Heyyyy!!!! I'm new at this, so don't comment if u think it sucked! Anywayyyy, So this is my version of the 77th Hunger Games. Post ur tributes, u may find me doing a District as well!

I'll be coming up with the Interviews and the Chariot ride will be done also. The age limit this year since the 76th Hunger Games were either the war against the Capital, or it was the year of the Capital Tributes, (Either way, in my mind, Pres. Snow's granddaughter, Ellise, won the Capital Games and is now in charge. She put the Hunger Games back into play) is from 10-20. Good Luck, and May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!! :p Don't forget to come to my page when the tributes are entered to tell me who/how you want your tributes to die, otherwise, the victor will be chosen randomly!!!!!!!

P.S. Oh, tell me what you want your charachters to look like. I might make a video of it!!!

District Age Name:Girl Place Age Name: Boy Place
1 14 Abigail Fifer 12 18 Timothy Bonwitchahits 13
2 15 Eemet Flexrose 9 17 Trey Hawthorne 11
3 15 Natalie Carter 8 17 Anthony Morrison 23
4 13 Kajama Odair V 14 Cedar Mellark 10
5 17 Grizzly Girl 7 18 Toby Bendan 17
6 15 Carrie Hover 18 12 Shane Hover 5
7 17 Britannic De Leon 2 17 Titanic De Leon 14
8 14 Dahlia Everlasting 4 17 Calder Eden 15
9 16 Cindy Regar 16 13 Rick Jones 21
10 16 Renee Winters 19 17 Dante Berlin 20
11 13 Kallmi Silvers 6 12 Sam Sammon 22
12 14 Harte Mellark 12 16 Storm Spears 3

Private Session scores









Grizzly Girl:6
















The Arena

The Arena, I planned on the arena to be a complete jungle with your wildest dreams. This is no dream vacation... it's a living nightmare. With twists and whirls at every turn, you don't want to get lost in this trailing forest of woe. There will be the Cornucopia in the middle, and a forest all around it with rock outcrops on the edges of the forest. The outfits will be cargo pants with a sturdy black belt, simple white t-shirt, black boots, white socks, and a thin brown jean jacket.

Hunger Games Details

Day One: Abigail

My heart pounded. Nothing seemed obvious anymore. The scent of wet grass and jungle hit me as my metal plate locked in place. My thin white t-shirt flowed in the wind as the sixty seconds ticked by. The Cornucopia stood in front of me, goods lined up waiting for me to take them; a wooden long bow sat on the top of the pile, knives, tridents, and a blowgun surrounding it. That bow was meant for me, I thought, unless if one of the Victor's kids were planning on getting it, like Cedar or Kajama or even little Harte. Suddenly, a loud screech came from my section of the arena. The people facing me looked as white as a ghost. Not daring to look back, I instead risked a glance at Eemet, the one girl that actually understood me. Her beautiful face was as white as could be and starting to turn a sickly shade of green. Suddenly, the gong rang out and I was across the Cornucopia and had the bow in my hand and started swinging the sheath around my shoulder. When I had turned around, I saw the girl from District 10, I think, and pulled the string, sending the pale arrow flying into her heart. Eemet grabbed a pile of knives and threw one in the District Ten girl's partner's back. Soon it was over and unusually, only 5 were dead. Eemet stood with me and Trey stood nearby. Kajama, Cedar, and this one girl, Cindy I think, stood close.

"Hey, um..." I said. "You guys ready?"

"Yeah!" Cindy shouted. "Let's get back home!"

Kajama and Cedar stared at Cindy with an oblivious stare, while Eemet looked around as if she wanted to get home as soon as possible. The only hard stare was from Trey, a quiet boy, whom was staring at Cedar with a murdurous stare. Giving Cindy a curteous nod, I took my litle group into the woods; then I started to think about Cindy's behavior. Maybe Cindy was the real enemie in this forest.

A rustling was heard from behind me, so I pointed my noched arrow at it, thinking of the horrible creature from the Cornucopia. A hand slid out, then a full scale body. A girl, Brittanic from District 7, came out with her arms wide.

