Hello! Ever wondered what was Clove's point of view in the Hunger Games. Well read on and you'll read about what she did. *WARNING* Some of these things are made up by me so please don't say: this never happened. This is how i think her point of view was.

Chapter One:

I wake up on a windy morning. I remeber today's the Reaping. I feel excited and nervous. If i get called somebody will volunteer. If i volounteer i get a cnace t proove myself worthy. Being from District 2, i've always had enough food. Even better, i've been trained my whole life. I'm pretty good with knifes. No wait. Not pretty good. Excellent. I maybe small but i don't think someone would mess with me. Being a career the odds are in my favor.I prop myself up and walk out of my bedroom. For some reason i don't want to eat. But i wouldn't give it to the rats from 12. They've never had enough food and never trained. Guess the odds aren't in their favor. But mine are. I walk out of my house into the crisp fresh air. I breathe it in deeply. Yes. Today's the day. If i don't get reaped i'll volounteer. I'm so eager to show myself worthy of the title Victor.

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