"Let the 72nd Hunger Games begin!"

The 72nd anniversary of the defeat of the 13 districts is being celebrated as the Hunger Games...But who are the tributes?





Physical appearance (you can add a photo if needed):

Weapon of choice (optional):

Additional info (optional)

"May the odds ever be in your favour!"

Once there are enough tributes, I will post the arena environment and other things related to that.

Name: Kezaiah Bianca

District: 1

Gender: Girl

Age: 15

Physical appearance (you can add a photo if needed): Average height and body size, long curly black hair with blue streaks and chocolate brown eyes.

Weapon of choice (optional): Daggers/Bow and Arrows.

Additional info (optional):

She's nice and sweet but also deadly. She knows about survival, first aid and self defense.

Her adoptive father was a victor so she was trained ever since she was little. She works part time as a goldsmith apprentice and sometimes with her adoptive mother in a Hospital.

Her district token is a gold necklace with a sun pendant that has a sapphire in the middle given by her birth parents before she became an orphan.

Name: Matt Coupe

District: 2

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Physical appearance (you can add a photo if needed): Brown Hair, Brown eyes,

Weapon of choice (optional): Machete, Bow and Arrows, and Trident

District 3 girl Audacia Undersea

Age : 13

Audacia Undersea

Weapon : Knives and bows, but she prefers knives.

Personality : Shyish, loyal, smart, can get panicky sometimes

Weakness : She doesn't understand electronics too much - that is to say, she understands them more than someone from another district would but less than the average 13 year old District 3 child.

Skills : Can hunt pretty well. Small and Nimble, allowing her to climb up trees easily and run fast. Also good in hiding and camouflage. Knows basic healing.

Appearance : Raven black hair to waist, black eyes, pretty.

Token : A pin shaped like a lightning bolt.

Backstory and Extra stuff: Her father died after an explosion in the machine room where he worked. Her mother doesn't earn much (she works at a factory where wires are made). Her 18 year old brother, William Undersea, is almost always drunk so he's of no use. She doesn't understand electronics much. She found a way to get past the electric fence, so she sometimes bunks off school and hunts to provide for her family. Insult her family and she'll either burst into tears or kill you on the spot.

Miya Rye

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Looks: Blonde hair, green eyes, about 5'2"

Occupation: Tribute

District: 9

Weapons: Sickle/Scythe, or bo staff

Personality: Sensitive, maybe even a bit childlike and innocent, annoyingly optomistic

Description: Miya has been working in the grain fields since she could hold a sickle. She is the youngest of five children, all of which are too old to volunteer for her. She is also a vegetarian, though meat is hard to come by in District 9. She doesn't want to kil anyone, so she spends most of her time running and hiding from the other tributes. When she is confronted, she is very skilled, but will always stop at leaving her opponent unconscious and then fleeing again.

She also hates the boy tribute from District 9, for unspecifed reasons.

{C}district 2 female

name: lottie dane


weapons/skills: throwing knives and swords. hunting, climbing trees and hand to hand combat

appearence: blonde hair, brown eyes and feckles. 5"4 (tall 4 her age)

token: a silver bracelet with a heart shaped locket with a daisy engraved on the front

weakness: anyone she cares for getting hurt

strengths: her family

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