Ok. I've had just about enough of this bad joke. I don't care if you think I am someone else, it really doesn't matter. I was banned from chat because people, including fucking admins (who are supposed to not be stupid and actually follow proper admin methods in these kind of situations) and of course chatmods suspect me of being "Gutless". 

I find it extremely retarded that an entire community has enforced this ridiculous rule that "whoever is suspected of being Gutless shall be banned forever." I find it even more retarded that you put Sannse, a staff member, into this argument, saying that she is actually the one who asked you to go about with this. You are either lying or something is really wrong with this wiki. And I am positive that if I were to look into this more I would definitely come out as being the person in the right, since this is just flat-out stupid.

I would like to address every administrator and bureaucrat of this wiki right now, especially Rainbow Shifter, as she is the most active it seems. The message I want to get across is, instead of worrying about whether or not a new member is or isn't "Gutless", you should be looking to ban those who really need to be banned. Those who have already been proven to cause trouble, on multiple occassions no less. Those who have actual proof pending against them by lots of individuals. Those are the users you should be banning and not the new guys who don't even know what they're being accused of.

There is no evidence as of right now strong enough to suggest that I am indeed this "Gutless" individual. I have no idea who that person is or what they've done to make everyone here hate them this much, nor do I care. What I care about is getting unbanned from chat asap, because I have done nothing to deserve a sentence of 1000 years. I have invited you to checkuser me and see for yourselves that my IP does not match that of Gutless'. Hell, I even agree to a full VSTF investigation of me. I have nothing to hide.  

I'm done. This is my last warning to the admins, either unban me or I will really start looking into this issue and believe me, with the current state of your wiki, the last thing you people need is staff taking interest in it. I have spoken, I will not change my mind. 

Make a call, Rainbow Shifter.

Clock Is Ticking

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