boyyy, shake handzz and dets just leave,” They shake hands and Grayson rolls his eyes at the escort and Cassia smiles. 

District 6:

The district was a happy buzz of chat. The people of district 6 were all poorly dressed and you could tell they hadn’t ever had a full stomach in their whole lives. Those who were well of were dressed very respectably and were scanning the crowd, bored searching for someone with a status of power. The poor ones were laughing, brawling and chatting excitedly amongst themselves. They hushed when the snotty escort walked forward onto the stage wearing a huge fur cape, a tube top with shorts and stilettos. She spoke with one of those snotty, arrogant voices that made you hate the speaker, “well, well, never been much of a fashion district have you?” she spat on the ground and continued over to the girls bowl, “Frey Velveta for the ladies,” A small bespectacled girl walked up the stage nervously while a couple of people booed at her. “not very popular are we now?” sneered the escort, Frey looked down obviously hurt by this very public, very rude comment. “for the boys we have ... Luke Swimmer,” a cute boy walked up the stage, “I VOLUNTEER!” screamed a boy in the crowd, he rushed up the stage and said his name, “J-Jake Rivers,” he stuttered and was also booed, “So did you volunteer to kill yourself because you have no friends, I would,” Jake also felt bad about the fact that she just insulted him in front of the whole nation. “So the tributes are loser-ly Frey Velveta and suicidal Jake Rivers,” the audience booed at the two.

District 7:

District 7 was sunny but that was hard to see as the tall, leafy trees blocked most of the sunlight from view. The stage was in a clearing in the forest and only the boys and girls waiting to be picked stood near it while guards made a circle around the tributes so that nobody could escape in the woods if their name was picked. The rest of the population had to keep a great distance from the stage. Nobody liked the fact that the capitol decided to hold the reaping in the forest, their forest, not the capitols, never theirs. They all hushed as the escort arrived, “hello everybody,” he smiled. He was wearing a brown tuxedo and his neck and up was green including his wild curly hair. “now let’s get started, for the girls .... Ivyana Wood!” a girl with green hair and gray-black eyes walked forward onto the stage and waved, “now the boy is ... Kinerow Salvi!” he exclaimed. A blond boy with piercing blue eyes walked onto the stage and said, “it’s actually Quineroo Salvix, it’s pronounced kee-ne-ru,” the escort wasn’t wasn’t happy that he was corrected by some kid from the tree district but the audience clapped and cheered at that. “So know-it-all Quineroo Salvix and the decent one Ivyana Wood!” the audience clapped slightly for both.

District 8:

As always district 8 was cold and grey. None of the factories that populated district 8 were working as everybody in the district has to attend the reapings. The tributes were all waiting nervously all too scared to talk normally. Most of the smaller children were covered in rags and had to be keep a great distance from the reapings because they cry through it every year. Some tributes actually looked forward to seeing the games on the tv as most hadn’t ever seen grass in their lives’. The tiny chat disappeared as the escort strode up onto the stage wearing a costume that resembled a patchwork quilt. “well district 8 let’s hope we get a victor this year,” she says excitedly, “now our lucky girl is... Jezabelle Swift!” nobody walked up until somebody pushed a little girl out of the 12 yr olds section. A brunette that was obviously Jezabelle Swift slowly walked onto the stage shaking with every step, hoping that someone was going to volunteer all she could her was the and all she could see were a thousand pairs of eyes looking at her sadly, knowing that this girl is going to die. Probably from some career brute who’d just stab her then leave without any remorse whatsoever. The escort noticed her unhappiness and bent down to her level and smiled saying, “I’m so sorry, but don’t worry about it until you need to,” she looked up and nodded solemly. “now for the boys we have... Jason Henry,” A tall lad bounded up the stage and gave Jezabelle a small hug and the escort a firm handshake. “Now our brave district 8 tributes are Jezabelle Swift and Jason Henry!” the crowd was silent all were sad that a 12yr old had to go into these games and die a painful, gruesome death, just for some sick, sick people’s entertainment.

District 9:

District nine was quite sunny but the factories blocked most of it from view. The sun shone from the south as that was where the main grain fields were. A lot of the tributes were wearing farmer style clothes and were talking sadly about the games. They had heard that District 10 never got any victors and that most of the time tributes would all die in the initial bloodbath. Most tributes had their name in the reaping bowl multiple times for the tesserae but not nearly as much as district’s 10, 11 and 12. Nobody was pleased by the games and where hoping that nobody would have to die for the capitol’s entertainment. “Let’s get this show on the road again!” exclaimed the escort who had suddenly appeared from nowhere. The escort was male wearing a tuxedo with the look and texture of wheat and his hair was fair and spiky. He walked over to the girl’s bowl and said, “for the lucky girl we have... Kaylie Alleman!” A girl with curly dirty blond hair awkwardly walked up the steps hoping that someone would volunteer. But no one did. She was looking down at the ground sadly and only looked up slightly when she got to the top of the stage. “Hello Kaylie, now our lucky boy is ...” “I VOLUNTEER!” shrieked a blond boy from the crowd. He ran up the steps and said into the microphone, “I’m Daniel Slicer,” he spoke nervously but still had some confidence. The escort smiled at Daniel, proud that his district had a volunteer. “Our tributes are Kaylie Alleman and Daniel Slicer,” the audience clapped a little for both of the tributes.

District 10:

District 10 was sunny and had that faint smell of cow dung. Some people were dressed up in farmer style clothes. People where chatting excitedly and gossiping about the games. They didn’t like the killing in the hunger games but they thought that the games would only be there for a year. They were wrong. The boys and girls were all wearing their finest clothes but they still didn’t hold a candle to the district 1 fashion choices. The crowd fell silent as the escort walked onto the stage, she was wearing pumps she was also wearing a dress that was made of leather and topped it off with some cow ears (fake cow ears. Seriously not some fashion word. Actual cow ears). “hey everybody let’s get the reapings started now!” she walked over to the girls bowl, “our girl is Kopesh Taylors!” Kopesh walked up the stage nervously, her pigtails swaying in the slight wind. “good luck Kopesh, now our boy is... Jase Slith!” a boy with messy black hair walked up the stage and smiled to the crowd. “good luck Jase,” “thanks you” replied the boy. “Now district 10’s brave tributes are Kopesh Taylors and Jase Slith!” the crowd claps for them both.

District 11:

District 11 was sunny with the occasional cloud in the sky. Nobody in the whole district looked like they had ever had a full stomach. Neither the less the whole district was alive and full of energy. A lot of the boys weren’t wearing shirts because of the heat and the girls were wearing pretty dresses with sandals. The noise disappeared when the escort entered the stage. She was young and was wearing a light green dress with fruit patterns on it, she was wearing pumps and her curly red hair was hanging loosely. “Welcome everybody to district 11’s reaping!” she exclaimed. “Now our lucky girl is... Luna Star!” The crowd was taken aback and so was the escort. Luna was sort of like a mermaid but with legs. She had grey hair and pointed teeth. She was slightly upset by everyone’s reaction but she had gotten used to it. When she got to the top of the stage she snarled at the crowd. “Hey luna good luck, now the boy is... Landon Sean!” a boy with black hair and a sour expression on his face walked up the stage and waved. “Now I give you district 11’s tributes Luna Star and Landon Sean!”

District 12:

Unlike the previous districts, 12 was quite grey and it was drizzling. Nobody liked the cold and nobody was talking either again unlike the previous districts. The Rebellion had a VERY negative impact on district 12. Nobody looked happy but that was probably due to district 12’s low amount of victors. When the escort walked onto the stage. She was young and was wearing a long black dress with fire patterns at the bottom. Her long black hair was flowing and she was wearing red lipstick. “sup guys, I’m the escort just so you’s know,” she walked over to the girl’s bowl, dipped her hand into and picked out a slip, “Pepper Glace,” a girl with brown-ish hair and sparkling blue eyes, stepped up the stage. the escort smiled at her then said, “the guy is Basilla String,” a boy with black hair walked up the stage, he was normal except for a long black scar on his cheek. “our district 12 tributes are Pepper Glace and Basilla String!” she yelled. The audience didn’t clap. They were sad for this is the first games after the rebellion and the gamemakers would be doing everything in their power to make sure that these tributes help pay the price for causing the rebellion.


