Ok, I feel kinda left out since these Lunaii Games started... So I'm makeing 1!!!! Ok, the rules are simple, enter ur name, nickname or whatev, and I will put u in teams!!!! There will b 24 contestants and 4 teams-Team Katniss, Team Peeta, Team Cato and Team Clove-so hurry up and enter!!!!!! There will be some rounds until there are 4 contestants left!!!

Team Katniss Team Peeta Team Cato Team Clove
Rueflower Finnick999 Skyandbray Clove1001
Everdeen Trillium911 Mikalmt

Good Luck!!! The first Lunaii will be Katniss!!! Good Luck!!!!!

Katniss Lunaii's

The Lunaii's will be starting to compete the Monday after every spot is filled..... Send the lunaii's to my talk so that I can post them and judge them =) Thx!!!

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