"Please," She murmured. "Don't shoot. We want to come with you." As she said that, a boy, Titanic, also her brother, slid out from behind her.

All of my instincts told me not to trust her. I had seen her in Traning, and I was as likely to get an arrow in the back as I was able to get a knive in the back from Cindy.

"Ok," I sighed, it seemed like I should be the one to decide, everyone was looking at me expectantly. "Just keep a lookout. We may be seperating sooner than we know."

We all stalked the woods, but without sucess; so we returned home to the Cornucopia before dark, sorry, but we just don't want to risk it. The Capital anthem came on, blaring at full blast. 4 pictures showed up, all of the tributes from 1-8 had all gone on with out losing their partner. Rick, the other tribute from Cindy's district was dead, so was Sam from 11, and Renee and Dante from 10. The anthem faded and I settled down to sleep, Trey was taking the first watch, thinking about going home.

Day 2: Trey

I woke up the next day feeling good. It was my piece of bad luck that Cedar was with us in the Career Pack, but I would just have to make the best out of murduring him; have another tribute handy when I do it, or make it look like an animal had killed him.

I sigh and lean back against the Cornucopia, watching the grey skies slowly turn a bright blue. Suddenly, a scream travels from the woods and Abigail and Eemet-who were talking- looked to the left of them, behind me. I turned around slowly, and heard a cannon shot. I wonder who it was and who had done it. Kajama and Titanic, who were asleep, were now fully awake and staring at the hovercraft as it took the body away.

It was a girl, she had brown hair and piercing amber eyes were easy to see. She was taken from about ten yards away, and we could all see the look of panic on her face and the dark red blood soaked through her white T-shirt. Her mouth was still open from that haunting scream. It was the girl from Distict 6; Carrie.

Cindy, Brittanic, and Cedar all came running back frantically, their eyes wide with fear.

"What happened?" Cedar asked Kajama.

"Someone was killed," She replied shakily. "The girl from 6."

"Ok," Cedar sighed. "For a moment there, I thought you were in danger." All of us looked at Cedar and Kajama curiously. I was the first to get what was going on, so I whistled; the kind of whistle my older brother, Calmo, gave Eemet before they had started dating. Cedar and Kajama blushed.

The day went on with only one more death, the boy from 5. I stalked the woods caefully, not wanting to scare off any prey. A crackling came from behind me and I pointed Abigail's bow- the only one in the arena-towards it. Grey eyes looked back at me, sunned.

"Birdy." I whispered.

"No, stupid," she sounded offended. "Harte. Harte Mellark."

"Mellark," I said with a disgusted tone. "I must kill you. But before I do, has your mother mentioned that you look like a tribute from her own Games?" Harte looked shocked.

"Yes," she stammered. "Clove from 2. Wait, that's the District you're from, right?" I nodded. "But why...?"

"Her sister, Birdy, lives with Calmo, my parents- Gale and Tambrea-and I," I explained. "My mother and her are good friends, seeing as their siblings were killed in the same Games."

"Cato and Clove." Harte murmured. "You aren't going to kill me are you?"

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, for starters, I'm not dead, am I? And second, you've lowered your weapon." Harte pointed to the bow and arrows. Sighing, I looked around.

"I'll let you go," I hissed. "But this is it. When I see you, I pull the trigger. Ok?" Harte nodded vigerously and I waved her into the braken. God, I thought, did I just fall in love with Harte Mellark?

The day died down and I settled down for the first watch. Seeing the two tribues in the sky kind of reassured me.

"Six down," Cedar mumbled. "Eighteen to go. Two more huge steps towards home."

Nothing came up on my watch, so an hour later, I woke up Abigail. Putting my weary body inside my sleeping bag, I lay my hand against my sword. Only good dreams came to me, bringing Harte.