The new president Fire Oblitio flew up the stage. When she stood at her podium she flew up slightly so that she was levitated over everybody (check lunaii, she has wings) she spoke in a clear voice that would instantly get everybody’s attention, “I am your leader, listen to me, bow to me and most importantly, obey me, understood?” she then said, “look what your silly wars have done, look around you, I’ve ended it though. But the price I’ve had to pay is terrible. Look at my eye it is ruined and I don’t have legs. (she has no legs and her body is very charred) See me. I’m nothing but the being that stopped the war and gave us this great era. But I’ve talked enough. You tributes need to know what I’m going to do to you’s,” with that she flew over to somebody who was holding a box that contained the quell notes. Fire took one and read it aloud, “To show that one death caused a chain reaction and
Fire oblitio

Presedent Fire Oblitio

also to show that families were destroyed during the war, When each tribute dies then someone they are close to must die as well,” with that she flew off and left the whole of panem in despair that even though they weren’t chosen for the games they still had to die in them.


Christopher lillith (1M):

Caeser: hello there Christopher can i call you chris 

Chris: yes of course. And just so you know i’m here tonight to show the real me before i turn insane

Caeser: of course so how do you feel about the games being reinstalled?

Chris: I enjoy it quite myself, also it gives us a chance to make our district proud

Caeser: Yes that is important, so do you have anything you’d like to say to the audience?

Chris: I love you sis and capitol if i die then make my death tasteful

Caeser: how do you feel about the twist?

Chris: hate it also we don’t find out who it is until the morning of the games.

Caeser: Well Just if it helps, the gamemakers set it up so that they are a sort of guardian angel

Chris: Like watching over us?

Caeser: Well ye- wait! You tricked me! ~mouth opens ~

Chris: yes I did but you should have seen your face! Priceless!

Caeser: yes well... so what’s life like back at home?

Chris: good. I’m really close to my sister and I have this one friend who I always talk to

Caeser: lovely but I’m afraid your time is up Chris

Caeser: Christopher lillith everybody

Everybody claps

Katharin Seroine (1F):

Katharin enters wearing a diamond necklace, and a green dress with pearls embroidered onto it.

Caeser: hello Kartharin what a lovely dress I must say!

Katharin: why thank you! And I must say I am so happy to be here!

Caeser: yes the capitol is amazing so tell me about yourself?

Katharin: Well I’ve been training for the hunger games for quite some time now and that’s really the only important things in my life

Caeser: Well you must have some friends and family you can talk about?

Katharin: Well I have my family and my best friend

Caeser: interesting but now that I think about it let’s save them for last. So how do you think about the twist

Katharin: If i’d known I wouldn’t have volunteered! I feel terrible about it. When I volunteered I volunteered my life but not my friend’s and families’ lives.

Caeser: I know it’s a shame... So are you enjoying the capitol?

Katharin: Yes It’s amazing! I’ve never eaten so much before! Plus it’s so colourful I love it! I could just walk the streets for days, looking at the colours!

Caeser: I know It’s great here. Plus if you win then you’ll be coming here a lot!

Katharin: Really? I can’t wait!!

Caeser: Only if you win though

Katharin: Doesn’t seem like much competition though so winning will be no problem.

Caeser: Yes well sorry but we’re out of time. Audience I give you Katharin Seroine!

Audience cheers

Maverik Camdan (2M):

Caeser: hello maverik how do you feel tonight?

Maverik: ~smiles~ Great caeser the training center is just tops

Caeser: Glad to see you like it so tell me about yourself?

Maverik: not much to say caeser. I live alone with my sister Raven

Caeser: Well ok then is there anything else? What hobbies do you have?

Maverik: I don’t do much but to help feed Raven and I.

Caeser: How noble of you! So see any threats this year?

Maverik: That guy from 1 is quite dangerous also the guy from 7, the girl from 11 is freaky as hell and I’m keeping away from her! The district 4s are both tough but they’re toolheads!

Audience chuckles

Caeser: Well I haven’t met them yet but I’ll take your word for it...

Maverik: Trust me! Well that guy from 9, slicer I think, he seems a bit of a threat with those ranged weapons but maybe i’ll be able to tackle him

Caeser: so are you going with the careers or solo?

Maverik: Neither. I’ll be allying with someone from one of the outlying districts; I’ve already got plans to ally with pepper (12f) and anybody she allies with.

Caeser: Well Maverik your time’s up. It’s a pleasure speaking with you

Maverik: same here caeser

Audience claps and cheers for maverick.

Ivy Willik (2f):

Ivy enters wearing a beautiful bronze dress with her hair up.

Caeser: Hello Ivy I love your dress!

Ivy: ~smiles charmingly~ Thank you Caeser, I must say that it’s good that we have these interviews so you can see the tributes before they become hunks of bloody meat, courtesy of me of course!

Caeser: Lovely! So any threats this year?

Ivy: That girl from 11 looks dangerous but if we can’t recruit then we kill her.

Caeser: Seems like a good strategy. So what do you think of the twist

Ivy: oh. The twist... I honestly don’t like it but when I volunteered I basically signed off my rights as a human. But I may win if I try hard enough so it mightn’t even matter.

Caeser: That’s the spirit! So what do you think about the games being reinstated?

Ivy: A lot of people are poor in our district and have to rely on the gifts our district gets for winning, to survive at times. It’s a good thing that the games are back because they are so much fun! ~smiles charmingly and flips her hair~

Caeser: yes they are! So do you like the capitol?

Ivy: Love it! I haven’t ever been in somewhere so fancy before!

Caeser: Time’s up Ivy. Loved speaking to you!

Ivy: right back at ya Caeser!

Audience cheers and a couple of wolf whistles are heard.

Brey Slan (3M):

Caeser: hello Brey, enjoying the capitol?

Brey: Lovin’ it Caeser! Food’s great!

Caeser: Glad you like it! So what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Brey: I was never really a fan myself

Caeser: So any threats this year?

Brey: Maybe the girl from 11 she is bleedin’ scary

Caeser: O... So what do you think of the twist?

Brey: Doesn’t matter I’m going to kick everyone’s asses anyway

Caeser: How can you think that when you’re from 3 and all?

Brey: My district doesn’t matter; I’m still going to kick all of their asses’

Caeser: Well time’s up. Brey Slan everybody!

Audience claps.

Dina Crey (3F):

Dina enters with her hair styled up and wearing a yellow dress.

Dina: Hello caeser, I’m honoured to be here tonight.

Caeser: that’s good. So what do you think about the games being reinstated?

Dina: I don’t really like it but what are you gonna do?

Caeser: I know. Well do you see any threats this year?

Dina: The boy from 1 and the girl from 11

Caeser: Yes the girl from 11 seems to be quite a threat this year.

Dina: You’ll see when you meet her.

Caeser: Interesting. So do you like the capitol?

Dina: What’s not to like. This place is amazing! I love it! 

Caeser: That’s good. But unfortunately your time is up.

Audience loves Dina’s spirit.

Daniel Bluewater (4M):

Caeser: Hello Daniel how do you like the capitol

Daniel: it sparkly...

Caeser: Erm... ok... What do you think of the games being reinstated

Daniel: I kill I happy

Caeser: K... What do you think of the twist

Daniel: ...

Caeser: well any threats this year

Daniel: Girl from 11 cweepy, me kill her

Caeser: Is there anything you’d like to say?

Daniel: I like trains

Caeser: that’s nice. What about home?

Daniel: wee fishies swim, wee fishies die...

Caeser: Interesting... Well do you like the food here in the capitol?

Daniel: It burns my tongue, I get angry

Caeser: ~sighs~ Well how do you do in school?

Daniel: special school, red stuff looks tasty in twaing...

Caeser: Well your time is up, I give you Daniel Bluewater!

Crowd cheers at the gorgeous but very stupid, boy of district 4.

(I decided to make him into a ruthless, yet very stupid, killer.)

Lily Veronica (4F):

Lily enters wearing blue dress with pearls on it.

Lily: my dress is shiny

Caeser: yes it is... So lily, do you like the capitol?

Lily: it pwetty

Caeser: Glad you like it... So what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Lily: People smile at tv, I can’t watch it...

Caeser: what about the twist?

Lily: ...

Caeser: So any threats this year

Lily: 11 girl gave me bad dweems

Caeser: ok... What do you think of the food in the capitol?

Lily: Ok...

Caeser: ok then...

Caeesr: Time’s up lily. I give you lily Veronica.

Capitol cheers thinking that lily was just like her district partner. Beautiful but stupid.

(I tried to make her into one of those beauty over brains people and she will probably kill for fun)

Grayson Young (5M):

Caeser: Hello Grayson, are you enjoying the capitol

Grayson: ~grins~ loving it, the food’s terrific.

