The 4th Hunger Games According to Hope: Chapter One

I still remember the shocked look on Ash's handsome face as the girl from District Four threw a trident at him, piercing him through the neck and drownding him in his own warm, sticky blood. I, Hope Westfall, his own sister, watched him die and suffer. Only a few years back, I remember giving him my necklace, a silver chain with a diomand hanging off of it, the white chrystal bordered by a pair of silver leaves. Ash looked exactly like me, beautiful hazel eyes, black/brown/reddish hair, and a little scar above his eyes, from where I had scorched him with a coal when I was five.

It's been two years since the incedent and the Reapings were here again. I was terrified. Our family was the worst in luck for District 12. My mother was insane, my father was blown to bits during the rebellion, and my brother was killed in the first Hunger Games. The escort for District 12 came onto the stage, a man with gold hair and blue eyelids walked up onto the stage with a flourish of his hands. He started to babble on about the Dark Days, that unfortunately created the Hunger Games. Our escourt was soon done and reached into the dreaded glass bowl to reap out a young girl.

"Seraphina Mines." The escourt announced. Titan, Seraphina's older brother, was pale. No one was gonna voulenteer; no one did. Seraphina looked at the crowd with pleading grey eyes when the escort asked for any voulenteers.

And I raised my hand........... To enter the 4th Hunger Games.

Chapter 2


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