• Sparkle Rose [D1]
  • Cahe Wolfe [D2]
  • Shiana Deary [D3]
  • Tosh Sato [D4]
  • Kathrina Lola [D5]
  • Lilian Gardes [D6]
  • Evelyn Dreamcatcher [D7]
  • Forrest Wood [D8]
  • Tristan Take [D9]
  • Matza Oriana [D10]
  • Ever Shade [D11]
  • Undefined undefinedGo to undefined
Ok, so,this is the poll I was talking to u guys about!!! I will post the pictures of the girl tributes and you guys will vote on them!!!! Then when I decide the voting is done, I'll delete the poll to keep the other Victor a surprise.... no telling when the voting ends!!!!

Make sure that you look up the tributes on the user's page, that way you can vote more easily!! Thx!

The moment is perfect, so don't go away, live out your life as if it was ur very last day...... 15:14, December 27, 2011 (UTC)

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