Caeser: That’s good, so what do you think about the games being reinstated?

Grayson: I never really liked them...

Caeser: What about the twist?

Grayson: It’s a shame but my girlfriend, Autumn, says she would commit suicide if I were killed in the games. It gives me confidence

Caeser: Oh... well that’s good. Any threats this year?

Grayson: Well that girl from 11 is pretty freaky. The boy from 7 seems good with axes.

Caeser: Yes the girl from 11 seems quite the freak.

Grayson: Well she is.

Caeser: Interesting, so tell me about you

Grayson: Well I live with my brother and my father and I have a er... girlfriend-

Caeser: Interesting but your time’s up. I give you Grayson Young

Capitol likes Grayson and applauds him.

Cassia Slyara (5F):

Cassia enters wearing a simple black dress that reaches just below her knees, she is wearing heels and her blond hair is flowing.

Caeser: Hello Cassia, are you enjoying the capitol

Cassia: Very much, it has very interesting technology, if I come back here I plan on researching how you people create forcefields.

Caeser: Yes the capitol has some very... interesting... technology, so what do you think about the games being reinstated?

Cassia: Like most from district 5 I was never really a fan myself but I realise how useful they can be

Caeser: Yes. So what’s your opinion on the twist?

Cassia: It’s terrible! I hate that the people closest to us have to die if we die.

Caeser: Yes I understand but the quells have always been hard on the tributes, so any threats this year?

Cassia: That girl from 11 looks scary but I’m certain there’s still good left in her, the boy from 7 seems particularly dangerous.

Caeser: Interesting, so tell me about you

Cassia: I... Well... I never... had a... odd life it was perfectly normal!

Caeser: Ok don’t worry about it. But i’m afraid your time’s up Cassia

Cassia: Pleasure talking to you caeser.

Caeser: Same here, I give you Cassia Slyara

Capitol applauds her. They thinks she’s sweet and innocent.

Jake Rivers (6M):

Jake: Hello caeser!! Well I am just soo glad to be here! I just love that tuxedo you’re wearing! So stylish!

Caeser: Thank you! It’s about time somebody complimented my attire, I swear these tribute sre so wrapped up in these games that they almost never notice how fabulously I’m dressed, So are you enjoying the capitol?

Jake: How can one not enjoy the capitol! It’s so colourful and bright, plus these outfits are to die for!

Caeser: Totally! So what do think about these games being reinstated?

Jake: I don’t mind them but you should see the fits some people take when they get reaped!

Caeser: I know right! Well anyway what do you think about the twist?

Jake: Sure it’s terrible but what can you do about it?

Caeser: Yes of course, So any threats this year?

Jake: Well that girl from 11 has an... issue, but I think she may still be kind inside.

Caeser: Erm... by any chance are you... gay?

Jake: ....

Caeser: Well your time’s up anyway, I give you Jake Rivers

The capitol thinks that he’s nice and they also like his fashion sense, they applaud him

Frey Velveta (6F):

Frey enters wearing a dark green dress with her scarf

Caeser: Hello Frey what a lovely scarf! So are you enjoying the capitol

Frey: Due to statistics and the maths involved I’d lower my odds greatly and they aren’t high to begin with, also calculating the colours and silliness of the citizens of the area, my summary of the answer would be a yes but only a rough yes because without a calculator I can’t give an official answer only the rough numbers.

Caeser: What... I’m confused... What was your answer again?

Frey: Again without a calculator I can’t give an official answer but my rough answer is a yes.

 Caeser: So yes?

Frey: I can’t give the of-  never mind your idiocy prevents you from understands maths, my answer is yes

Caeser: Ok... Well what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Frey: I’ve calculated that over the course of the games there has been 1742 deaths of tributes and that astonishing number could really have turned the course of the war into the district’s favour, I believe that like many people in my district that these games are a means to control the population and make sure that the district people cannot rebel because their numbers are so low, so to answer the question, my answer is no and it will always be a no until the day I die which calculating my odds I will probably meet my demise during the games, I will say that my calculations are usually very exact so I’m entering these games thinking well almost knowing that I will probably die there.

Caeser: Honestly you are extremely confusing, So anyway what do you think about the twist?

Frey: It’s a shame especially calculating my odds the person that must die for me will die as well I’d guess that they would hate being associated with someone like me never mind having to die for me.

Caeser: Well that’s not very good, any threats this year?

Frey: I’d calculate that the 11 girl is part Barruarkana which is a deadly fish mutt created by the capitol, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like an outcast because for her to be like that she must have been bitten in her childhood and now she hates people for thinking she’s a monster and she’s especially mad at the capitol for turning her into the creature she is now, I don’t fear her but I don’t pity her either, she deserves to be brought back to normal and I’m sure that if she wins the games then the capitol must return her to normal,

Caeser: Well time’s up Frey, I give you Frey Velveta!

The capitol only applaud a tiny bit because they don’t really understand Frey.

Quineroo Salvix (7M):

Caeser: Hello Quineroo! Are you enjoying the capitol?

Quineroo: a bit but bright yellows and pinks were never my fancy, ~audience chuckles~

Caeser: well... so what what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Quineroo: Alright, it’s good when someone you hate gets chosen, I am not a total career but being from district 7 if I got my hands on an axe then I’d be just dandy,

Caeser: Yes district 7 has quite the expertise with axes, so what do you think about the twist?

Quineroo: I just feel bad for those people dying, I mean I’m cool with death and all that but if I suck in these games then that person will be dead meat,

Caeser: I agree... So any threats this year?

Quineroo: Well I’m extremely happy that according to quite a number actually, that I’m a supposed threat, but the biggest threat to me is maybe either my district partner and the 11 girl because well... they would both rip anybody’s throat out without hesitation, because my district partner has been training for quite a while and the 11 girl knows that if she won she has a chance of being returned to normal.

Caeser: very interesting approach, so tell me about yourself?

Quineroo: Well my sister died in the hunger games because of the district 4 girl so I plan on killing her, even if it kills me in the process, other than that my life is sweet, I do love district 7 because it’s... well... epic.

Caeser: I’s love to hear more but your time is up! I give you Quineroo Salvix

Crowd applauds Quineroo because they think he is funny and that he will avenge his sister.

Ivyana Wood (7F):

Ivyana enters wearing a sleeveless, strapless dress made of autumn leaves

Caeser: Hello Ivyana I must say that is quite the dress, so are you enjoying the capitol?

Ivyana: very much so! And thank you for admiring my dress ~strikes sexy pose~

Caeser: you’re welcome! So what do you think about the games being reinstated?

Ivyana: I am quite the fan.

Caeser: that’s good! So what do you think about the twist?

Ivyana: It’s a shame but I have no intention of losing so it won’t affect me!

Caeser: Good so any threats this year?

Ivyana: I think the 11 girl is quite vicious looking but she seems the only one.

Caeser: Sweet, so tell me about yourself?

Ivyana: not much to tell, I’ve been training for the games as long as I can remember.

Jason Henry (8M):

Caeser: Well interesting but your time’s up, I give you Ivyana Wood.

Caeser: Why hello Jason! So are you enjoying your stay in the capitol?

Jason: It’s brilliant! The bright colours, the food, I couldn’t be happier.

Caeser: brilliant! So what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Jason: The games were never really good, I never saw the point in the like others did,

Caeser: Yes... So what do you think of the twist?

Jason: Well, I thought the gamemakers just said ‘hey let’s destroy families and kill even more people’ because the gist of this twist is so that families c be entirely wiped out of left without both of their children,  it is a shame but at least it will only happen for one game. After that we can face normal fights to the death ~audience chuckles~

Caeser: That’s a brilliant point of view Jason, so any threats this year?

Jason: oddly enough I don’t think anybody in this line up would stand out as particularly vicious to me because I may be able to kill the 11 girl because even though she’s a mutant she doesn’t like it and is not showing her true potential, she could win these games easily if she embraced her mutant side fully.

Caeser: Maybe she got used to it and is playing the pretend to be new to being a vicious part-fish card and is secretly much stronger than she gives?

Jason: We will never know, well her victims will... I just hope I can make my district proud by not dying at the bloodbath as usual,

Caeser: Well I wish you luck in your endeavours,

Jason: why thank you and I wish you luck in not being killed after this

Caeser: Thank you but it’s truly a shame that your time is unfortunately up

Jason: Great talking to you Caeser

Caeser: Same to you Jason. I give you Jason Henry

He is applauded for being hopeful, funny and kind.

