Child of the big three

  • I was born on March 28
  • Child of the big three

    "Let the 72nd Hunger Games begin!"

    The 72nd anniversary of the defeat of the 13 districts is being celebrated as the Hunger Games...But who are the tributes?





    Physical appearance (you can add a photo if needed):

    Weapon of choice (optional):

    Additional info (optional)

    "May the odds ever be in your favour!"

    Once there are enough tributes, I will post the arena environment and other things related to that.

    Name: Kezaiah Bianca

    District: 1

    Gender: Girl

    Age: 15

    Physical appearance (you can add a photo if needed): Average height and body size, long curly black hair with blue streaks and chocolate brown eyes.

    Weapon of choice (optional): Daggers/Bow and Arrows.

    Additional info (optional):

    She's nice and sweet but also deadly. She knows …

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