DISCLAIMER first games. Tell me if I fail. :)

This is basically a game, where everyone who wants to participate will be in this game. (Based on Manner's "Wiki Games".) so once enough people join I'll start the bloodbath.Depending on which district you're from, (career users have better chance of living) and your height and preferred weapon. You may have a chance. Also characters who survive bloodbath shall have POV stories.

Name	 District	Gender    Height       Weapon
Kekai  1               Male     5' 2"         Knives & cleaver
Katelyn 1              Female    5' 7"        Bow & arrows
Jackie  2               Female   5' 4".        Throwing knives
Lina    3               Female   5' 0".        Knives & martial arts
Gruff   3               Male     5' 9"         Duel axe
Ash     4               Male     5' 8"         Bow & arrow
Wesley  5               Male     6' 0"        Crossbow & katana
Anna    5              Female    5' 2"       Crossbow & martial arts 
Kiersten   7           Female    4' 11"      Throwing knives 
Leo     7              Male      6' 0"        Axe & hatchet
Mia     8              Female    5' 0".      Blowgun & dagger
Andrew  9              Male      5' 1"      Sword
Manner  10             Male      ?          Hatchet
Emma    11             Female    5' 2"       Sickle & axe
Remi    12             Male      6' 1"       Katana
Summer  12             Female    5' 4"       Axe & throwing knives

The Reaping

Many teens stand together silently. All awaiting for their name to be called. They all feel nothing. It's disheartening to say the least for what is about to happen to them. A woman from the Capitol calls out names for 24 teenagers. 24 teenagers will train and prepare for the hunger games. Basically looked-on as a sport for people in the Capitol.

For The teens it is about survival. How long can one survive without being killed? That shall be determined.... "Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor." she announces.

The Bloodbath

After a few weeks of training the tributes are ready for a grueling "game". The Hunger Games.

Many of them are silent on their pedestals. Either sizing up their victims, cowering in openly-expressed fear, or darting their eyes to either the supplies or woods that lay beyond.

POV Bloodbath Story-Remi I hear a deafening noise as I leap off my pedestal. My heart-rate quickens dramatically within a few short seconds. It is chaos...utter chaos if I had to describe it. Murders were happening around me.

I was's not that I wanted to, of course but, this had to be done if I were to win. A boy who is much smaller than me is chasing me. I can see rage and an evil intent in his eyes. He's holding a bloody throwing knife like a dagger. I make a quick instinctive decision and run for a sword propped-up against a supply box. My hand curls around the metal hilt as I turn around as fast as lightning.

Everything is in slow-motion now. My sword is swinging in a horizontal arc towards the boy. I roar out in aggression as it makes contact with his neck. Blood is splattered across my face, and the boy's decapitated body hits the ground. Now my fear has turned into an animal-like rage. I see another male tribute and hurl my sword at his back. He cries out in pain, but an arrow fired by another tribute ends his life. A female tribute is digging feverishly through supplies. I get behind her, put my bloody hands across her head and twist it sideways. A sickening crack is heard and she drops headfirst into the supply bin.

One more tribute can be seen, he has been wounded by a cleaver, I charge him. His fear is written all over his face. Good. I thought maliciously. I pick up a spear as I'm running. His screams for mercy are filling my head with regret but it's too late. The spear has been flung. It soon impacts his forehead. I look away, somewhat disgusted with my brutal actions.

I turn around to pick up an axe, when I see another teen tribute. He is fearful, yet determined. Determined to kill me with a bow and arrow. He pulls back the arrow and lets it fly. I have no words to say. The arrow is spiraling through the air, about to impact my skull. I sigh. damn....


Name: Killed by: Kills:

Remi   Ash-shot in head        2
Leo   Remi-stabbed with spear         0
Andrew   Ash-shot in head      0
Jackie   Remi-snapped neck     0
Gruff    Remi-decapitated by sword   1 (unknown tribute kill)

POV Stories

Emma D11 I have grabbed a sickle and an axe, just before a tall tribute started murdering tributes.

I ran....I ran as fast as I could out of the Bloodbath and nearly dove for cover in the dense woods. As I'm running birds are chirping above me. Probably mockingjays.... my breath is coming short as I've been running for over ten minutes now. I stop and look around at my surroundings. It was sunny, as light filtered through the foliage. Tall pine trees tower above me and plants and undergrowth is spread around like a patterned quilt. I sip some water from a canteen I found and pull myself up. As I start running again I drop my sickle. I stop and bend over to pick it up. But as I'm getting up, I feel cold, hard steel pressed against my neck. "Get up." Orders a tall tribute.

Manner D10

I have made it out of the bloodbath area. My hatchet I'm gripping so tight that my knuckles are white, is dripping red of blood. I'm into the woods in no-time. I catch my breath, listening to the mockingjays chirp overhead.

My key to survival is to either climb a tree, or hide in a cave. First thing though, is I needed food. I started to try and hunt for small game, like birds. But my hatchet was no use against the fast-flying birds. There were berries however. I popped a few blue-colored berries in my mouth and continued on.

I lay cold and shivering in a tree later on at nightfall. I'm silent as I hear cannon shots and see the holo images of various dead tributes scroll across the stary sky. I hugged my knees together and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Kiersten D7

A day after the bloodbath and still no immediate threats. I was the first out of the bloodbath. My size and speed played a huge part in that survival act. Now me, Wesley, Anna, Emma, and Mia have formed an alliance. It hasn't been easy. There have been times when we've run out of food. But we seem to find hunted squirrels near our fire the next morning. Someone was watching out for us.

I was near the river the next day. Looking at my pretty complection and getting water. It was quiet. Birds chirping. Sun shinning. When I heard it. A sharp bark and howl. Even though I didn't know what thing was making those sounds, I did know that it didn't sit well with me. It felt wrong. And dangerous. I dropped the water and ran to the camp to alert everyone!

Summer D12

I was laid down in the tall grass, other members of our alliance huddled around a fire in the early morning. The smell of burning wood tinged the air with a smokey/almond smell. If it wasn't for being in a "game" this would've been slightly enjoyable....slightly. But then there was always that creeping thought Who's gonna betray our little alliance first? I looked over to Wesley. He was tall and imposing. He could be a likely candidate for betrayal. But, he has been helping and caring for everyone so much. It would be hard for me to think that.

"More squirrel for breakfast." sighed Wesley. "Could this tribute help us out by bringing something other than small game?" I shrugged. "Does it matter?" Wesley sat himself down on a log and ate some roasted squirrel. "No, I guess not." as I started eating I heard the rustling of grass. "Someone's coming!" I yell. We all pull out or unsheath our weapons. Waiting for whatever was making the noise to run into the clearing. "RUN!!!!" Screams Kiersten bursting into the clearing. I was about to question Why? but then I hear the sounds of large wolf-like dogs. "oh no...." I breath frightened.

We all run as fast as we can out of the clearing.

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