Jezabelle Swift (8F):

Jezabelle enters wearing a light blue dress dotted with emeralds

Caeser: Hello Jezabelle I love your dress

Jezabelle: Thank you caeser

Caeser: So how do like the capitol?

Jezabelle: It’s lovely! It’s so colourful it’s nothing like back home where everything was grey

Caeser: Interesting, so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Jezabelle: I don’t like it, I hate it. Why capitol? Just why?

Caeser: I’m sorry but I don’t know what to say...

Jezabelle: No. You know that the games are fun in your opinion, what’s fun about people killing each other, well? Actually tell me what’s funny about that?

Caeser: I don’t actually enjoy having great conversations, getting to know them then watching them get eaten, stabbed or whatever else, I do believe that so many people have sat in the same seat you’re currently sitting in and then they go to some area and die.

Jezabelle: Nobody listens, nobody from any of the districts actually enjoys these games, the careers just train so they don’t die in these games, why capitol? What’s the point of children fighting to the death? The point is you people are sick, sick monsters! You just decided that children should fight to the death, we give you people so much and in return you make us kill each other. I just don’t want to turn into some monster that will stick a knife in someone’s face then laugh!

Caeser: Calm down Jezabelle, so let’s just get back to the questions

Jezabelle: Fine.

Caeser: So any threats this year?

Jezabelle: That girl from 7 has sharp teeth that she got so she could kill people so she didn’t die in the games. The 11 girl has had her life ruined because of some mutt that the capitol mad e then it bit her, she went like she is now and I’m sure she will get revenge, in some shape or form.

Caeser: Interesting. So tell me about yourself?

Jezabelle: Well I grew up in the poor part of 8 and I have 7 siblings, that’s all I’m telling you monsters.

Caeser: Interesting, so what would you do if you won?

Jezabelle: try and forget the faces of the people that died, because even though the victors win they still get nightmares every night of the games that they were in, visions of people who had died by their hand, visions of the families that got ruined,  even if you win the games will haunt you forever. You can’t escape them.

Caeser: Well time’s up, I give you Jezabelle Swift

The audience doesn’t applaud her, they think that she is actually right about them and they don’t wnat to applaud a 12yr old who is on the express train of death


Daniel Slicer (9M):

Caeser: hello Daniel! So are you enjoying the capitol?

Daniel: very much so,

Caeser: That’s good, what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Daniel: ok, I’ve never seen the point in them

Caeser: Oh, so any threats this year?

Daniel: I think the girl from 11 might be quite the enemy but nobody else stands out as a threat to me

Caeser: very well then, what would you do if you won?

Daniel: spend the money on food for the people of my district

Caeser: that is a very noble deed and should you win I will remind you of that

Daniel: thank you

Caeser: you’re very welcome, so tell me about yourself

Daniel: nothing much to tell, my parents died when I was 5, it was a bad time but my life has been otherwise uneventful,

Caeser: Well anyway your time’s up! I give you Daniel Slicer

They applaud him for being polite

Kaylie Alleman (9F):

Kaylie enters wearing a sleeveless, strapless, dress that fell to her knees, her hair was up and her dress was the colour of grain,

Caeser: Why hello Kaylie I love your dress, so is the capitol to your taste?

Kaylie: Yes! It’s quite magnificent,

Caeser: yes the capitol has that effect on people, so what do you think about the games being reinstated?

Kaylie: Well the games are always quite the event and is a huge part of why panem is remember able, besides what’s the point in updating technology and everything else if one has no reason for it,

Caeser: That’s quite the insight, so what do you think of the twist?

Kaylie: The twist is nothing but a reason to make people work harder on winning

Caeser: Good so any threats this year?

Kaylie: Well that 11 girl is dangerous but nothing a sword to the chest wouldn’t fix ~audience chuckles~

Caeser: Well that good, so what is your strategy?

Kaylie: Well I’m just going to get a backpack and weapon then get the fuck out of there because I have no intention of dying at the bloodbath and I sure as hell will make my district proud

Caeser: its good 9 finally has a tribute with some backbone, I’m sure you’ll do great in the arena, so tell me about yourself

Kaylie: Well I have two brothers and a sister, my sister is 18, my brother 16 and my other brother is only 8 and I’m 15, I live with both of them and they both take good care of my siblings and I. We do ok and when I was reaped I hoped one of them would volunteer but I knew myself it wouldn’t happen because if they died in the arena for me then I could never forgive myself,

Caeser: I understand, so your time is up. I give you Kaylie Alleman

The capitol thinks she is brave and a threat in the arena

Jase Slith (10M):

Jase: Hello Caeser, how you doin’ mate

Caeser: good so are you enjoying the capitol?

Jase: It’s very colourful, and I swear that there is enough food here to stop starvation in all of the districts hint hint

Caeser: I guess so, so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Jase: I don’t like them but I don’t hate them, I guess they have their uses

Caeser: I believe that may be true, so what do you think of the twist?

Jase: I’m sweet with it because I sure as hell ain’t gonna be dying

Caeser: That’s good, so any threats this year?

Jase: Well I’d say that the careers this year aren’t very impressive but the people from the outlying districts seem to be a lot better than what should be possible, I for one can get one weapon and I’d be at a huge advantage than others.

Caeser: Interesting so tell me about yourself

Jase: I’ve been training for the games for quite awhile and I’d say that I’ve had an ok life growing up but then there’s the occasional bump in the road.

Caeser: Well one can never have a perfect life, so what is your strategy?

Jase: I plan on just keeping with my allies and see where that goes, I don’t want to win by being that guy who killed everybody while they were sleeping and I don’t want to be the guy who kills his alliance then finds himself facing the careers without any help whatsoever.

Caeser: Good technique I hope it works for you

Jase: Thanks mate, so have you seen the 11 girl’s fangs, and her tail?

Caeser: No I haven’t but everybody seems to be making a fuss over her and I really want to know why

Jase: The truth is horrifying

Caeser: ~eyes widen in shock~ well I better be prepared then shouldn’t I?

Jase: Yep dude, you should

Caeser: Well time’s up. I give you Jase Slith!

The crowd thinks he’s kind, funny and cool

Kopesh Taylors (10F):

Kopesh enters wearing a light blue dress with patterns over it and her blonde hair is in curly pigtails

Caeser: Hello Kopesh, so are you enjoying the capitol?

Kopesh: I’m enjoying it quite a bit actually but some of the people here are extremely creepy looking!

Caeser: there does seem to be a thin line between fashionable and stupid and a lot of the citizens have crossed that line, so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Kopesh: never been a fan but who cares anymore, I just want to get them over with because after this then they’ll be over for good,

Caeser: erm... eh... they... er... are reinstated so... they... will kinda are here to stay for... ever, so... where you ... mis-informed,

Kopesh: ~looks in horror~ no! No! NOOOOO! This can’t be happening! No... no...NO! ~Jumps to her feet~ you c-can’t be s-serious caeser!

Caeser: I... kinda am serious

Kopesh: NO!

Caeser: Calm down kopesh, it isn’t the end of the world

Kopesh: YES IT IS!! ~she storms off the stage crying~ Well Kopesh Taylors everybody,

The capitol is nervous about her and they feel bad for her as well so they applaud her a bit.

Landon Sean (11M):

Caeser: Hello Landon, so firstly how’s kopesh doing?

Landon: She isn’t doing good, but she’ll be right as rain in no time

Caeser: That’s good so are you enjoying the capitol?

Landon: It’s good but I miss home terribly.

Caeser: That’s understandably so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Landon: I don’t wan’t to sound stupid but what is the point in them?

Caeser: I’m not the person you should ask but maybe somebody else knows...

Landon: Hopefully...

Caeser: So what do you think of the twist?

Landon: I don’t like it but it’s a twist, it’s designed to be terribly on the tributes so I should just get along with things

Caeser: Understandable, so any threats this year?

Landon: Well that girl from 7 is quite the freak show but nobody else is interesting to me

Caeser: Cool so tell me about yourself

Landon: well I was recently adopted and my sister died in the last games because of the 4M who actually won those games but I try not to think about that, my life has been good from after that

Caeser: Well that’s good but unfortunately your time’s up! I give you Landon Sean!

They all applaud him

Luna Star (11F):

Luna enters wearing a midnight blue dress dotted with red, sky blue and green colours

~he looks uncomfortable~ Caeser: Hello Luna, I’ve been hearing a lot about you

Luna: Well no shit I’m a fucking fish ~audience chuckles~

Caeser: ~back to normal~ yes I can see, so are you enjoying the capitol?