Day 3: Natalie

The day was young when I woke up in my sleeping bag. Well, I thought, might as well kill some people before a few more days are up. Sighing, I got out of my warm bed, I wondered if the Gamemakers were pourpously dropping the temperature during the evening hours. My brown hair was ratty, but I figured that if I was going home soon, it wasn't that bad. I put it back up the way it was before the Games had started, and looked around the area for any threat. Snares. I would take everyone down with snares. hang them by a couple trees, the electricute them, frying the people inside. Smiling, I thought of the goods I would be showered with when I got home.

Setting up th snares were the difficult parts. Wiring them was easy. I waited hours for my snares, then when to go check them.

"Hey!" A voice called out as I neared the first tree. "Can you help me down?" I smiled and walked away from the District 8 boy, the other traps holding four more tributes. The District 1 Tributes were in different snares, the boy on his own, the girl with the District 7 boy and District 9 girl. Grinning at my work, I went back to my camp. I pulled out a little square box, one that resembled the one Carson had in the 74th Games. I spoke a password and one of the walls faded, leaving me with a red knob. I twisted the knob, and heard a faint buzzing sound. 5 cannon shots later, I went to the closest one, the one holding the District 8 boy, Calder. His golden eyes were sunk in and most of his skin was gone, leaving patches of skin, flesh, blood, and bone. His red hair was nearly singed off to the scalp, almost looking as if he was bald. I grinned and left waiting for the Hovercrafts to take them away, nothing holding me back.

The day faded and nothing was heard, but the buzzing of electrical wires ringing through my ears.

Day 4: Cedar

Light streamed through Trey and I's tent. I propped myself up on my elbow and listened for a crunch of leaves, a hushed whisper. Ever since that mass murdur yesterday, Eemet, Trey, Britannic, Kajama, and I have been on our toes. I looked around the tent for Trey, but figured that with all of the extra watches, he probably wanted to be alone. Trey was quiet, but ever since Titanic died yesterday, he was even more depressed and jumpy. Those two were as close as you can be in the Games, at least, with a person other than the tribute you came with.

Kajama lifted the flap of my tent and frowned. Immediately, I grabbed the seams of my seeping bag and hoisted them towards my bare chest.

"Trey's not here?" She asked.

"No," I said, "Can't you at least tell me when you're coming in? I could have been...well?" Kajama laughed at my horrified look.

"But you aren't," she rolled her eyes. "I saw you swiming in the river after your shift." Fire burned under my cheeks as I realized Kajama watched me splash through the river in my undershorts.

"Come on," Kajama sighed. "Let's get some breakfast." I crawled out of the tent with a shirt in my hand, my brown cargo pants heavy with the knives in my two pockets. Pulling on a shirt, Kajama tossed me one of the two fruits in her hand and took a bite out of hers; juice dripped out of the red dragon fruit, making me drool. I took a heavy bite out of my own and tasted the succulent flesh and chewed slowly.

"Has anyone seen Trey?" Britannic asked. Kajama and I shook our heads, that is exactly what I wanted to know.

"Maybe he went out hunting," Eemet suggested. "He does that when he's upset."

"I'll go search for him," I voulenteered. "I'll take my spear, it'll at least give me some protection." Kajama shook her head and rummaged through the piles. She took her hand out, pulling a silver bow out.

"I found this last night, take it." She explained. I nodded and headed out into the woods. Not only a half hour had passed when a scream echoed through the woods. It was a girl's scream. The only girl able to moke that...

"Harte," I whispered my little sister's name. "Harte! Harte, where are you?" Running through the woods, I came to the little girl. Her cannon shot and the figure over her stood up, leaving her body visible. Three deep cuts were scored across her chest, her dark hair was matted with blood and her grey eyes were closed. Trey turned around, and his eyes widened.

"You," I whispered murdurusly. "You killed my sister."

"No," Trey tried to explained, but before he could, I let my arrow fly, right into his heart. He opened his mouth and fell onto his knees, blood soaking through his white T-shirt. An enraged scream echoed to me, I had just enough time to look back at Eemet, before the knife dug into my stomach.Trey's cannon blasted, as I fell onto my back, writhingin pain. I closed my eyes, breathing slowly; the pain was already starting to fade. My cannon echoed through the darkness.

