This is a form of User Game. Enter Yourself and tell me any info I need to know. Ex:









and Token.
  • Annie (D4)
  • Conan (D7)
  • Emma (D2)
  • HeavyWeaponsGuy (D11)
  • Jason (D2)
  • Katherine (D7)
  • CloClo (D10)
  • Nate (D6)
  • Alexa (D9)
  • Anna (D1)
  • Genna (D6)
  • Janelle (D12)
  • Movie (D3)
  • Sky (D4)
  • Chin (D11)
  • Forest (D1)
  • Leslie (D3)
  • Quinn (D5)
  • Rockman (D12)
  • Taco (D10)

We will start the Reapings when the District is full!!! Let the Games, BEGIN!!!!

District Girl's Name Place Score Boy's Name Place Score
D1 Anna (Anna-Athena)1 Forest (SCK)
D2 Emma (Rueflower)

Jason (Brony12)

D3 Leslie (Ilovepeeta)3

Frankie (Moviepopcorn123)

D4 Annie (Iluvgale) Sky (Skyandbray)
D5 Quinn (QuinnQuinn)2 Marcus (Limaheights)
D6 Genna (Rose Hathway)1 Nate (Nate777)3
D7 Katherine (Nectarine)1 Conan (Kwankwan44)
D8 Emily (Migora4329) Jack (Granger1000)
D9 Alexa (Bubbles)2

Prezzie (PrezzieSnow)

D10 Skye (Clove1001) Taco (Tacosalad)
D11 Chin (Kristanchin) Heavy (HeavyWeaponsGuy)
D12 Janelle (Everdeen)3 Rockman (Rockman117)
D13 Kayla (StarFighter10) Kiler Diamond (ME!!!!)

Alliances (#)Career Alliance




Career alliance: Jason, Emma, Annie, Sky,

Alliance 1: Katherine, Anna, Genna

Alliance 2: Alexa, Quinn

Alliance 3: Janelle, Nate, Leslie


Ok, so, You know how it's seperated into 12 Districts? Well, since this is the first Hunger Games, there will be 12 sections, each with rememberies of home. The outfit will include black everything, black skinny jeans, black fitted top, black combat boots, and black gloves. All of the weapons will all be
Arena 123

The Arena

black too.

Day 1


Career Alliance; Jason(2), Emma(2), Annie(4), Sky(4); Jason's POV

I blink. The arena was nothing that I was expecting. The arena was divided into 13 sections, one section representing each District. Emma and I stood next to each other in our section of the arena. Grey streets, dark buildings, blood tainting the air. I looked across the roads, wow, they caught the personality of our districts perfectly! I look back at the Cornucopia and tensed as I waited for the Hunger Games to start. The gong rang out and I was across the arena before most of the other tributes were off their plates. I see a large amount of knives and grab them and throw it at the nearest tribute, the boy from 13, and turn to grab a gun. I shoulder the gun and shoot another tribute in the head. She dies before she hits the ground, District 11. I see a few people run into the woods, D3 girl, D12 girl, and D6 boy, an alliance, I think. Ah well, I'll find them tonight.

Skye's (10) POV

I am strong. I quickly grabbed a bow, a wooden long-bow and a small sheath of arrows. A black backpack held arrowheads and a pack of food, enough to get me through the games. Wow! such good luck! But there will be more competition to come.

I walk towards the edge of the forest, trying to find a place to rest.

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