aka Cloverfield (My actual name)

  • I live in District 2, idiot!!!
  • I was born on August 27
  • My occupation is Tribute. Are you guys stupid or something?
  • I am Female, duh!!! I am District 2's FEMALE tribute!!!
  • Clove101

    The 14th Hunger Games

    August 14, 2012 by Clove101

    Okay, so since my last hunger games were a flop (You should visit, BTW. The next time someone sponsors or bets, I will start writing. Anyway, I am designing the arena and the sponsor and betting forms, but the rest is up to you!

    1. Only TWO tributes each.

    2. Reservations last 1 week only.

    3. If I get a person like: Luke Johnson, District 2, good at everything: I will put it on. If I get a better, more detailed one, then I will put that one on instead.

    4. EVERY tribute MUST be bad at something.

    5. No going back on your word, like saying: I think that the D3 female will win, (I'm not saying that she will) and then she dies, (I'm not saying she will) then you can't say that you meant the D4 female. Any mistake must be corrected immediately.

    6. No b…

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  • Clove101

    Name Age District Weapons Reaped/Volunteer

    Sincere McDonald



    Axe, Knife, Awl, Spear, Beauty


    Adorabelle Harness 14 1

    Climbing trees, Knife, Beauty


    Dorian Shayne 17 2 Spear, Awl, Sword Volunteer

    Chloe Lapel 12 2

    Stealth,Knife throwing


    Watt Hark 18 3 Electricity, Axe Volunteer in place of brother

    Elysia Jackson 15 3 Rock, Electricity Reaped

    Ford Spring 13 4

    Swimming, sword, trident


    Lily Wade 16 4

    Swimming, trident, net-making


    Emerson Blake 17 5

    Hiding, snares

    Volunteered to protect sister, Amber

    Amber Blake 14 5

    Stealth, hiding, knife


    Nestor Capp 12 6

    Spear, sword


    Sorley Heel 18 6 Snares, rock Volunteered for scared 12-year-old

    Ranger Lucas 16 7 Axes (throwing and wield…

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