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Hey, 3rd games, so.... this is a request from a couple friends. So.... You know the rules: Add history, skills, weaknesses, appearence, age, name, District, etc. Good luck!!!!
District Girl Age Boy Age
1 Bea Quartz 17 Obsidian Pyrite 16
2 Jupiter Dorthog 17 Everest Sateer 15
3 Liliana Jones 13 Crick Storm 15
4 Logan Blue 18 Misty Blue 18
5 Evelyn Dreamcatcher 13 1/2 Adrian Christenson 15
6 River Rodes 17 Sutton Yates 16
7 Revelyn Tinder 13 Flare Forrester 14
8 Amanda Hill 17 Hades Bringer 15
9 Meadow Clove 15 Willow Clove 15
10 Dawn Lark 15 Glenn Woods 16
11 Holly Dunn 12 Cameron Watton 18
12 Mariah Abernathy 14 Austin Gerjanjer 17


Ok, so the arena is a surprise, no one, none of the Gamemakers, except the Head, knows about the arena. The outfit will consist of black apparel: shirt, boots, pants, socks, and gloves. Good Luck!!!!!!!


Bea: Fast, Knives~ Obsidian:Extrordinary senses

Jupiter: Plants, bow and arrow.~ Everest: Knives, spears, climbing

Artimis: Swimming, Knives, fast runner, smart, gymnast~ Apollo:Hand-to-hand combat, swords

Misty:Trident, Knives, nets, plants, bow and arrow~ Logan: Tridents, hand-to-hand combat

Evelyn:?~ Adrian:?

Sutton:Knife, bow and arrows~ River:Trident, knife

Revelyn: Knives, spears, snares~ Flare:Spears, swords, bow and arrow

Amanda:Traps, bow and arrows~ Hades:Plants, swords, knives

Meadow: Scythes, plants~ Willow:Spears, bow and arrow

Dawn:Knife, bow, darts, tracking ~ Glenn: Spears, snares, bow

Holly:Arrows, climbing~ Cameron:Any weapon

Mariah:Knives and Guns ~Austin:Sharp things

The Twist (Prolouge)

Willow and Meadow stared at the telivision. Ever since the Capitol Games, the President only brouht the Quarter Quells to the Half Quells, 1 every 50 years. President Elise Snow appeared on the screen, her brown hair streked in grey.

"Hello Panem!" She announced. "In honor of the two lovers, Katniss and Peeta, the 75th Games, they were supposed to di. So, this year's Quarter Quell, every tribute must die twice, then will be revived. May the odds be ever in your favor Panem, Good night!" The screen turns blank and the Seal of te Capitol appears. The twin's mother sobbs, and Meadow and Willow look at each other. Each tribute will die twice, revived each time? They thought. That was cruel, and ruthless, watching the Games go on for more than 48 days, tributes dieing possibly more than twice, te Capitol cheering on the murdurs.

The Reapings

Mariah Abernathy; D12

All of the kids from District 12 are worthless, except Taytum, Kajama, and Prim Mellark. Or so says my dad, Haymitch. None of them are worthy to even be under the District's well fare. I wished that someone would come to the reapings, and that our escourt, Cinnoman Trinket, would come. Cinnoman Trinket was Effie's grandagughter, and was a beautiful young lady. She had chocolate brown eyes and hair the color of Cinnoman.

Cinnoman climbed up the stage and looked around.She quietly talked about the dark days, the second rebellion and the current Hunger Games. Then she ever so slightly plucked out a name for the girls. A girl around 12 came up and I was infuriated. This.....twig would represent District12?? Not on my watch. Immediately, I got up and out of my seat.

"I voulenteer!" I shouted. Let someone do the job properly for once, and let them bring honor to our lowly District. Cinnoman nodded and plucked out a slip for the boy and read it out loud. A boy, 3 or 4 years older than me stepped forward, but he looked scared, not at all honored. I snorted as he shook my hand, then gave him a smile and hugged him.

"Ok," I said. "I'll make this quick, I won't ally with you, I won't help you, and I most certainly will kill you if you say 1 word against me, understood?"

"Yes," the boy breathed, I let go and nodded briskly at him as the Peacekeepers led us away.