Luna: Yes it’s so colourful; it’s inspired me to dye my hair RAINBOWWW! ~audience laughs uncontrollably~

Caeser: ~chuckles~ yes RAINBOWWW! Seems like a good hair colour, so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Luna: Well I don’t hate or like them so I guess I’m more on the, I like trains, side because I REALLY like trains

Caeser: Well that’s fair, because trains are epic

Luna: I agree, have you ever seen a train crash?

Caeser: occasionally but only in movies

Luna: Well once one of the capitol trains once collided with the justice building and It was all like POW, CRASH, BANG, it was ok though because the train had corn in it and the corn popped so popcorn was flying everywhere so I got giant handfuls of it then ran home and we had a popcorn feast and it was good, mum put some stuff on it and it tasted so much better, that was an epic day

Caeser: I’m sure it was, well either we can continue talking about trains and popcorn or I can viciously question you about this fight to the death,

Luna: you ARE joking, right?

Caeser: correct so any threats this year?

Luna: Yep! Me! Because I plan on taking everyone’s asses and handing them to them on a plate, so I’m effectively going to hand them their ass on a plate,

Caeser: Beautiful wording Luna, so tell me about yourself?

Luna: I’m a fish. I was an amazing swimmer, I was just as good as 4 and the capitol created a mutt called a barrukana and they released it into the oceans where I was swimming one day and I got bitten by one and then I transformed into what I am now, btw I’m a fish but I can’t make a good fish face

Caeser: Shame, fish faces are usually awesome whenever fish do them

Luna: I know right!

Caeser: Well time’s up Luna, I give you Luna Star

The applaud her a lot because they think she’s nice, funny, weird in a good way and they think she is a badass fish

Basilla String (12M):

Caeser: Hello Basilla! How are you enjoying the capitol?

Basilla:  a bit but the people here are total idiots! How can you stand them caeser?

Caeser: Basilla that’s quite rude, so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Basilla: I love the opportunity to kill ejits who think the ability to wield a mace is going to save them

Caeser: Well  it sometimes can...

Caeser: So what do you think of the twist?

Basilla: I don’t care

Caeser: Alrighty then, any threats this year?

Basilla: Hm... 1 tributes are total air-heads, girl from 2 seems to be all fashion, the 2 guy is stupid, the three people are both idiots who rely on books for living, the 4 couple are so stupid I can’t describe it, the 5 girl is totally a dumb blonde and her district partner is so ugly it’s unreal, those weirdos from 6 are so weird and unpopular they are real life forever alones, the 7 girl is like the Grinch and her district partner has the stupidest name of all time, the 8 girl is a wee 12yr old with no realism at all while the 8 guy is just a giant retard, the 9 ones are so boring and even their existence is boring and stupid, the 10 girl is an overreacting fool and the guy thinks he’s all that, the 11 girl is a fucking fish for fucksake we should have the 4 couple catch and cook her, the 11 guy thinks he’s a laid back awesome guy but he’s really a turd, my district partner is a totally stupid, ugly and so fat the amount of fat jokes is overwhelming. So I’m the only normal one and I’m proud of it, these people will all die

Caeser: How dare you! Some of these people are amazing young minds! You don’t even know them! You are acting like a spoiled brat who thinks he’s all that! Nothing pisses me off but when you call people you don’t know retards and such then I’m going to be mad and so is everybody else,

Basilla: Well I don’t give a shit, they are a bunch of motherfuckers, got that gramps!


With that he left and nobody applauded him or even graced him with their looking at him, he was a brat

Pepper Glace (12F):

Pepper enters wearing a black dress

Caeser: Hello Pepper you look marvellous tonight! Forgive my actions towards that monster but I’m certain you are nothing like him

Pepper: He’s just an ass, let’s just forget him anyways

Caeser: That would be best, so are you enjoying the capitol?

Pepper: Why yes! It’s marvellous! I never liked home and this place is so colourful

Caeser: it’s quite marvellous, so what do you think of the games being reinstated?

Pepper: I don’t enjoy them because I think that even if after the whole time I spend in the games, even after killing and hiding and running, after it all. I’ll be glad to win but I just know that I’ll leave something in the arena when I leave and that something will be my sanity. Being from an outlying district I know that once you win your life is changed for the worst.

Caeser: That’s quite intense, so what do you think of the twist?

Pepper: Well I hope this twist won’t affect me

Caeser: We all hope, so any threats?

Pepper: Well the 11 girl is quite scary but I plan on teaming with Maverik (2M) and I’m certain he’ll protect me

Caeser: Well I hope he will, so what would you do if you won?

Pepper: Well I’d but food for my district and try to forget the games

Caeser: Well time’s up

Pepper: Lovely talking to you caeser

Caeser: Same here Pepper. I give you Pepper Glace

The crowd think she is honest and they applaud her for it.


I've (very badly) made an arena on my computer so now I'm going to write about it. The arena this year is an oval shape and has the Barrens which has food, shelter, water and the people to die hang way above the Barrens, now 

100th quell cherrybunny01's arena

the arena

the barrens has quite the amount of animals that would enjoy killing your tribute, if you have good weapons or have a group of people then you could possibly overpower them. Next is the dessert, it has a good source of water but not a lot of food nearby, your tribute could try and kill the animals that roam there as they can be easily killed and a lot aren't poisoniss (I think I spelt that wrong) , next is the highlands, It has three big muntains the middle being the tallest and they're surround by slopy green pastures, the mountains have a small amount of animals that could kill you, it also has a good source of both water and food, it's only reachable if a tribute can either climb good or if they got supplies at the cornucopia (rope and grappling hook). Now the forest takes up a good bit of the arena because it has all the things most forests have, food, water, shelter, dangerous animals created by the government to kill you. Those are all things you should expect in the forest. Afterward is the plains, this place has food, mutts and tall grass that could conceal anything. Next is the lake, it has underwater mutts in it but the water is safe to drink, it also has a barrukana (sorry if spelt wrong) which is there for the purpose that Luna is part-barrukana and this fish  could make for some very interesting PoVs. The start is where the tributes will start, they will surround the cornucopia which will be filled with both supplies and weapons. Also you may post advice as soon as the 8 interviews are done but that should be about tomorrow-ish, so prepare your advice and remember, May the odds be ever in your favour! 

Games; Bloodbath:

Who Killer How Placing
Quineroo Salvix (7M) Kopesh Taylors (10F) shot multiple darts at him 24th 
Frey Velveta (6F) Katharin Seroine (1F) stabbed in stomach 23rd
Brey Slan (3M) Maverik Camdan (2M) stabbed in thigh then decapitated 22nd
Daniel Slicer (9M) Christopher Lillith (1M) tortured by bird mutts then hit in heart by knife 21st 
Basilla String (12M) Ivy Willik (2F) shot between eyes by arrow 20th
Jase Slith (10M) Ivy Willik (2F) Shot between eyes by arrow 19th 
Dina Cray (3F) Christopher Lillith (1M) Hit in heart by knife 18th 
Lily Veronica (4F) Cassia Slyara (5F) Got hit in stomach 17th 
Cassia Slyara (5F) Daniel Bluewater (4M) Stabbed repeatedly  16th 
Ivyana Wood (7F) Katharin Seroine (1F) knife to the face 15th 
Jezabelle Swift (8F) Daniel Bluewater (4M) clawed and bitten after being paralyzed 14th
Daniel Bluewater (4M) Ivy Willik (2F) grapple shot through brain 13th 

Kaylie Alleman (9F):

60, 59, 58...gasp as I look around the area I’m in. The cornucopia area isn’t too cold and is actually quite nice looking, the flowers are all in bloom and there are these birds that are chirping some tune I don’t recognise. I look at the weaponry and supplies laid out in front of me. Extremely close to me is a dark green bag and I could make out a couple of tomahawks closer to the cornucopia. I look at the tributes that are also surrounding the cornucopia, Frey (6F) is making calculations and is drawing shapes with her fingers, Luna (11F) looks calm and has her eyes set on a bow with a full sheath of arrows, the 12 girl is searching for the 2 guy, I decide to head to the forest because there I’ll be safest. 50, 49, 48...

Brey Slan (3F):

48, 47, 46... As I look around I see the barrens... I see a bunch of tubes where the people to die must be waiting. I learnt this morning that mine is Julie Tin, I also received a watch that instead of telling the time it will show me how Julie is doing and I can activate the voice module that will allow me to talk to her, everybody has a set-up like this and I’m glad of it. I see the plains biome and I decide that that will be my best bet. As I think of my strategy I see the ground and remember the bombs that are all around the cornucopia, I also know how to re-activate them, I see Dina and I gesture towards the plains and she nods her head slightly, so I just have to dig out a couple of bombs then I’ll find Dina. 45, 44, 43...

