Guys this is my first fanfic so JUDGE ALL YOU WANT! i dont really mind :) I've only edited it once and spent an hour or so on it so.....yeah. AND HERE IT IS *drum roll* *then trumpets* *fireworks* *and then shows a retarded fat cat just cause i can* (^-.-^)

"Momma?" Something tugged on my nightgown and I looked down to see small grey eyes staring up at me. Gabe. My little Gabe.

The moonlight shining through the kitchen window illuminated the little boy's blond curls and I picked him up into my arms and cradled him on my hip.

I moved his bangs away from his eyes and said, "Yes Gabe? Did you have a nightmare again?" Gabe snuggled in close to me and closed his eyes, "I did momma. Can I sleep with you and daddy tonight?" I sighed and smiled at Gabe, "of course you can baby."

I carried him to my room and tucked him into the middle of the bed, "Momma? Can you tell me a story? The one how you and daddy met?" I nodded and shuffled into the bed next to him.

"Now where do I begin? Oh yes, I know." I held him close and started stroking his hair, "When I was about twelve years old, your daddy found me hiding beside a tree and I was very hungry. So he made a very brave decision and gave me something to eat....." I told him how we went to school together and how we 'helped' each other over and over again. I left out all the sad parts like the Hunger Games, the arenas, the rebellion and how it started, and why Peeta and I have strange nightmares very often. I don't know when or how we're going to tell him. I don't know how he's going to handle the truth but he has to know the truth eventually.

".....and finally your daddy and I decided to have a baby. You and your big sister Primrue." Gabe smiled up at me with his eyes half closed, "I like that story momma. It has a very happy ending."

There was a low voice coming from the doorway, "But my boy, this story has not yet ended." Me and Gabe turned towards the voice and saw Peeta walking towards us. He lay on the other side of Gabe and stretched out, yawning, "with every ending comes a new beginning, and this is definitely not an ending just yet." then I added "it's an unfinished story." Peeta gazed at me and smiled, sending my head spinning and heart speeding up as if it was the first time I met him. I was just about to turn the bedside light off when I saw a tiny figure move by the door. In the dim light I could see a little girl with shining dark hair and blue eyes peeping from around the corner.

"You can come in Primrue, don't be shy. There's plenty of room for you to sleep tonight." Slowly, Primrue came out of her hiding spot and moved towards the bed. I shuffled towards the edge of the bed to give her some room in the middle and I tucked her in once she was in the bed. "Now," I said, "How about I sing you two a song to help with those nightmares." They both eagerly nodded their heads and requested 'deep in the meadow'. We all got comfortable in bed and I started to sing... "Deep in the meadow," the chirping of the bugs outside went quieter. "Under the willow," fingers brushed my hand and I slowly locked my fingers with Peeta's. "A bed of grass," the air filled with silence and I continued, "A soft green pillow." across the bed I locked eyes with Peeta and felt peacefulness consume me. "Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes," I looked down at my two angels and saw they were almost asleep. "And when again they open the sun will rise." I looked back at Peeta and saw that his eyes were closed and his breathing was becoming heavier, meaning he was also falling asleep. "Here it is safe, here it is warm. Here the daisies guard you from every harm." I closed my eyes and smiled at all the happy memories this song gave me. "Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true." Then Peeta sung the last line with me, smile planted on all our faces, "here is the place where I love you."

And I did love them. With all my heart. With all my passion. I will never let this family fall apart. Not now and not ever.

I didn't know what to call the kids so I just went with this ^_^

And that was my retarded story I made just cause I can

Thanks you for your time and eyes to be patient and read the story :)

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