Day 5: Grizzly Girl

I woke up covered in leaves and to a cannon shot. Confused for a moment, I looked around the area I was in, then became disipointed as I wished that I was at home, and that I asn't in a Hunger Games arena. Toby was dead, and I was living out here on my own with only a small pack consisting of a pack of dried fruit, dried beef, a jug of water, and a heat containing sleeping bag. My brown bear hat, which I'm teased about, was sitting a few inches from my nose, staring at me with huge brown cross-stitched eyes.

Sighing, I propped myself up on my elbows and gazed around, looking for any threat for me to hide from. No one came. I got up and slipped on my boots, thinking about how I would get home. Like Foxface, my favorite tribute, I could probably go without killing someone till the final two. It would probably be me and the girl form 4, or even the girl from 7.... they were all so strong. rustling suddenly came around my bannana tree and I looked to see which tribute was taking the fruit. The boy from 6 looked around cautiously and continued to take the fruit.

"Well," I stated. "You're smart enough, and you can't seem to find any food, but I know where it is... ally?" Shane looked at me with a scared look on his face. Then he thought better of it and nodded. I smiled and pulled on my hat; Shane took his fruit and put them in his green backpack. Suddenly, voices were heard. Motioning for Shane to stay back, I crept forward and looked above the mound I was hiding behind.

"Eemet," Kajama said. "What really happened?"

"A griffin killed Trey, Harte killed Ceadr, and I killed Harte." Eemet said.

"Liar," Kajama hissed. "I was there. Brit decided that she should leave, so I went in search of you. I found them first. Harte and Trey battled a griffin, but Harte died of the griffin. Cedar came and killed Trey because he thought Trey killed Harte. Then you killed Cedar."

"It's all past us," Eemet flipped her hair, turning around.

"True," Kajama agreed. "But not for me." All I saw was the surprised look on Eemet's face, Eemet doubled over, then I saw the three points of a trident vanish from her stomach. "Now it's behind me." Eemet's cannon shot.

That night, Shane decided to trust me. He snuggled up against my sleeping bag, and conserved some heat. I watched Eemet's face flash against the sky, then I faded into a deep sleep.

Day 6: Shane

I woke up inches away from another tribute. I scrambled back and scurried up the oak tree, then peered down from the lowest branch to watch the tribute. The girl woke up and looked around, I guess for myself.

"Shane," she called out, as loud as she dared. "Shane, where are you?" After a few minutes, she shrugged and went back to the pile. Her food consisted of bannanas, dragonfriut, and water, a few strips of dried meat, and berries. I sighed and climbed down when Grizzly Girl left. Suddenly, I thought of the Cornucopia. Kajama is now alone, so she will be hunting down tributes right now, I walked to the edge of the woods and stepped on a branch.

"Who's there?" Kajama called out. She spotted me and I cursed myself for giving my position away. "Oh, It's you. Shane from 6, your sister died on the 2nd day."-I nodded- "I don't want to kill you, and you obviously need food. Here, take this, you're way too young to be in here, much less die." She handed me an orange pack and some food. I took the gifts and smiled at the D4 girl.

"Thank you," I murmured. "Thank you so much." I ran into the woods before I got her response. Now it was time to narrow down the tribute number. In the pack I found a pack of dried fruit and nuts, some water, a small vial of poison, and a knife. I would start with Grizzly Girl. Taking the Vial of poison, I placed a couple drops into her bread, water, and berries, just to be sure my job was done. Grizzly Girl came back at sundown, I was perched up in my tree. Immediately, she opened up her water and took a big drink. She frowned at the water and clutched her throat, then she spotted me. My name barely formed on her lips when she fell to the ground, her cannon shooting. I took her pack, careful to seperate the poisoned ones from the good ones. Suddenly, trumpets blared and the head Gamemaker's voice came on.