Grayson Young (5M):

40, 39, 38... I look around the cornucopia and see a couple of throwing knives and a pack. I also see Daniel and Jake who are both looking at the highlands, I make eye contact with them and point to the highlands, they both nod 30, 29, 28...

Daniel Bluewater (4M):

27, 26, 25...Cornucopia is very shiny, I see trident and it looks pointy, stabbby stab stab, red red everywhere, I smile, maybe the red is tasty, like strawberry jam, strawberry jam is tasty, so the red stuff must be too, I see water, water is nice, water will have the fishies, fishies swim fishies die, I see the pwetty birdies and they are chirping a tune, I hum the tune happily and one of the birdies comes over to me, I smile at it then continue humming. 20, 19, 18, 17, 16...

Frey Velveta (6F):

15, 14, 13... I make calculations about the winds and

general shapes and sizes with the cornucopia, I decide that the sword and backpack are the best way to go and if I want to get them unharmed then I’ll zig-zag to the sword after I get my backpack. I could also head to the highland because that’s where I could survive... 11, 10, 9...

Jezabelle Swift (8F):

9, 8, 7... As I decide where to go I couldn’t take my eyes off the slingshot laying near the cornucopia, it’s very tempting and I could easily get it and a bag so that’s what I’ll do Gong I run as fast as I could and when I reach the slingshot I pick it and a bag from the ground. I heard a thump behind me so I ran to the mountains where I could live...

Jason Henry (8M):

Gong I saw Jezabelle (8F) make a beeline for the cornucopia and I see the 7 guy wielding an axe and heading straight for her. Shit. I run and tackle him. We wrestle but he overpowers me slightly and throws me away. I fell onto a crate and hit my head as well, I see him coming at me, I crawled away from him, our eyes always on each other, I eventually hit one of the plates and I didn’t run because I was literally frozen with terror, he raises his axe for the finishing blow when a small chocked noise emerges from him and he falls on his side, his eyes were blank and staring, in fact they were staring into me. They were judging, and were looking into my soul, an odd noise escaped me and I grabbed his axe and ran away to somewhere where I could be safe...

Katharin Seroine (1F):

GongI see the boy from 8 races after his district partner. I laugh silly boy I thought. I see the 10 girl raise a blow dart. I then realised that there has barely been any kills, I must fix that. I pick up a bow with a full sheath of arrows, I also pick up a dagger. The 6 girl caught my eye and I chase after her and stab her in the stomach while her eyes plead with me, I feel her warm blood squirt onto me and when I remove my dagger from her stomach, it drips with her blood. I laugh manically and find another kill...

Maverik Camdan (2M):

GongI sprint and retrieve an axe and a knife. I see Brey (3M) digging at the ground with his hands, I throw my axe at him and it sticks in his thigh, I walk over to him, lean down a whisper, “Should I kill you now and put you out of your misery or should I let you go, after all it’s not like you’ll win,” I smile viciously and take my axe from his thigh and instead take his head off with one clean swing, his head flew in the air and I got covered in his blood, I bend over and look and what he was doing. He was digging land mines, I grab a couple then run to Pepper, “Got you a gift, sweetheart,” I say cockily, I had tried to mimic the old man from her district who herded geese “Wow, you got landmines, I could use these to blow shit up,” “Hell yea,” I agree, we head in the direction of the highlands...

Daniel Slicer (9M):

Gong As I run to the other two I couldn’t take my eyes off the weird birds that were near the cornucopia, as they saw the blood flow they seemed to get happier and happier. It’s quite frightening; as I run I didn’t see the boy from 4 hit me in the face. I fell onto the ground my nose bleeding heavily, I angrily shot up to my feet and one of the birds mockingly chirped at me, I sent it a dirty glare. Shit. The birds are angry, they fly at my and knock me to the ground. I scream as the peck at me and their beaks were razor-sharp and they tore chunks of my flesh out, I felt blood everywhere and screamed. Bad idea. One particularly fat bird grabbed my tongue with his beak. He tore and eventually managed to rip my tongue out of my throat. I screamed hoarsely as the birds ruthlessly tortured me. One bird pecked my eye out while the rest tore my flesh out. I looked over and saw the boy from 4 watching me greedily; he looks like he’s enjoying himself. I felt the birds rip my hair out and then tear my fingers off. I felt tears emerge from my only eye and I wished that that I could just die now, my wish was granted

Kaylie Alleman (9F):

Gong  I pick up the dark green bag and run to the center where I see two tomahawks. I stoop over to pick them up when I find myself pinned by the girl from 7. She had me in a head lock and I couldn't move. I managed to get my arm free and elbowed her in the face. She swore but she was stunned long enough for me to grab my tomahawk and run. I grab it quickly and ran to the forest. I turn around to see the fighting going on, I see my district partner being savaged by the birds. I know he’s a goner and I turn around and start running again.

Ivy Willik (2F):

Gong  I run to retrieve a bow and sheath of arrows. I take an arrow from the sheath and aim it in the direction of the Basilla (12M) I remember how mean he was during the interviews and for that I’ll kill him. I let the arrow go and it goes between his eyes. I smile at my kill and turn to face the 10 boy. My arrow again hits him between the eyes and I call over to Chris “ I've got two down what bout you mate?” “I put the 9 kid out of his misery when he was attacked by the birds but that’s all,” “awww, raging if I were you,” He throws a knife and it sticks into Dina’s (3F) heart he mouths ‘tell me about it’ to me and I chuckle and look for another kill

Lily Veronica (4F):

Gong I run to pointy machete, I lift it and look around. I see the Cassia (5F) chick and I think I’ll make her die.I run over to her and stab her leg; she falls over but takes the machete out and sticks it in my tummy instead. I feel a blinding pain in my tummy and fall to the ground. I see Daniel rush over to me and hold my hand he says softly, “No Lily! Don’t leave me... Please, never leave me,” He cries and I lift my hand and hold his cheek, “I will miss you Daniel, please don’t miss me, Goodbye,” tears streak my cheeks and I feel my eyes close and I slowly drift off in Daniel’s arms. (Sorry if anybody dosen't like the word 'tummy'. I'm not fond of it but Lily's meant to have the mind of a child so I had to include some child-like words)

Daniel Bluewater (4M):

As Lily’s eyes dim and lose their beautiful light I continues to cry but I was angry. I screamed, picked up my trident and stabbed her. I didn’t stop stabbing her; even after she died I continued stabbing her. She killed Lily, she is evil. She is dead. I was drenched in her blood but I didn’t care. I hate this stupid place. I saw the 6 and 5 guys stare at the corpse of the 9 boy but I don’t care anymore. I feel Katharin pull me to my feet and I see her clean most of the blood off my jacket but I don’t care anymore. “I got the 3 girl and finished off the 9 guy what did you lot all get?” asked Chris “I got the boys from 10 and 12,” answers Ivy, “5 girl and I sat with Lily when she died,” I croak, “I only got the 6 girl,” chirped Katharin, “well the 2 guy got the 3 guy and the 10 girl killed the 7 boy,” I said “So that’s 9?” asked Chris, “Yep, good work guys, let’s see the loot,” said Ivy. We then go around and grab all the bags and weaponry from the cornucopia.

Rest Of Day 1:

Kopesh Taylors (10F)

I can’t believe I did it. I killed someone. The only thing I remember of the bloodbath is grabbing a bag, blow dart gun and I saw Quineroo (7M) charge in the direction of Jezabelle (8F) and then I saw Jason (8M) run to protect Jezabelle and I knew that I should help, so without thinking I shot a couple of darts at Quineroo (7M) and then ran off. I’m heading in the direction of the plains. Boom. I flinch then hear the others, they’re for the bloodbath. I count nine then think, 9 opportunities, 9 families, 9 hopes, 9 people all gone within an hour or two. I stop and check my equipment, I have two packs of food that will last me about two days, a bottle of water that holds 2l and a small med kit. Good pack, I continue my long walk to the plains...

