The Rules

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The Reaping

Welcome All to the 73 annual Hunger Games

These are the Tributes


-Channing Friendlie

Age: 18

District 11

- Cole Fletcher

Age 16

District: 2

- Downie Humpbridge

Age: 17

District: 7

- Jack

Age: 17

District 8

- Hal Hallings

Age: 13

District: 12

- Jace

Age: 17

District: 2


- Heaven Mio

Age: 16

District: 4

- Luna Snare

Age: 12

District: 8

- Ginger Orangello

Age: 14

District: 2

- Aria DeChaspillo

Age: 14

District 4

- Feline Ster

Age: 13

District 5

- Vampsy GilGarbo

Age: 18

District 5

Training Scores


-Channing Freindlie -8-

- Cole Fletcher -7-

-Downie Humpbridge -6-

-Jack -9-

-Hal Hallings -10-

Jace -8-


-Heaven Mio -11-

-Luna Snare -12-

-Ginger Orangello -9-

-Aria DeChaspillo -5-

-Feline Ster -7-

-Vampsy GilGarbo -10-

Day 1



Wow. Of course it's a rain forest. I run towards the Cornicopia and grab a backpack. I look up to see Feline jumping down at me, i dodge and she lands on her head, I hear a sharp crack and see her lying limp on the ground, she snapped her neck, her cannon fires. I head for the thick bush.


Heaven grabs my hand gives me a reasurring look and pulls me away. We run to the trees. "We don't have supplies." I say, she replies by holding up a green backpack.


I stab Jack Striaght in the heart and run for it. I hear his cannon, I know Ginger is running after me! I stop and clothesline her she fall with a loud THUMP! Her nose is bleeding. I run and leave her for some other tribute.

Deaths For Day 1

Feline: Snapped neck

Jack: Stabbed with spear by Downie

Day 2


I am so totally going to get Downie for that clothesline yesterday! I sit in the trees waiting for a tribute to pounce on. I look over to see a giant spider on my hand. I freak out and scream! I fall off of the branch and land on the grond. I have no air in my body! It feels like my back is broken! I can't feel my legs! I hear the crunching of the leaves! I see Jace walking towards me. He takes out a sword and impales it into my stomach. I scream in agony! Some partner he is! "This is out of pity!" he says with a pained twinge in his voice. I slowly black out. Before I'm gone, I hear a cannon...


I run into the forest to look for some animals I can feed off of. I look over to see Aria running towards me with an axe! She swings at me and I dodge, She takes one last swing and I grab the axe handle and pin her to the ground with it. I grab her finger and start sucking. She struggles but then stops moving, she's pale. Her cannon fires. I'm no longer hungry. I casually walk away laughing. I feel a burning sensation on my skin, first my hand, then my body. Could it be? NO!!! SUNLIGHT!!! I feel my flesh being ripped apart by the evilness. I let out an agonizing scream thats drowned out by my cannon...


I lead Cole towards a pond, we sit there, I profess my love to him and he responds by tenderly kissing me, We lie there cuddling. We fall asleep in the beautiful moonlight though the trees. Could this be anymore perfect?

Deaths on Day 2

Ginger: Stabbed out of pity by Jace.

Aria: Drained of blood by Vampsy.

Vampsy: Burned to death by the sunlight.

Day 3


I walk in the humid forest and come across Hal! He points his bow at me and goes to shoot but misses and hits a palm tree. I hit him with my pole and he topples to the ground. "Share your stuff with me and I'll spare you!" I say. "Like an alliance?" I'm suprised at myself, an alliance with a 13 year old


I'm still feeling guilt over Ginger. I'm wondering why she was lying there all crippled looking. Perhaps she fell from a tree. I walk for what seems like hours on end, I fall over and black out, I wake up to find Downie standing over me! He stabs a knife into my arm. I react by pulling it out and stabbing it into his stomach. He collapses and a cannon fires. I get up and check his back pack and find a bandage. I wrap it around my arm and black out again


I hear a cannon fire and look up to see Downie being pulled up to the hovercraft. Huh, I thought he would have lasted longer. I look down from my tree to see Channing and Hal walking by. I stay absoloutely Still, not even breathing. They pass and I take in air again. The night is young, I should get some sleep. I hope I find my love Cole.

Deaths On Day 3

Downie: Stabbed in the Stomach by Jace.

Day 4


Heaven and I walk together. I look into her eyes and say " I can't wait until we win. I love you so much!", "I do too" I lean in to kiss her, but then I feel a sharp agonizing pain in my chest! It's Heaven! She stabbed me! I hear a scream but I'm mot sure if its me or someone else "W-what?" I say in a confused voice. "You really thought I loved you? Wow, I'm a better actor than I thought! I used you to stay alive!" I fall to the ground. It's getting hard to breathe, I see is Heaven falling to the ground...


I finally have caught up with Cole, but I see him with Heaven, she stabs him! A scream escapes my lips. In blind fury I grab a giant rock and charge toward her and smash it into her head so hard she didn't even have time to scream. She lies on the ground bleeding, I go over to Cole and give him a kiss before he dies.

Deaths on Day 4

Cole: Stabbed by Heaven

Heaven: Head smashed by Luna

Day 5


I walk with Channing and I'm very hungry, I eat 2 of my crackers and a stick of jerky. I look up to see Jace staring me in the face and Channing sprawled on the floor. A cannon fires, "Channing!!" I shout " You killed him!!". I take out my bow and my blow darts and I shoot one at Jace, he dodges it. I can't let him win! I fight with all my might and finally knock him to the ground. "You're not gonna live!" I say as I send an arrow through his windpipe. His cannon fires.


I hear a cannon in the distance. I hear an announcers voice saying "I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRADULATE TTHE TWO WINNERS HAL HALLINGS AND LUNA SNARE!". Hal, Hal, I see a dreamy, muscular, blonde, tall boy with grey eyes and soft kissable, rosy red lips. I greet him with a kiss and I know I'm instantly in love.

Deaths On Day 5

Channing: Stabbed by Jace

Jace: Shot in the throat by Hal

After The Games


I went to district 8 with Luna. We are dating and can't wait until were old enough to marry!

Luna We are going steady and we are blindly in love.


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