"Congrats to the six of you remaning!" He announced. "I would like to invite you all to a feast! The feast will be tomorrow evening for a fabulous dinner next to the Cornucopia! Good evening!"

That night, I strapped myself into my oak tree and looked up into the sky, the anthem came on and Grizzly Girl's face flickered, then vanished. I settled down, 20 feet off the ground, and fell victim to sleep.

Day 7


I looked at the Cornucopia as dawn broke out. Kajama sat at the base of the Cornucopia, her blonde curls limp and her beautiful sea-green eyes were emotionless. I had watched her every single day since I left when Cedar died, even when she let a tribute go, talk about weak! I would come out Victor instead of Kajama, Titanic died and I'm planning revenge, while Kajama is moping around like a sullen, drabby person, fumbling about her own miserys. I snorted and glanced in the air. A silver parachute floated heavily, not exactly floating more like falling, down from the sky, straight towards me. I scrambled away and watched the package heavily thump where I had been standing. I crawled towards the package and unwrapped it, hoping for a bow, but instead, a golden axe sat in it. I sat in the bracken and tried to think of what Johanna, my mentor, would say. Then I made up my mind, even though I was trained with my bow, I would train with an axe. I took the axe into my hand and immediately I had a good feeling. It was a light and agile one, but sharp and deadly at the blade.

I hacked at the thin air till I decided that that I could win the Games. The axe was mesmerizing, one that no one would recognize. I would win for Titanic. I would win for my dead brother.


I fingered my knives as I waited for the feast to begin. The sun was low and I assumed that it was close to the dining hours. Suddenly, just as the sun dissapeared, a silver table locked in place next to the Cornucopia. On the table sat loads of food, more food than in the whole District of 8. I licked my lips and started forward, but stopped as the girl from 11 ran forward. Kallmi stuffed her mouth full of bread and grabbed a few pieces of fruit, and didn't bother to run away as Shane from 6 came up. He took one bite and swollowed, but then he frowned at the fruit, the same stuff that Kallmi was grabbing. Then his eyes grew wide as Kallmi dropped down, clutching her stomach. The scattered fruit lay still, then thunked as Kallmi's hand dropped next to them, her cannon echoing. Shane realized the food was poisoned, just moments before he dropped onto his knees, trying to retch the poison up. But it was too late, his cannon spread through the jungle.

I opened my eyes when Shane's cannon sounded, then tought of the Cornucopia. The food might be poisoned, but the things in the Cornucopia were perfectly safe. The boy from 12 and Brittanic from 7 must have had the same thoughts. I watched them race across the clearing, then each grab a pack. then Storm blocked the way for Brittanic to get back to her safeplace; the woods. Brit gripped her weapon, a golden axe, and take a blow. I raced across the turf, the perfect opportunity to grab somthing while the other tributes were busy. I grabbed a green backpack and reached for a spear, but I felt a jab in my back, and tore out a knife. It wasn't a deep or vital cut, but Brittanic got away and Storm was chasing me. I tripped over a pack and as I tried to get up, Storm kicked my side and turned me over as I let out a soundless wail. He stared at me with hard grey eyes, holding the spear that I tried to grab. Then he lifted the spear and drove it through my neck. Immediately, I fell into darkness as my cannon echoed.

Day 8: Storm

I woke up strapped in a tree. Fuming about last night, I thought about Dahlia, the girl from 8.......why was I thinking about that girl? Then it hit me, she was my first kill. No, I thought. If I wanted to be like my mentor Peeta so much, then I won't kill any more people.

I leaped down from my cedar tree and grabbed my hidden spear, but was quickly intruppted by the crack of a branch. Brittanic stepped out, grinning devilishly. She gripped her gold axe and quickly swung it. I had just enough time to duck down before it grazed my brown hair. Punching into Brit's stomach, I ran from the murdurous girl, deeper into the woods. I heard her clambering after me, so I grabbed one of my blades, hidden in my coat pocket, and turned around to throw it at her. I saw the knife go towards her, but Brit went sideways and she stopped ast the dagger cut her cheek, blood pouring out. I paused, the one thing I will regret, as I saw Brittanic throw the axe. The last thing I saw was the malicious glint off of the axe as it buried itself between my eyes, and into my skull.