Jake Rivers (6M):

Grayson (5) and I were walking to the highlands but we decided to rest and I was cleaning the cut above his eyebrow. He was never attacked he just tripped over a crate. As I clean the cut I notice that he is quite good looking. What am I thinking. I dismiss the thought and continue to clean the cut. “I think it’s ok now” I say, “K then let’s get going,” said Grayson (5M) and we continue the walk towards the highlands. When we reach the water we were glad to see stepping stones and we got past the water easily and I continue walking. I heard a scream and turned around. The girl from 11 had grabbed Grayson’s leg and was pulling him underwater. I quickly grab his hand and yank him out of the water. When I finally got him out I scream, “Get a plank of wood so we can tie her up,” Grayson runs and get’s a plank while I get her out of the water and pinned her. When Grayson comes back with the plank he puts it underneath her and we tie her to it with the rope. When we were done I was quite satisfied, “So Luna (11F), should we release you or kill you,” I spit out “I don’t care anymore!” she screams, her eyes full of hatred, “we’ll leave you like this,” says Grayson. Grayson sticks the plank into the ground and Grayson and I continued walking, as we trudged along I noticed how manly and handsome Grayson is...

People to die PoVs: Day 1 Julia Slicer (9M's mother):

I look around my tube. We have a t.v, a bed and a table. The t.v shows a close up of our tribute and there is a small window but I don’t know what it’s for. I can see everybody else and I sigh when I look at how scared they all are. I watch the bloodbath begin and see the 7 kid die. I look over and see his mother fall over with some darts in her back. They’re recreating the deaths. I sigh and look for Daniel, hoping he’s ok. I see someone on the ground screaming while being mauled by birds. It was my Daniel! Shit, I think before a flock of birds enters my tube and attacks me! I scream and try to shield my eyes but it’s no use. It was a gruelling, painful process and when it was over I was glad...

Jakob Glace (12F's younger brother):

As I watched the bloodbath I felt bad for my big sis who was down there fighting for her life against 23 bloodthirsty, dangerous, scary people hell bent on killing everyone. I feel tears trickle down my face and I prayed that my sister would make it back. I saw the guy she teamed with and I saw how reckless he was. I noticed how he gave her bombs and I knew that she’d put them to great use. I gasp as I see the boy from 9 get mauled by birds. I heard a couple of screams behind me and turned around to find Julia being mauled by birds. I see Quineroo’s (7M) mother on the ground with some darts in her back. I see Julie with blood coming out of her thigh and I see her head a couple of metres away. A couple more people were dead and I sighed. This was going to be dreadful...


  • People alone are Ivyana Wood (7F), Jason Henry (8M), Jezabelle Swift (8F), Kaylie Alleman (9F), Kopesh Taylors (10F), Landon Sean (11M) and Luna Star (11F)
  • The careers are- Christopher Lillith (1M), Katharine Seroine (1F), Ivy Willik (2F) and Daniel Bluewater (4M)
  • Everybody should be doing fine except for the 6M and 5M team who will need more food soon and 11F will need to escape her trap soon or she'll die.
  • Also Sponsoring will work out as: You get three gifts, you can gift either meals (x1) or weaponry: also if someone gifts food to someone in an alliance then the food for one day will cover them both
  • When you run out of gifts to send then your tribute can either steal food or kill tributes and get more gifts to send. When your tribute gains a kill they'll get one more gift
  • Write  comment if you're confused or if you want to critise my writing. I won't call you a troll because this is my first games and I wan't to improve them in any way possible

​Games Day 2;Luna Star (11F):

I sigh as I try to escape from the binds I’m in. The sky had shown Brey (3M), Dina (3F), Lily (4F), Cassia (5F), Frey (6F), Quineroo (7M), Daniel (9M), Jase (10M) and Basilla (12M). I feel my vision become disorientated and I realise that I need to get out of these binds quick of I’ll soon be dead. I manage to get a hand free and with that I loosened the binds and dove into the water. It felt refreashing to be back in the water but the time away from it had seriously damaged me. I can recover but only to a certain extent. I let the water enter through my gills and I decided to rest here for the rest of the day.

Ivyana Wood (7F):

I originally planned to ally with Quineroo (7M) But when that 10 girl killed him I had immediately dashed to the plains. I don’t want to enter the forest because it’ll bring up bad memories but I can hunt in the plains and it’ll feel good to at least be near somewhere I’m familiar. I look around and see the careers headed in my direction. They couldn’t see me yet so I hid behind some bushes. I heard their footsteps loudly crunching through the grass and I could hear their laughing tones as they recalled the events of the bloodbath. “Did you see the 3 boy decapitation?” said one, “of course but the 9 boy had the worst death, whoever can control those birds will be quite the threat,” said another, this time the voice was female, “Lily died from Cassia (5F), I’ll kill everyone who stands in my way to avenge her,” spoke another, he was deadly serious and I knew that he would stop at nothing to win, “Let’s head to the highlands after this, I really want to test out the grappling hooks,” one voice joyfully said. I gasped from the information but they’d heard me. Shit. I said before saying, “Listen I can control those birds if you want,” I sneer. “That’d be lovely actually,” said the boy from 1. “Here who are you?” he says, I smile thinking that I’d gained their trust so I show myself. Bad idea. The 1 girl threw a knife at me BOOM

Maverik Camdan (2M):

BOOM “Who do you think that was,” I ask curiously, “Could’a been anyone,” said Pepper. I try to think of whose left but the only thing that comes to mind is the poor girl from 8 who was only 12. Pepper and I were at the base of the biggest mountain in the highlands. Despite me not being able to climb when we searched the pack Pepper found we discovered a grappling gun. I was currently carrying the grappling hook and the axe, I’d given the knife to Pepper in case we were ambushed. We found a good spot to climb and continued up. When we reached a harder part of the cliff I finally got to use my grappling hook. When I shot up up at a ledge far above our heads I felt a small tug and then I tugged at the rope that had shot out. The grapple stayed so I secured the rope and we began our assent. The rope was hard to climb but we managed it. I’d gotten some bad rope burns but Pepper was fine. I looked at the grapple and saw that it the capitol had modified it so that when it landed it had a chip in it so it buried itself in the ground. I pushed a small button on it and the rope shot out from where it’d been secured and I picked the rope and fed it into the gun again. I grinned from ear to ear at Pepper and we continued out assent. I believe that we’ll be at the top by noon tomorrow.

Jezabelle Swift (8F):

I had already climbed a small distance of the smallest mountain, I should be able to get to the top by tonight but it’s proving more difficult than I’d thought. There were parts where I’d had to go a bit back and follow a different route and other times were I’d had to jump from part to part and had almost fallen. Despite only haven scaled a small distance if I’d fell at any point now I’d defiantly be a goner. As I try to reach out and grab a nearby ledge my hand couldn’t reach and I jumped a bit to reach it. My hand didn’t grab the ledge properly and I fell over the edge. I was falling which is a really weird sensation in life. The thought of falling and having no way to stop it is a terrible thing. You know I read once that loud noises and falling are two fears that everybody is born with and that we develop others along the way. I crashed into a rock and had a deep cut along my right arm, I scream and tumble down, hitting my head in the process. I felt a sharp rock hit my neck and I knew it was broken. The pain was immense and I can feel something wet and metallic smelling trickle down my face. I felt tears come out of my eyes, I couldn’t move my head and I thought the pain was going to kill me. I heard faint noises getting louder and louder and I knew that the end was get closer and closer...

Ivy Willik (2F):

