The Hunger Games 68

The first thing i see as the plate lifts up onto the surface is a blaring, white hot sun. It almost immediatly makes me sweat. When i get my eyes focused, I seem to be

in a desert. The area around the Cornicopia slants down. I look behind me and see jungle in the distance, with a river leading to it. The river flows right past me,

and around the Cornicopia. The Cornicopia is on a little island of sorts. On the island, I can see lots of wepons. Axes, bow and arrows, swords and a pack of knifes

just to name a few. I know that if i go in there, i will be targeted almost immediatly. Since im big and tall, with lots of musles, the Careers will notice me quickly.

Plus, by the looks of it, i seem to be the only black skinned tribute in the Games. I cut off those thoughts and start to wonder about my strategy. Should i go in

there, and get that pack of knifes, and posibly be one of the first to be killed? Or, do i just sprint off into the jungle and hope for the best. I make up my mind and

decide that im going for it. The gong sounds, adn i sprint for the Cornicopia. I seem to be the fastest, because the Careers are still 20 feet away when i dive in the

water. It's cold, to cold if you ask me. But, i grit through it and get out and onto the island. There's alot ot look at, with not alot of time. I reach for the

knifes, and pull them loose. Time is almost up, and i grab a backpack and a spear and move out. I don't plan to kill anyone today, so no one will follow me as i run to

the jungle. The jungle is farther away then i thought, and i am starting to make progress when the rock hits my back. I nearly collapse, but stay up. The boy from

District 7 is following me, with a handfull of rocks. Rocks? Why rocks when there are tons of wepons in the Cornicopia? I don't know, but i know i have to act fast.

So, i pull out a knife and throw it at his arm. It hits his shoulder and he stops to examin the wound. I don't have time ot look at it and keep running. When i reach

the jungle, i turn to survey the carnage, but i cannot see the Cornicopia. While, only the tip. An arm appears on the top and i see that Tam, my partner from District

10, is climbing to the top. She has a cut on her ankle and is holding a sword as if for dear life. She swings at an object that i cannot see, and she jumps back down.

Should i help her? Go back and kill her attackers and bring her with me into the jungle? But, what if i get there and the Careers have already killed her and focus on

me then? I stand there for a moment, conflicted o what to do. After about a minute, i reluctanly run into the jungle. If Tam's picture shows up in the sky tonight,

will it be my fault that she died? That i did not help her and ran away. For now, i decide to walk along the river, which goes at an angle. After about an hour of

walking, i decide to look for camp tonight. I spot out a gathering of rocks next to the lake and decide to look there. What looked like a pile of rocks is actully a

small cave. It faces away from the river, and blocks the sun and wind. I decide it will make a fine camp. So, i sit down on one of the rocks in the cave and open my

backpack. It holds a bottle of water, full, a blanket and pillow, a flashlight, a length of rope and an awl. I lay the contents out, and discover that there is a pack

in the way bottom of the pack. I lift it out, and find that it is really heavy. It is orange, with a + on it. I flip it over and find another symbol on it. A fish.

And, to make it better, it has two openings. The first is a medic kit, with basic stuff to heal a cut or burn. The other side is a fishing box, with a fold up fishing

pole and bait and tackles. Most likely, it was intended for Sync, the male tribute from District 4, who preformed the fishing stunt with Caeser Flickerman. Of course,

beside my 11 in training, no one remembers Kcon Micheals. I grew up in District 10, which is where Wisconsin and Michagan used to be. The people say that it was the

dairy and production capitol of the world. Anyway, i set all of my stuff in a corner of the cave, but bring my fishing pack with. Its humid in the jungle, and there's

alot of mosquitoes here, too. It takes a while to figure out the fishing gear, and when i think i got it right, i cast out. In about 6 minutes, i feel a tug. I yank it

and find a decent sized fish on the hook. Oh, how i wish that i had District 4 with me right now. My wishes seem to come true, because a trident misses my head by

about 3 inches. I run for my knifes, but something tackles me down. When i turn around, i see Tam laughing her eyes out on the ground. I hadn't realized that i said i

want District 4 outloud. "God, did you see your face!!" Tam blurts out. I'm to stunned that she made it out of the Cornicopia to reply. But, i do get out "But..i saw the Cornicopia..". She looks at me and explains "I teamed up with the Careers and they made sure i lived. Then, when most of us had left, i ran for it. They

have no idea where i went, but they must be mad." That explains why Tam lived so long."oh, and i forgot, i teamed up with District 11, too." Then she calls out to the

bushes "You can come out now!" After a short silence, the little boy for 11 and tall girl from 11 come out. The boy has a cut on his forehead. "Hey, i got something

for that." I say and lead them all to my cave. I open the medic box, and apply some bandages and liquid to it. "Thank you" he mutters, quietly. He has short blonde

hair and seems really shy. The other girl doesn't look from District 11. So, i ask "Are you really from 11?". She takes a time to respond, but says "No, i'm from 7.

