Ok, so now that the 1st Annual is filled with tribbies, the same format will happen here. If you were in my 1st Annual, I request that you either make up a new User Format, or make yourself the sibling of the Deceased and/or Victor. Thx!!! If you want to know the things I need to know, Look on my first annual for details. I also ask you to either make a lunaii of yourself and send it to me, or give me a detailed description of yourself!!! THX!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THE 2ND ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES,................. BEGIN!!!!!!!!!

District Girl's Name Place Score Boy's name Place Score
1 Crystal Glow Garnet Lux
2 Kiera Mellis Karo Mellis
3 Arelene Archer Shade
4 Anna Soar Aiden Soar
5 Thorn Tinder Colbalt Wood
9 Amber Pike Osment Peace
11 Kayla Ryack Torg
12 Lilac Coalburner Aroan Winters

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