We’d headed in the highlands immediately after killing that bitch from 7. We were near the base of the smallest mountain and I was chatting to Chris (1M) about who might win. “Of course we, as the careers have the best chances but Luna (4F) might be a threat as well,” “Well yea but i’ve been thinking about that, if we keep her away from water then she’d die, Daniel (4M) told me that when they catch fish with the nets then they’d let the fish suffocate in the open air,” “Seems smart,” he admitted. It was about noon and we decided that we’d try and scale the mountains a bit and kill and sleeping beauties as Chris (1M) calls them. “Ohh it looks like another sleeping beauty,” guffawed Daniel (4M), “Maybe a kiss or knife would wake her up,” I say menacingly, “This one is young, maybe the 12yr old, you know they get so wrapped up in their little fairy tales,” laughs Katharin (1F). When we got closer we realized that it was the 12yr old and that she was paralyzed, “Should we leave her, it’s a bit unfair brutally murdering a paralyzed 12yr old,” I say nervously, “She killed Lily (4F)!” Screamed Daniel. “No Cassia (5F) killed Lily (4F), People die Daniel! Get over it!” I scream back at him, “No they all killed her! They must all die! Especially you!” He charged at me and then threw me into the cold, hard, unforgiving Mountains. I let out a strangled cry, Chris (1M) immediately ran over to me, “Are you ok?” he asks, scared, “My thigh hurts,” I reply weakly. Chris (1M) looked at my leg and gasped. “There’s a gash, It will heal but we need to get it fixed soon,” he says, a scared but dangerous tone is his voice, “What about Jezabelle (8F), should we leave her,” I ask again, “She’ll die soon no matter what we do, we should leave her,” say says, BOOM, “You don’t think...” “Did he kill her?” Chris says. He lifted me onto his shoulder and we ran to where the others were, “SHE KILLED LILY!” roared Daniel (4M).Chris (1M) set me on the ground and I took in the sight. Jezabelle (8F) had multiple wounds from where Daniel had attacked her. His hands were full of her flesh that he’d ripped out of her, he eyes were scarily angry and his mouth was covered in blood where I can only assume he’d bitten her, “WHAT THE FUCK!” roared Chris (1M), “THEY ALL KILLED LILY!” he screams, “Katharin (1F) what the fuck did he do?” I ask, “He flipped out and clawed her,” she simply said, “YOU BASTARD!” I roar before taking the grappling gun that I have and shooting him in the face with it. It hit his brain and his guts splattered all over Katharin (1F) and the mountain’s base. Katharin (1F) screamed and then sat on the ground in a fetal position whimpering. BOOM “Must be his cannon,” said Chris (1M) who seemed unfazed by the events that had just taken place in front of his very eyes. “It’s only day 2 and there’s only three of us,” I say, “We will win,” said Katharin (1F), “Together,” Chris(1M) and I say. “Now can we please help me with my leg?” I ask impatiently, “Sure,” says Katharin (1F)

side note- Brynn1999 in my timezone I DID update today! Also Congratulations to the final 12! remember post advice as much as possible! It increases your odds of winning

Rest of day 2:

Grayson Young (5M):

As I trudge to the highlands with Jake we were both whistling a tune and smiling with every step. You see we realised that there are only 12 left and that means the games are half-over, I’ll miss Jake but there can only be one victor and I guess that means I’ll just have to kill him. I don’t want to but he could be a threat if he had the right equipment, I pause and decide something, “Jake?” “Yea?” he replies, “When we reach the final 5 our alliance is over,” I finish, he looks at me terrified then gives a stern nod. We continue walking when we hear a noise above us and see a silver parachute fall in front of us, we race to it and open it. There are 5 rolls of bread, 2 from 5 and 3 from 6, and some cans of food. This can do us both 1 day, 2 if we ration it properly. I see a note, it’s for Jake but it says to give some to me. We eat some now but leave the rest to later. I sigh as it starts to rain, “They want to tell us to slow down on the kills,” I say he nods his head again and we look for a shelter. We sit behind one of the hills so that it shelters us from the rain and wind, I smile thinking how successful today was...

People To Die PoVs:

Marie Jennie (8F's cousin):

I feel sooo bad about the situation Jezzie’s in. I see her struggling to climb the mountain but I have confidence in her. I see her hand slip and watch as she tumbles down to the bottom. She looks badly injured and I start crying OUCH I feel my bones snapping and watch as my body shifts and goes through the pain she went through, I scream in pain and see the careers approach Jezzie. I want to tell her to run but I know she can’t she can barely move her neck so there’s no way she’s going to be able to survive. They approach and start arguing about something. I see the 4M throw the 2F against the rocks and the 1M run to her, the 4M attacks Jezzie by clawing and biting her BOOM I see hands appear out of nowhere and kill me...


  • In the Final 12.
  • Everybody from 3, 4 and 7 are dead
  • The 5+6 team are doing well but have decided to split if they both make it to the final 5
  • I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry for taking so long to update. This is also a short update but I am so busy with exams and coursework but I'll try to update more frequently. After May I WILL update more because my exams will be over. My dearest appologies to everyone for not updating.

Day 3: Kopesh Taylors (10F):

It’s still raining quite heavily but I’ve dug myself a hole in the plains and am currently in it. The hole has enough space to make sure my whole body is sheltered and I can still move around slightly. I’ve got a small pile of dirt beside the hole in case somebody comes by and I can knock it over and they won’t suspect a thing. I’m working on an escape tunnel in case this hole collapses. I poke my head out of the hole and see someone slowly approaching. I Can’t see the figure very well because of the rain but I can see the person is limping slightly. They don’t see me and I think they’re headed towards the highlands. I sigh with relief and hear the president’s voice, “Remember tributes, Pain is glory and glory is victory” I start wondering what she means by that...

Jake Rivers (6M):

Grayson and I are still sitting behind the hill and are planning on climbing the mountain after the bad weather is over. We heard the thing the president said and are currently thinking of what she means. Most of the food is there and sitting in my pack. I’ve got everything ready in case we get ambushed. I look over at Grayson who has a look of utter concentration. I sigh and try thinking of what it could mean. I see Grayson’s expression change to a look of utter horror and see him run away from me as fast as he could, taking the pack with him. I look to see what he was running from and see Daniel. He looked like a giant hunk of bloody meat , his clothes were torn at viciously, he was missing one eye and most of his fingers. I could see that his torso had a giant rip in it, exposing his internal organs and his empty eye socket had a thin stream of warm blood coming from him. His hair had been torn off in chunks and he appeared to be in immense pain. I let out a small shriek and try to run away but he had already grabbed me with his remaining fingers. I see him open his mouth and biting me with unnaturally long teeth. I feel nothing then pain... and more pain... I scream with it. My eyes widen and I let out a piercing shriek. The place where he bit me was bright purple and It felt like someone was pulling me apart, pouring buckets of lava on me and ripping my flesh out all at the same time. The pain will kill me is all I can think. I see Grayson approach me and I reach out my hand to him, hoping no praying that he could end this. He says one thing, “Sorry,” Then runs away again. I start screaming again but stop when the pain makes me black out...

Pepper Glace (12F):

When the rain started Maverik found us a small cave on the summit where we are currently. We heard the President’s words but aren't worrying too much about them. “Obviously it’s a surprise twist,” I say, “True, what did you hear that,” “Yes, someone’s in trouble,” It sounds like screaming but it doesn’t matter much to me. “We shouldn’t investigate, there could be trouble going on,” Maverik says. Something doesn’t seem right but I can’t quite place it. Wait. “There are no cannons’ going off, ”I say,“ Then I think the games have properly begun,” Maveriks says, his voice was distant and he trailed off into a cloud of thought. I leave him to it and go outside. It was still raining but I looked over the edge of the mountain. It was hard to spot but I could make out the shape of something on the ground. It might be the tribute that was screaming but I headed in. I was just looking to see if the careers were on a torturing spree. (Remember that while you know about the zombie tributes your tributes don't)

Jason Henry (8M):

I run through the trees as fast as I can. I’m chasing a deer that I found a couple of minutes ago. I manage to get him near the opening. I stop and roar loudly. She runs into the clearing where the gorilla mutts attack her. I tamed them earlier and they’re surprisingly good. I run over to the deer corpse and rip one of her legs’ out and eat it immediately. I see the warm blood drip everywhere and I smile in delight, I finish the leg and start at one of the other ones. The meat was good and I climb one of the tallest trees and scout the perimeter. The rain was still falling and I could hear voices from inside my head. It was the boy from seven talking during his interview and a small chocked noise from my district partner before her cannon went off. I could hear the noise that the grappling hook made before it launched into the brain of that career. I grab my head and start screaming and beating my chest. The noises are getting louder and I start bashing my head against the tree. The noises get fainter as I bash my head and suddenly I feel dizzy and fall off the tree. I keep falling on the branches and breaking them and suddenly the voices stop as I hit the ground...

kaylie Alleman (9F):

m perched on a tree in the forest waiting for any passing tributes. I’m concealed from the rain but I may need to move soon because I can hear noises deeper in the forest. I’ve found 3 pieces of meat, some water, rope and a sleeping bag. I hear someone coming near my tree. I get into a position where I can hit them easily with my tomahawk. I see somebody staggering along and I quickly throw my tomahawk at them. It hit their back but no cannon. I frown and jump from my tree to the ground, I take the weapon out of their back and was about to finish the poor soul off when it turned around. It was that little girl from 8 but she looked half-dead, her neck was broken, her face was covered in blood, bruises and blood. Shocked, I stepped back and she sprung on me. I yelped as she bit my hand. I fell back and punched her in her face. Then I felt it. The pain... I scream with it. It was like someone was branding a white hot iron onto my hand. That... thing looks at me one but them rambles on deeper into the forest. I try to stop screaming and curse myself for yelling, I could’ve given away my position. I try to climb into my tree and tie myself to it before I black out from the pain...

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