Me!! Merit Parker!

The Reapings

Seth Woods

Seth Woods

Man, I hate my black hair..... it's tooooooo short........ but I guess I liked it 3 days ago. I sighed and glanced
Dress -123

Merit's Reaping dress

at my too serious aunt, Katniss, and my totaly sapppy uncle, Peeta. Wow, like, wayyyyyyy tooo sapppppppy. But like I should care....... I miss my dad, a.k.a Grandma Everdeen's adopted kid from District 2. And don't forget my mother, the girl blown to bits in the rebellion. I sigh and put on a beautiful dress that my mother wore for her 6th reaping, a beautiful red dress with black trim and matching shoes. A red ribbon in my black hair brought it out.... I guess. GOD.... I HATE THIS!!!!!!!

"Knock, knock!!!!" A person knocked on my door. "Merit! Baby, how are you!" Seth walked inside, knocked over by my squealing. I kissed him, excited that he was here..... his blonde hair falling in ashy waves, his green eyes like the forest, his parents were from D7, I LUV MAH BOYFRIEND!!!!!! (NO ONE CAN SEPERATE US!!! MWAHHAHAHAHAHA!)

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