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Clove's POV

When I got up in the morning, I saw that it was 5:00 A.M. Oh well. Hert will be here soon to start training. I got out of bed, hopped into the shower, and put on my training clothes. When I was tying my bright red sneakers, I heard yelling outside and heard pounding on the front door. HERT! It's 6:30! You will wake the neighbors! I finished tying my sneakers and sprinted down the stairs. I opened the door and calmly stated "Hert. I heard you the 3,000,000th time! I don't feel like explaining to Officer Jedi AGAIN why Mrs. Gerfty called in at 6:30 complaining someone was yelling!"

Hert glared at me and muttered "Clove, let's go to the gym."

"I didn't eat breakfast yet! I'm going to go grab an energy ba-" I started.

Hert grabbed my arm and hissed "No emergy bars. They make you hyper. In my car, I have a bagel. " Oh well. I tried getting out of my work out. Today is the Reaping. I don't get why Hert even bothers to make me train

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