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Hi! I am brand new to the wiki, and saw that people make Hunger Games. I was like *fangirl scream* and made my own... The system seems easy to use, so maybe I won't fail! o.e
















Name/District/Age Gender Weapon Apperance User
1- Achilles 'Lee' Edwards, 17 M Axe, Spear Black Hair, Blue Eyes CallamD97
1- Camielle Backshaw, 16 F Spear, Knife, Sleuth Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes AstonMoioLover
2- Lance Hardrock, 18 M Morningstar Brown Hair, Brown Eyes CallamD97
2- Brie Henson, 14 F Dagger, Bow and Arrow Brown Hair, Brown Eyes AstonMoioLover
3- Navy Wonders, 16 M Spear, Sword, Axe Black Hair, Green Eyes 2legit2quit
3- Aria Camelliston, 16 F Bow and Arrow Brown Hair, Blue Eyes Katelyn.danita
4- Tide Watercrest, 17 M Trident, Sword, Throwing Knives Blonde Hair (Blue Strands), Blue Eyes Mysims
4- Drina Vox, 15 F Axe Red Hair, Blue Eyes Nommyzombies
5- Shock Mullen, 13 M Throwing Knives, Blowgun Brown Hair, Grey Eyes Mysims
5- Shimmer Cashmere, 17 F Anything Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Katelyn.danita
6- Vroom Rouge, 15 M Spear, Sword Red Hair, Black Eyes Mysims
6- Esorellia Snow, 17 F Bow and Arrow, Knife, Axe, Mace, Sword, Spear Brown Hair, Blue Eyes Katelyn.danita
7- Reggie Miller, 14 M Blowgun African American, Black Hair, Brown Eyes 2legit2quit
7- Maysilea 'Maci' Parcels, 17 F Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes Trident, Mace, Sword Katelyn.danita
8- Mickey Mcalister, 17 M Trident Black Hair, Green Eyes 2legit2quit
8- Olympia Willings, 16 F Hand to Hand Combat Red and Blonde Hair, Green Eyes SkyTimeGirl
9- Caleb Stoll, 12 M Axes Grey Eyes, Blonde Hair ?
9- Allianna 'Allie' Whittle, 16 F Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow Brown Hair, Blue Eyes Mysims
10- Gunner Pan, 15 M Sword, Knives Black Hair, Hazel Eyes 2legit2quit
10- Vixen Rhodes, 13 F Bow and Arrows Ginger Hair, Green Eyes SkyTimeGirl
11- Quincy Williams, 17 M Spear, Sword, Axe African American, Black Hair, Blue Eyes 2legit2quit
11- Lauren Hill, 12 F Knives, Spears Brown Hair, Green Eyes Rue district11
12- Aiden Camelliston, 18 M Knives, Rope, Bow and Arrow Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes

12- Aria Camelliston, 16

F Bow and Arrow Brown Hair, Blue Eyes Katelyn.danita


District 1

Camielle's POV

The sun was just rising over the mountains when it peaked in my window. The light flashed in my eyes, and I had a rude awakening. I was upset, until I remembered what today was. The Reapings. I went to the bathroom, and brushed my tangled blonde hair out smooth. I looked into the mirror, and grew excited already. The blue orbs that looked back at me hoped that this would be her year, this was it, what she trained for since she was 12 years old. She remembered breaking her ankle, and now that pain could possibly pain off today. After she was dressed, and ready to go, she looked out her window one more time. Residents were already filling the square, chatting excitedly about the games, and whether or not they could be chosen. She then was leaving, until she remembered something. She dug through her dresser, and found what she was looking for. Her token, just in case. It was a necklace her mother, a victor, gave to her after she won the Hunger Games. She put it around her small neck, and headed to the Reaping to meet Achilles.

Achilles's POV

He seached the square for her. Of course Camielle is late. He huffed and sat on one of the few chairs the capital bothered to place in front of the stage. He and Camielle had been friends for as long as her remembered, until last year, when the crush started to develop. He thought that when they trained in her basement, he thought that he might tell her, but he could never work up the courage to. The crowd started to tense around him, so he stood up and went to where is parents were, but of course, there was a crowd of people surrounding them. Being both past victors, they were praised here in the District, but so was about a few more people that managed to beat out District 2 for the win. He just sighed, and turned around to go to the very back, but he bumped into Camielle. "Boo!" she yelled. He laughed and pushed her playfully. "Where have you been, princess?" he questioned sarcastically. "Every princess needs her beauty sleep, right?" she held his hand, and dragged him to to the seats where all the other kids there age were huddled around talking. The chatter was imensely loud, and Achilles was starting to get a headache. He rubbed his temples. Camielle rubbed his black hair, "Got a headache?" "Yeah, you?" "A little." she smiled that amazing smile. Just the, the escort, Giles Mosin stepped up to the microphone. Everyone got in file, the victors on the stage, and he stood next to Camielle. "Now a video, to show everyone the excellence of Panem, and then our anthem."

Camielle's POV

After sitting through all of the formalities, Giles finally pointed to the 2 glass bowls sitting on the table. ".... And may the odds be ever in your favor!" he exclamined. He moved swiftly to the bowl, and said, "Ladies first!" This is it, this is it, this is it, this is it... Her heart was thumping, she wanted this so bad. Giles reached in, and pulled out the slip on the very top. The he marched over to the mic, opening it slow, making everyone in the District almost die.

"Alyss Heart!" he called out.

Oh hell no! "I VOLUNTEER!!!" I raised my hand so fast, nobody else got the chance to even breathe. "Alrighty!!!" Giles said. Everyone cheered my name, some saying, "Go Princess!" I hated my nick-name, but no time for thinking about that, I was so happy, I think I started to cry. They officers lead me to the stage, and my mother gave me a big thumbs up. When I was up there, Giles lead me to the microphone, "What is your name?" "Camielle Backshaw!" I shouted excitedly. "Okay, stand over here please young lady!" I looked in the crowd, and saw Achilles smiling, his blue eyes wrinkled. I think I cared about him... more than friends.

Achilles's POV

I was happy that she got to participate. Now I had to get up there with her, so she could win these games. "Next Gentleman!" Giles walked over to the next glass bowl and this time dug deep into the bowl, and pulled out a sleek white piece of paper. He then went over to the mic. PLEASE! Let me be with Camielle!!! Let me be with my crush!

"Maroon Cutlin!" he annouced.

I was not as lucky as Camielle, because may boys raised their hands and volunteered right exactly the same time that I did. So Giles had to chose one of us. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please.... Repeated in my head. "You there with the black hair in the back!" The boy about 2 spaces away from me started to cheer. I was broken. "NO! Not you, him, with the black shirt!" He was meaning me. Me? .... YES!!!!!!!!!!!! The officers lead my to the stage, and Camielle was bursting with joy. People were cheering me until Giles lead me to the microphone. "What is your name lad?" "Achilles Edwards." I said clearly and loud. My parents were estatic. There boy was fufilling the dynasty, the tradition, of winning the Hunger Games. "Shake hands you two." Instead, Camielle gave me a big hug, and that made the crowd crazy.

Going to the train, I remember my parents wanting me to win. I knew that I would not, I am going to save Camielle.

District 2

(Hey guys! I am going to write more later, cause I have to go somewhere. I just wanted people to know, that I am using all the information that you gave me in your submission form, so it better had been good! :P )

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