aka Jessi

  • I live in D7!!!! IN A DEEP DARK FORBIDDEN FOREST!!!! :P
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is D7's Stylist
  • I am I am a gurl
  • Clove1999

    Hey... so I am trying to aim for the D7 .... Here!!!

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  • Clove1999

    Awwww Yeeaaahhh!!!! Ok, so, I know I'm supposed to finish other Games, but I'm too impaitent. The title says it all, this is a USER GAMES!!! And I have a special arena planned. I will accept people who have good ideas for my games and stuff, and possibly will allow them to be gamemakers... IDK... SOO, let the very first hunger games, BEGIN!!!!

    Male: Wolverine

    Female: QuinnQuinn

    Male: Brony12


    Male: KwanKwan


    Male: THGR!

    Female: Rose Hathaway


    Female: ~Ilovepeeta~


    Female: Anon.....

    Male: Ravenclaw

    Female: Rueflower


    Female: Mnkygirls





    Male: Moviepopcorn123

    Female: The Severus Snape

    Male: NightLock Lover

    Female: Tris Prior

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  • Clove1999


    January 28, 2012 by Clove1999

    K, guys, this is my MANGA!!!!!! But I will write it out for u =) And put it in the Hunger Games =)

    I woke up and stared at Callope, my little sister. She was so small, but so beautiful. I love her.

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  • Clove1999

    Forever and Always

    January 16, 2012 by Clove1999

    Sixteen years I had been in a coma. And my kids have no idea who I am. When I was in a coma, my prep team, including Taylor, had redone my looks. My hair was now cut short and they had bleached it blonde, issuing for me to straightening it every morning. I now replicated another Victor that had hit her head and died an hour in the hospital. Now I was Ambrosia Edge, Victor of the 91st Hunger Games.

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  • Clove1999

    2nd Annual Hunger Games

    January 14, 2012 by Clove1999

    Ok, so now that the 1st Annual is filled with tribbies, the same format will happen here. If you were in my 1st Annual, I request that you either make up a new User Format, or make yourself the sibling of the Deceased and/or Victor. Thx!!! If you want to know the things I need to know, Look on my first annual for details. I also ask you to either make a lunaii of yourself and send it to me, or give me a detailed description of yourself!!! THX!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THE 2ND ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES,................. BEGIN!!!!!!!!!

    Girl's Name Place Score
    Boy's name Place Score

    Crystal Glow

    Garnet Lux

    Kiera Mellis

    Karo Mellis


    Archer Shade

    Anna Soar

    Aiden Soar

    Thorn Tinder

    Colbalt Wood




    Amber Pike

    Osment …

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