And my name is Johanna Mason." She says, looking at the ground.

Chapter 2

"That's why you took the axe." Tam blurts out, like it was the most important thing in the world. There's a silence, awkward and long, that is finnaly broken by Tam

asking "So, what's your name?" to the little boy from 11. He hesitates, then awnsers "My name is Chris" in his small voice. "Well, does anyone know how to cook fish?"

I ask. Johanna quietly raises her hand and i give her the fish. Within 5 minutes, she has the fish expertly gutted and cleaned and ready to cook. Tam sends Chris to

get some fire wood, while me and Tam look at her supplies she salvaged. A tent for 2, a bottle of water, full, a few coconuts and her sword. Chris returns and we find

that he only got a flashlight and a waterskin, full. So, i decide to give him my spear, since i prefer knifes. He examins it in his hands, then runs off to practice on

some tree. Johanna returns and starts the fire. After we all get back in the cave, we settle down around the fire. Chris returns with 2 more fish and Johanna cooks

them. Its starting to get dark out when the cannons begin. We all count them. 1...2...3..4..all the way to 9. 9 dead. Followed by the cannons, the anthem starts to

play. It shows both from 3, girl from 5, the boy from 7, both from 8 and 9, and the girl from 11. Both Johanna and Chris look sad, since they both lost their district

partners on the first day. And then i feel sad that i caused the boy from 7 to get injured, who then must've got killed by the Careers. Or even Tam. But, i don't

mention this, because i don't want Johanna to get even sadder. We decide to set up a schedule for night watches. Johanna and Tam go to bed in the tent, while me and

Chris take the first watch. We sit in scilence for about an hour, then Chris breaks the silence. "I wonder how long before we have to fight again?" I look at him and

awnser "I don't know, but we'll be ready. I have the knifes, Tam the sword, Johanna the axe and you seem pretty good with that spear." Then a question pops up in my

head and i have to ask. "So, how did you and Johanna meet up?" Chris thinks for a moment. "While, when the gong sounded, i ran for the Cornicopia. I can't swim, so

i waited on the edge of the water, figuring out what to do. Then, a flashlight with a waterskin tied to it flung at me. I grabbed it and started to run away. But,

someone grabbed me by the shirt and pushed me down. He was gonna stab me, but Tam jumped on him with the sword, killing him. Her and Johanna picked me up and we ran

to the jungle. This boy with a knife in his arm tried to stop us, but I kicked the knife in his arm more. And thats when we meat you." He finishes. I sit there,

digesting everything i've just heard. It makes sense, Tam jumping of the Cornicopia, the boy from 7 dying not from the Careers, but from Chris. Right before i reply,

a cannon goes off. It startles both of us, and wakes up Johanna and Tam. "Was that the cannon?" Tam askes, rubbing her eyes. Both me and Chris tell her yes. "I wonder

who that was." She crawls back into the tent. Johanna eyes grow puffy, and she runs back into the tent. Halfway though the night, me and Chris wake up the girls and

we fall asleep. Tam wakes us up about 4 hours later. "Hurry up!!! The Careers are close!" I have to kick Chris to get him up. I scramble out of the tent and to the

of the cave. Tam is already there with her sword in her hands. Johanna is shivering like there's no tommarrow, with her axe drew up behind her shoulder. I peek out of

the cave and see all 6 of the Careers: both from 1,2, boy from 4 and the boy from 12. I hear a sound, and make out two figures off to the side of the Careers. I see

that their both girls. Must be the girls from 4 and 12. The Gamekeepers must be so excited, with 12 of the 14 tributes all in one space. "We have to move out, or

theyll get us." I say. So, we all move out, and pass the girls from 4 and 12. They don't see us, so we pass really fast. The girls go past our cave, and run off.

What a tense moment, without none of us konwing we were here. The Gamekeepers must be so mad right now, so i expect something to pop out at us. But, nothing happens.

We move on to the middle of the jungle, where its still really humid, even at night. The sun slowly creeps up in the sky. Day 2 is upon us.

