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  • CinnasNinjaUnicorn

    This is a fanfic i made up and won a mockingjay pin

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  • CinnasNinjaUnicorn

    Finnick JR.

    February 8, 2013 by CinnasNinjaUnicorn

    This is just my quick fanfic (i tried to make it as small as possible so this is about a quarter of the actual one) so i hope you like it :)

    Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and hears her screaming. Sometimes she just stops talking and curls up into a ball with her hands on her ears rocking back and forth yelling for him. The fifteen year old doesn't know what else to do besides sit next to her wrapping his thick arms tightly around his mother. It's the only way to show her that he's there for her. The boy didn't know his father, he died before he was born but he often hears stories. 'Finnick Odair, the boy with the trident', they would say. "You're gonna be okay mom, everything's alright." The boy soothed her. "There's noth…

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  • CinnasNinjaUnicorn

    Everlark kids

    February 8, 2013 by CinnasNinjaUnicorn

    Guys this is my first fanfic so JUDGE ALL YOU WANT! i dont really mind :) I've only edited it once and spent an hour or so on it so.....yeah. AND HERE IT IS *drum roll* *then trumpets* *fireworks* *and then shows a retarded fat cat just cause i can* (^-.-^)

    "Momma?" Something tugged on my nightgown and I looked down to see small grey eyes staring up at me. Gabe. My little Gabe.

    The moonlight shining through the kitchen window illuminated the little boy's blond curls and I picked him up into my arms and cradled him on my hip.

    I moved his bangs away from his eyes and said, "Yes Gabe? Did you have a nightmare again?" Gabe snuggled in close to me and closed his eyes, "I did momma. Can I sleep with you and daddy tonight?" I sighed and smiled at Ga…

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