The Tributes

Name Age District Weapons Reaped/Volunteer

Sincere McDonald



Axe, Knife, Awl, Spear, Beauty

Adorabelle Harness 14 1

Climbing trees, Knife, Beauty

Dorian Shayne 17 2 Spear, Awl, Sword Volunteer
Chloe Lapel 12 2

Stealth,Knife throwing

Watt Hark 18 3 Electricity, Axe Volunteer in place of brother
Elysia Jackson 15 3 Rock, Electricity Reaped
Ford Spring 13 4

Swimming, sword, trident

Lily Wade 16 4

Swimming, trident, net-making

Emerson Blake 17 5

Hiding, snares

Volunteered to protect sister, Amber
Amber Blake 14 5

Stealth, hiding, knife

Nestor Capp 12 6

Spear, sword

Sorley Heel 18 6 Snares, rock Volunteered for scared 12-year-old
Ranger Lucas 16 7 Axes (throwing and wielding) Reaped
Ashley Harrison 16 7 Axes (throwing and wielding) Reaped
Calico Vienn 15 8 Snares, spear, swords Volunteered for brother
Chenille Chesan 13 8 Snares Reaped
Dylan Hargreaves 13 9 None Reaped
Nina-Leigh Carter 14 9 Sickle Reaped
Bronco Lane 15 10 Sword, axe, awl Volunteered (unknown why)
Rhiannon Sepper 16 10 None Reaped
Yarrow Flood 17 11 Starvation, nature, rock, knife Reaped
Saffron Flute 15 11

Starvation, beauty, nature, slingshot

Michael Benjamins 16 12 Starvation Reaping

Acacia Jonessey

14 12 Starvation Reaping

The Tribute Pictures


Name District Appearance Age
Luticia Moonstone
Bityah Lucas
Dympna Farrell
Nicoline Areleous
Flynona McGrint
Irienna Herberts
Maxima Arror
Glaucia Teague
Concordia Titannia


Career alliance: Sincere, Adorabelle, Dorian, Chloe, Calico


Saffron and Acacia

Watt, Elysia, Emerson and Amber

Nestor and Ford

Lily, Rhiannon, Chenille and Ashley

Dylan and Nina-Leigh

Alone: Bronco, Ranger and Michael

The Tribute's Expertise (Weapons)

Sincere and Dorian- Spear-throwing, knife-wielding

Adorabelle and Chloe- Knife throwing

Saffron- Slingshot

Lily and Ford- Trident, net-weaving

Ranger and Ashley- Axes

Rhiannon and Bronco- Hand-to-hand combat

Training Scores

Sincere- 9

Adorabelle- 8

Dorian- 11

Chloe- 11

Watt- 5

Elysia- 4

Ford- 8

Lily- 9

Emerson- 8

Amber- 7

Nestor- 4

Sorley- 4

Ranger- 6

Ashley- 7

Calico- 2

Chenille- 3

Dylan- 4

Nina-Leigh- 3

Bronco- 5

Rhiannon- 5

Yarrow- 6

Saffron- 7

Michael- 7

Acacia- 6

The Arena

It is hot in the day and freezing at night.

There is a Cornucopiain the middle of a desert. There is a massive saltwater ocean, a freshwater stream running through a field, a big woodland and a freezing wasteland.


Okay, here's the deal. You bet in the comments, and you can bet on the winner, who will make it past the bloodbath, the amount of kills, etc. Example: Chloe will make it to Day 4, will kill 3. (I'm not saying she will or won't.)


Full two litre bottle of water- 6 points

Empty bottle- 3 points

Loaf of bread- 4 points

Tub of burn medicine- 14 points

Tub of Capitol medicine, that can cure nearly everything- 30 points

Half a dozen knives (throwing or other)- 14 points

Bow- 12 points

Quiver of six arrows- 8 points

Quiver of a dozen arrows- 14 points

Feast of food: 4 items of fruit of your choice, two litres of water, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a loaf of bread, 3 grooslings, 2 rabbits, some cheese, and a big tureen of that lamb stew- 35 points

Body armour like Cato's- 25 points

A pot of broth- 5 points

A pot of soup- 5 points

A sleeping bag that reflects body heat- 14 points

Some see-in-the-dark glasses- 10 points

How to get points

Design a chariot costume (that district cannot have been designed for already, must be good and detailed)- 3-6 points

Design a stylist: Name, Age, Appearence, etc. (more detailed=more points)- 3-6 points

Design a tribute's personality (same rules as the chariot costumes)- 3-6 points

Bet on who will win- 2 points

Bet on the kills that they will have- 2 points

Say who you think will win and why (more detailed=more points)- 3-6 points

Bet on who will die in the bloodbath- 2 points per tribute

Bet on when a tribute will die- 2 points

(You can do 1 costume, 2 stylists, 2 personalities, 1 bet for each, and 1 who will win and why.)

(The costume thing with only one is because then other have a chance to do one, no copying out of the books- all original ideas please!)

I will start writing it when this is completed!

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