Chapter 3
It's clear we need to find shelter halfway through the day. Chris and Johanna are slowing down, and Tam is trying to keep pace, but is wearing herself out. So, they

are sigh relef when i announce that were gonna rest. We all sit around a tree and munch on some of the local bannana's. It seems quiet around here. To quiet. But

i can't place why. I suggest we keep moving, but it's clear Chris can't go on. He's small for his age, which is 12, and doesn't look well fed. I pick him up and

whisper in his ear "Ill give you extra's later if you walk now." His face brightens up and manages to his feet. He reminds me so much of my little brother, Tommy, who

died in the Games 3 years ago. We all really thought he would win, because he was in the final 3, but got his head cut off by Sonic, District 4's winner that year.

And what's really ironic is that Sync is his older brother, and im Tommy's brother, so its like Krulg(Syncs last name) vs Micheals II. The commentaters must be really

breaking down this, because i know that some point in the Games, we'll be thrown together. We keep walking through the jungle for a few hours, and circle back to our

cave. We set up shop there, unpacking the tent, setting up a fire and going fishing. But, it's still very quiet. "Ill be right back." i say to the group, and go

investigate. I walk around the jungle around our cave for about 10 minutes, trying to find the thing that makes the jungle quiet. Only do i konw when Johanna screams

"BEAR!!" I sprint off toward the camp. The bear is in the middle of Tam and Johanna, who both have their wepons out. I look in my pack of knifes, which holds about

15 knifes. I take 3 and throw them all at once at the bear's head. The bear staggers, and turns toward me. I distract it, while i motion with my hands for Johanna

tp stab it. She holds up the axe, her hands shaky, and drops the axe behind her. "Ill do it" Tam says and sinks the sword in the bears back, while i stab the bear in

the eye. It falls to the ground, dead. I huff of relief and take my knifes out. Tam pulls out her sword, and cleans it on some moss. Johanna runs back into the tent

and closes the door. "I wonder whats wrong with her, everytime we have to fight, she backs down." Tam just looks at me, as if waiting for an explination. After she

relizes that im not talking, she goes to fish. Chris and I end up looking for fruit in the jungle. Now, its getting back to normal in the jungle. Birds chirping,

wild sounds, and then a scream of a monkey here and there. So, who's left? Lets see, Me, Tam, Chris, Johanna, both from 1,2 and 4, the boy from 5, both from 6, and

both from 12. I think i can't remember a few, but ill figure them out. We eat fish and bannana's around the fire in the cave again. The anthem plays and shows who's

dead. Just the boy from 5. 10 down, 11 to go. Tam and Johanna take the first watch, and me and Chris go into the tent to sleep. Then, im back home, conforting my

sister, who's just watched Tommy die and Sonic throwing his hands up, victorious. They scoop up Tommy and my mom goes histarical. My sister, Jessica, get up. She turns

into Sync, and stabs me in the head. I jolt awake, ready to fight, but it's just Johanna telling me that it's my turn to watch. I crawl out of bed, rubbing my eyes.The

moon casts a lot of light on the dark jungle. It almost seems like morning, but it was just 3 hours ago that we went to bed. Mabye the gamekeepers want us to see

eachother, so they'll gurantee a fight. With this thought still in my head, i slowly grab my pack of knifes out under a sleeping Chris. He wakes, looks at me without

lifting up his head, and falls back to sleep. What a time he must've had in the arena so far. From nearly dying 4 minutes into the games, then having to face a bear,

just within the first two days here. At the pace things are going here, we'll probably be either dead or parading in our district within a week. Little did Kcon know

then, that this was going to be the longest games there had and will ever been. Morning soon comes and it's as hot as ever. I don't need to wake Johanna or Tam up

because they both come out complaining about the heat. I can tell that Johanna has been crying in her sleep, since her eyes are all puffy and red. "Any cannons

while i was sleeping?" Tam asks. "Not a one, everyone lived, unfortunetly." I say. Tam laughs and heads to fish. Chris takes his spear and goes hunting. Neither me or

Johanna have anything to do, so we just sit in the cave. I open my pack of knifes and find that there is something attached to one of the knifes. I pull it out, and

see that its a message. I read it outloud, so all four of us can hear. "To all Tributes who recieve this note, the Arena will explode in 5 days. Now, to ensure that

there will be a winner, there will be a feast on day four. At this feast, there will be 11 GPS systems, with the other tributes trackers on radar." The whole group

stares at me in shock, and thats when we hear the scream.

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