• ChuckNorrisInSecret

    The Hunger Games 68

    The first thing i see as the plate lifts up onto the surface is a blaring, white hot sun. It almost immediatly makes me sweat. When i get my eyes focused, I seem to be

    in a desert. The area around the Cornicopia slants down. I look behind me and see jungle in the distance, with a river leading to it. The river flows right past me,

    and around the Cornicopia. The Cornicopia is on a little island of sorts. On the island, I can see lots of wepons. Axes, bow and arrows, swords and a pack of knifes

    just to name a few. I know that if i go in there, i will be targeted almost immediatly. Since im big and tall, with lots of musles, the Careers will notice me quickly.

    Plus, by the looks of it, i seem to be the only black skinned tribut…

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