Okay, so since my last hunger games were a flop (You should visit, BTW. The next time someone sponsors or bets, I will start writing. Anyway, I am designing the arena and the sponsor and betting forms, but the rest is up to you!


1. Only TWO tributes each.

2. Reservations last 1 week only.

3. If I get a person like: Luke Johnson, District 2, good at everything: I will put it on. If I get a better, more detailed one, then I will put that one on instead.

4. EVERY tribute MUST be bad at something.

5. No going back on your word, like saying: I think that the D3 female will win, (I'm not saying that she will) and then she dies, (I'm not saying she will) then you can't say that you meant the D4 female. Any mistake must be corrected immediately.

6. No bullying. If you do, you will be removed from my next 3 fanfictions.

7. You can design 3 stylists each.

8. You HAVE to upload a pic/Lunaii of your tributes, and/or a description. You have to either do a description, Lunaii or picture of your stylists. I will make a Lunaii out of every pic if they are not already.

9. None of my tributes will win, I promise. Amber will just get killed and Sparkle will be stabbed in the back (literally!) by someone she trusts.

10. Have fun!

The Tributes

Name Age District Appearance User
Male 1
Sparkle Coleman 1 Long blonde hair, emerald green eyes. Beautiful. Clove101

Damien ?

2 Brown hair, hazel eyes, 6'1" Nommyzombies
? 2 Danielle Panabaker Nommyzombies
M 3
F 3

Thomas Quince

15 4 Black hair, short. Not a very tall boy. Brown eyes. Robin040197
Marina Brookes 16 4

Long, dark brown curls. Shimmering blue eyes like the waves on the coast of district 4. She's a real Natural Beauty.

M 5
Amber Graceman 5 Just like Foxface. She is the sister of Foxface's great-great grandma Clove101
M 6
Milly Clatch 14 6 Long brown hair with blue eyes. She is quite muscular for a girl. Robin040197
M 7
F 7
M 8
F 8
M 9
F 9
M 10
F 10
M 11
F 11
M 12
F 12

Tribute Pictures

D2 Boy Damien 14th

Damien, D2 Male Tribute

Marina Brookes, D4- Look in comments, I can't paste it in.

Thomas Quince, D4 Male


Milly Clatch, D6 Female

D2 Girl Unknown 14th

Unknown, D2 Female

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