The Victor: Kajama

I had seen Storm's picture in the sky last night and knew that Brittanic was coming for me. The fight for the Victor was closing in. And I had the worst odds against a trained 17 year old with a golden axe. I sighed and grabbed my trident and a couple knives. Maybe I could hold her off for a few hours, but she would kill me with a glint of bloodlust in her eyes. I suddenly heard a soft growl and I was compelled to face the mutt behind me.

A silver fox, came out, but I knew that wasn't a regular fox. He bared his teeth and took a deep breath, the stench reaching my nose.


I knew it was poison by the rotting stench of it's breath. I flipped my dagger and watched as the silver beast lunged. Somehow I knew, if it even touched me, I was a goner. I rolled out of the way and jabbed at it with my blade, then watched it lunge again, this time, he was too close to react, so I pulled up the dagger to my heart and hoped for the best. I got my wish.

The fox landed on the dagger, stabbing itself in the ribcage, up into it's heart, spilling blood all over my white T-Shirt. I splutterd in disgust and shoved the dead mutt onto the ground. Now all I needed was Brittanic to come and try to kill me.

Brittanic came clambering out of the woods, her violet eyes murdurous and crazed. Greaaaat, just my luck. I gripped my trident and watched as she ran forward and tried to chop my head off. She missed by just a couple of inches. I jabbed at her stomach and rolled out of the way as she tried to cut through my neck. I tried to get out of the way, but Brit hit me in the side, leaving me breathless. Seeing her window of opportunity, she smacked the butt of her axe in the middle of my head, trying to bash in my skull. My vision immediately became blurry and I blacked out every so often. I saw Brittanic over me.

"I am the Victor!" She cried triumphantly. I stood up with my trident in my hand. "I am.... I am...." She studdered. I didn't know what I had done until the trident was in her neck and blood was pouring out of her mouth.

"No," I said shakily as the anthem blared, followed by my hovercraft. "I'm the Victor."



2nd- Britannic



5th- Shane


7th- Grizzly Girl

8th- Natalie




















Abigail:Bow and Arrows and doing things with knives Timothy: Snares

Eemet:Sword, spear, knives, bow and arrows Trey: Bow and arrows, knives, stick reaper thingy

Natalie: Fast, handy with knives, can create electrical fences and other things along that line Anthony: good general knowledge of weapons.

Kajama: Anything, any weapon. Cedar: Bow and Arrow, snares, throwing javilines and knives

Grizzly:Foxface's stratigy Toby:Hide up in a tree and wait it out

Carrie: Strength, knife, club Shane: Smart, fast, charming Britannic: Bow and arrows Titanic:Knives, hand-to-hand combat

Dahlia: Tridents, spears, throwing knives Calder: Clubs, mace, axe, whatever he can get his large hands on Katniss: Small, named after Katniss Mellark, handy with spears and Tridens, bows and arrows Olympus:Knives, swords, hand-to-hand combat

Renee: Fast, charming, spears Dante: Strong, fast, hand-to-hand combat

Taylor: small, strong, sneaky,spears Jay: No good at throwing anything or any weapons, but extremely smart.

Harte:knife, spear, surviving without water, throwing anything (she has PERFECT aim) Storm: pretty much any weapon, hand to hand combat, tying knots, acceptable swimmer.


Ha, I lied, I'm not done yet!!!! Ok, so, I will e doing a video on this, I don't no if I will post it or not yet, but I'll let all of u no!!!!!!

As u no, I am doing a video..... so I'm having difficulties...... I need 2 decide on the charachter I'm playing.... here is my photo...... I can style my hair in any way, and it's turning a dark brown...... I have greyish blue eyes....

Me!!!!! 123

This is me

Here are the charachters my friends said I looked like









Thx guys!!! I'll get the video posted as soon as possible!!!! Thx again!!!!

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