• Lilac
  • Aaron
  • Avery
  • Austin
  • Metallia
  • Carson
  • Malco
  • Lanila
  • Revelynn
  • Flare
  • River
  • Sutton
  • Evelyn
  • Pirate
  • Bubbles
  • Heather
  • Britannic
  • Titanic
  • Kallmi
  • Sam
  • Ryack
  • Adrian
Hey, this is my Second Games!!!! I'm soooo excited :3. So, you know the rules. Add tributes with the following details: Appearence, token, History, age, name (of course) and Strategies, weaknesses, strengths, weapons, etc. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!!!!
District Girl age Boy age
1 Avery Fiddleness 13 Austin Gerjanjer 17
2 Evelyn Dreamcatcher 13 1/2 Adrian Christenson 15
3 Metallia Elvershine 12 Carson Tamer 15
4 Bubles Foam 17 Pirate Mist 12
5 Heather Lavender 18 Malco Crest 14
6 Sutton Yates 16 River Rhodes 17
7 Britannic DeLeon 17 Titanic DeLeon 17
8 Eve Cotton 13 Thread Form 17
9 Revelyn Tinder 13 Flare Forrester


10 Kallmi Silvers 13 Sam Sammon 12
11 Lanila Boress 16 Ryak 16
12 Lilac Coalburner 15 Aaron Winters 17

The Underwater Games

The Arena

The arena is literally all water. The Cornucopia is in the middle of a small island, while the rest of the arena is pure water. The tributes will have a blue wet suit on and a black pair of water shoes and a black flotation device. The goods in the Cornucopia will be as such; Water tanks, snorkles, tridents, spear guns, spears, knives, and food. Nothng to be spoiled in the water. This is no dream beach, it's your worst shark nightmare, so go ahead... take a bite out of it.


Dogfish- A dog the size of a house that has gills, flippers, and a mouth-full of sharp, deadly teeth



Avery's POV

Man, I hate the reapings. I mean, if Katniss and Peeta worked so hard to stop the Hunger Games and stuff, then why would we even have them today????? I sighed and got my flawless, naked body into a pure gold dress...

"Can't......breathe!" I gasped. Immediately, I knew that wasn't the correct choice.

The Placings


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