Flare Forrester; D7

District 7 is a complete madhouse..... But I'm glad that they don't infuse us with DNA until we're 15.... My older sister comes out of her bedroom with a huge smile on her face. Feathers were on her cheeks and skin, I see that she'd been molting again. Please, don't ask.....

I quickly take out the jug of milk and take a swig of it out of the container. No one in my family really cares about what you do, we're one of really laid-back families, since mom and dad are huge scientists and I'm left at home with Robin. The reaping was usually early in 5, so I put on my best and head out the door, hoping to get some fresh morning air before the drawings. I walk past the labs and shudder as I hear a scream... They're diffidently splicing his DNA. I see my best friend before I hear him, surprising because he is part elephant.

The labs infused him when he was young, my friend. His parents begged the doctors to do something because he was dying, his skin was a pale white and his eyes were starting to glaze over. So the doctors did the only thing they could... Infuse his DNA with an animal's to bring up his life, it was a risky situation but he lived through it. Thomas stood by the gates, his skin permanently grey. I grinned and jogged over to see him, excited, yet sad as the thought of the reaping might separate us forever. The reapings were here. I stood with all the other 14 year olds and watched our escort reach into a glass bowl. He called out a girls name, and a girl from the section behind me stepped forward. He then reached into the bowl for the boys and called out a name. Thomas.

"I volunteer!" I cried. Thomas looked back at me, genuine shock on his face. I stepped up and gave him my name, then shook hands with the pretty girl before me. Then it hit me... What did I do?????

Misty Blue; D4

My husband stepped out from the counter, the watercress nuts sizzling on the pan. I sighed and glanced out of the window, our house was beautiful, our new relatives gave this little cottage to us as a wedding gift, and it was in the perfect spot on the beach. Logan put his arms behind me and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. He knew I was like this because of my aunt. She had died in the Hunger Games 30 years ago. And now the reapings were back around again. I look up at Logan and hold his hand as he gazed out on the beach. It would be the perfect spot for our kids to grow up I though as my hand flew to my stomach. Our baby.... What if I got reaped???? If I got reaped,then Logan would volunteer and then our family would die together.

I sighed and got dressed in the prettiest blue dress I could find (also a wedding gift) and slipped on the matching shoes. Logan was waiting for me in the suit that matched and took my arm. We walked along the beach, arm in arm, hand in hand, until it was time. The town square was filled with people as the reaping came around and our escourt plucked a single slip from the girls glass basin. And called out my name. I walked onstage and gave the crowd pleading eyes as the escourt called for volunteers. There were none. And Logan volunteered... Our family was headed for death..... And there was no way anyone could stop it.

The Chariot Rides

Liliana Jones; D3

God, I can't believe all of the boy's here! They all seem too..... what's the word.... sappy. There will be no problem charming them at all. My grey eyes crackled, so I conjured some tears up to cool them off... did I mention that my eyes can shoot out lightnig thingys?!?!? Anyways, the boy from D1, I think, came up to me, and he leaned up against our wire colored horses. His silver shorts were the only thing covering his body besides the stick-on jewls that detailed him from head to toe making him look like he was tattoed with diamonds. He looked at me sincerly with his crystal blue eyes.

"Don't cry," he murmured. "I hate to se pretty girls like you cry." I smile and brush my silver bangs back to look at him more clearly. He was pretty cute, I do have to admit, but.... no. I can't think about it now. "What is your name?" I heard him ask, as if this was all a dream.

"Lilliana," I get out. "Liliana Jones. And yours?"

The boy grinned, then moved his fingers through his hair. "Obsidian Pyrite. Nice to meet you, Liliana." He streched, then flexed. I knew what that ment, he was now my puppet.

Hades Bringer; D8

Wow...this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring..... and the costumes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. I hate today.

Anyways, I absolutely wish that we were already becoming shipped off in a wooden box back to our District. Sory, that's just how I feel.

Holly Dunn; D11

I miss my brothers, all of them know that I have the worst chance of coming back alive. I MISS MY FREAKING FAMILY! This.... arena..... makes District 11 seem like the safest place in the world. I wish I was back in the Orchards, picking the succulant fruit off of the branches, but then Rue

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